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Jumping for Jeanetic Joy
Monday 22nd August At last my Jeanetic parcel arrived!! Reading everyone else's posts has made me even more desperate to get my hands on these fashion pieces...and I was not disappointed...they are gorgeous!! First impressions when I opened them up was how soft the material was...     Now I was desperate to know how it was going to look on I tried every piece on!! And they don't disappoint... The jacket has a lovely fitted shape, the jeans are soft and I have already decided will be going with me on holiday next month when we drive to York, the t-shirt is a lovely shape and the dress... What can I say about the dress... I love it!!! I was most worried about the dress I thought it would be the least flattering for my shape but I think it's going to be my favourite piece!!   Look forward to trying the items properly over the next few weeks❤️  
Superstar Superstar replied
Sunday 28th August   Woke up feeling a bit under the weather today so decided to try to take it e... more
The NEW Berry jeggings
Can anyone tell me how long these are? ........ Or where I can find out please. All new to me ☺️
Superstar Superstar replied
You can order them and return them if there not suitable. more
Fighting wrinkles .........
Which is the best product to recommend to customer of 30yearz to use in order beat the wrinkles this summer.
Superstar Superstar replied
I would recommend the f33 day lotion for her that  targets wrinkles. more
Back to School Competition!
Hi everyone,   With children going back to school over the next couple of weeks, we thought it would be a good idea to host a back to school competition!     SO, for your chance to win the above back-to-school goodies, all we want to know is:   What's YOUR back to school tip?    Will you be making packed lunches the night before? Or laying uniforms out? Whatever it is: let us know!   We'll then announce the winner here in Competitions on Wednesday 16th September   Good luck everyone!   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.
New Contributor New Contributor replied
The night before will be bathing my 3 children making sure they go to bed early ironing uniform maki... more
Tell us your favourite home fragrance and you could WIN our new Berry Diffuser and Candle!
Hi everyone!   Have you seen how many gorgeous scented candles and reed diffusers we have in our collection now? And did you notice, it just keeps growing? And it's all because you and your lovely customers just can't get enough      So we'd like to know - what is your favourite home fragrance collection? Do you love the crisp scent of linen or can you not get enough of our scrummy vanilla? Where do you keep it? What do your friends and family say when they walk in the door and smell your gorgeous home?   Tell us what you  about our home fragrance collections and you could WIN the new Berry Jar Candle and Reed Diffuser !      We can't wait to hear what you think
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Linen is gorgeous 👍 more
Tabitha Webb Scarf
 After loving the Tabitha Webb bag I thought I would get myself a scarf as well. I'm really pleased with it, the quality is good with no frays and it's nice and light for a summers day.   I wore it today prospecting and had compliments saying it was nice, well until we used it to tie the prospecting banner down as there was some wind, needless to say the scarf was strong enough and I was able to put it back on afterwards.
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@laurajayne  This does look lovely and I love the scarfs but its a bit pricey for me, I have manag... more
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