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Do you struggle to blow dry your own hair?
Hi everyone, Nic from here to talk DIY hair care! Much as I'd love to be that lady who lunches and gets a blow dry every week, it ain't gonna happen any time soon, so here are my tips on getting the look for less...     PROTECT & SMOOTH | If I'm in a rush and only have time to use one hair product, it will always be a heat protection spray to help prevent damage during styling. I spray Advanced Techniques Protect thoroughly on wet hair, add a few drops of Super Straight Serum to smooth the ends and brush through with a Tangle Teezer to distribute the product evenly.     BLOW DRY | There's no point in styling until hair is at least 50% dry, so I start by rough drying with the nozzle pointed downwards to keep hair cuticles smooth. I then blow dry small sections of hair at a time using the Advanced Techniques Smoothing Brush until it's completely dry (or I'll be blessed with a halo of frizz!). This brush contains 100% natural bristles, supported by firm plastic bristles to grip hair and hold it in place.     BODY & SHINE | To finish, I brush through my hair again with the Tangle Teezer and use the Backcombing Brush to add a little lift on the crown, before adding a spritz of Mirror Shine Spray.     This pic shows the final look, using only the above products and tools. My hair is naturally thick, wavy and verrry frizzy, so while I may not achieve the same glossy standard as my hairdresser does, it's an improvement... oh to be blessed with 'I woke up like this' smooth, shiny hair!   You can pick up all of these hair products in Brochure 17, online or through an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative:  CLICK HERE   What are your favourite Avon hair products?   Please leave a comment below & come say hi over at my Blog , Facebook or Instagram
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These products look good always love a blow dry in salon but can never achieve that look  will be ... more
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weight loss challenge
hi all , dont know if youre like me and would like to lose a few pounds in time for xmas so i thought i would try and start a sort of diet buddy thread for any iadies and gents to post support and advice to help others . so im now going to scoff all the goodies in preperation for the start of my diet starting TOMORROW . Im going to be brave tomorrow and post my start weight now wheres that tin of quality street xx
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@littlemi55nobody  The diet is going out of the window this week.  My husbands family are up for a... more
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@goddessfatima - I felt better after seeing it - at least some people appreciate all the hours of ... more
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