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Highlight of the Year Competition!
Hi everyone,   Contouring seems to be HUGE right now, with everyone creating that bone structure they've always longed for using a mixture of highlighting, sculpting and blushing techniques with their make-up!   Well, Avon have done something great! They've created the Blush and Bronze Trio compact that allows all of these things to be done in just ONE mirrored compact      We therefore thought that it would be great to give 10 away to 10 lucky Avon Beauty Connects winners     SO, for your chance to win 1 of these 10 Blush and Bronze Trio compacts, all we want you to tell us is:   " What’s your highlight of the year so far, or to come? "   This could be absolutely ANYTHING, from going blonde for summer, to going on - or having been on- a great weekend break or holiday!   Whatever the highlight of YOUR year, please let us know! We'll then announce our 10 winners on Wednesday 15th July    Good luck everyone!   Char x
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
My highlight of the year was watching my granddaughter being christened. How lucky am I ? more
How I started, and still learning
I lost my avon rep through redundancy and losing contact with the rep i used to use at work.   I went to a pamper evening and made a small order through a rep there who had a stall, she talked to me about being a personal shopper or friends and family rep.  After I recieved my order I contact the rep as my mum and sister wanted to place an order so I decided I would be a friends and family only rep.   I now have 10 customers, and was surprised to hit the MOV on my first order! I'm hoping to start expanding and making a little pocket money now and I'm planning on asking for territory in my area as it appears there is no active Avon Rep in my village. I will wait until after the summer holidays before I start door knocking so that I can enjoy the summer with my 2 small boys and not have to worry or stress about fitting in orders and deliverys for new avon customers. Hopefully by the next school holidays I will be a bit more confident and used to all the systems and customers.    
Welcome to Avon Beauty Connects!
Welcome to Avon's NEW online Community.... Avon Beauty Connects!   Let us know below who you are, where you're from and why you love Avon! 
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Hi All :)   My name is Sian Appleby and I am fairly new this time around but still loving all of ... more
Avon TV competitions have moved to Facebook...
Hi everyone,   From now on we will be running the Avon TV competitions over on our Avon Facebook page, where we will be asking you to share, like and comment for your chance to win your favourite product    Head on over to Facebook now, via the link below, and look for the post containing the Avon TV 12 video:   Good luck everyone!   Char x
Moderator Moderator replied
Hi @apesey   Thanks for the feedback! We have taken yours and @nadine2555's comments on board- ... more
Modern Romance Powder and Nailwear @HQ
Hello Beauty fans! Had to share these beautiful new products with you!   Ideal luminous contouring powder in Rose Contour and these pretty new Nailwear shades in Desire and Tender      Give them a 'like' if you love the new packaging!  x    
Contributor Contributor replied
You can see them in the demo booklet online now :) they look gorgeous, I will be ordering all of th... more
How active are you?
Are you a gym bunny, a Sunday morning runner or much more comfy on the sofa?   I'm trying to reach 10,000 steps every day at the moment. I am counting them on a clever (and free!) app on my phone.   I'm surprised at how I'm more active in the week than at the weekends. I thought it would be the other way around... I'm not quite like the woman in the pic below... but maybe by the end of the year. I would like to turn my walks in to runs!   How active are you?   From strolling with the dog to running a marathon - what does 'active' mean to you?   Would you like to be more active? What are your goals (big or small) this summer?   TessAvon x  
Community Editor Community Editor replied
@goddessfatima oh my word, my phone pedometer app thingy would have a meltdown. It makes me think I... more
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