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Lipstick power bank
Does anyone know how I can get a lipstick power bank please? Is it no longer available?
Winter's Tale Light Up Tree Skirt
    Just wanted to share with you my customer's Winter's Tale Light Up Tree Skirt from C18.  She's really pleased with it, it really finishes off the tree and covers up the tree's base and wires from the lights.  The skirt lights up but the batteries had run out so she couldn't show me it lit up.         
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I ordered myself one of these. It looks great! more
Clearskin professional
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me for sure what product to n buy now that the clearskin range is repackaged? I usually buy clearskin professional deep pore cleansing scrub. But can't tell which is which now.
Do any of you get your children to help with Avon?
My teenage daughter (aged 13) has been eager to earn some extra money for treats with her friends etc. She had a paper round but hated it so i've roped her into delivering avon brochures for me. Do you all rope your children in?   I obviously go with her but how do your children feel about doing it, if they do? 
New Contributor New Contributor replied
my daughter (14) takes brochures and samples into school for the teachers and my son (12) makes the... more
Review - Chandra Riding Boots
Hi everyone!   I know it may seem a bit odd reviewing boots in the middle of summer, however, I've had my eye on these boots for months and when they came up in the Sale Leaflet they were mine!   The black riding boots were originally priced at £50, on sale for £22 in the C11 sale leaflet, and with my Rep discount they ending up being £16.50 - woohoo - chuffed to bits with my bargain.  They also appear in the C12 sale leaflet. Almost 16 inches high with a 14 inch inside plastic zip, elasticated back gusset, and decorative straps and buckles at the top and ankle.   1 ¼ inch heel, with ¼ inch sole.   The boots feel very sturdy and will be great on my winter rounds.  My feet are a tad on the wide side and the Chandra Riding Boots fit fine.   My size 7's aren't exactly dainty, however,  the boots don't make my feet look huge - hooruh! I'm thrilled with my bargain, the Chandra Riding Boots will be my go-to winter boots.   Upper: PU (Polyurethane) Lining: Polyester/PU Sole: TRP (Thermoplastic Rubber)
New Contributor New Contributor replied
I got a pair of these and although I really like them (they fit well and are comfy), I have never t... more
Review – Advance TECHniques Hairbrushes
I decided to treat myself to a couple of new hairbrushes. I keep hairbrushes until they fall apart which means I don’t replace them very often.   So, when they were on special offer (I do like a bargain!) I bought the large barrel brush and cushion brush to replace my existing brushes.                                             I washed and towel dried my hair resulting in a shaggy tangled mop.                                             First of all, I used the cushion brush which effortless ran through my hair, detangling my hair in the process. ‘Wow’ I thought, that was easy, no tugging or pulling on any knots.                                             The cushion brush bristles have rounded ends for comfort, and being on a cushioned bed gives flexibility.                                                               Next onto drying using the large barrel brush. The long bristles are encaged in a holey metal barrel which heats up when using a hot hair dryer setting, therefore enabling your hair to dry on top and underneath.                       The large barrel brush is light weight and styled my hair without trouble, I didn’t even need to use my straighteners.                                             Both brushes have nice ergonomic textured handles with pearl white trim. Super everyday brushes and very affordable.  Both brushes are approximately 24.5cm long, that's just under 10 inches in old money.                   Get ready for this, my manky old brush vs my new brush. The old one had so much hair inside it I could have stuffed a child’s mattress.                                       I was long overdue new brushes, next time I won’t leave it as long!
Expert Blogger Expert Blogger replied
I have most of the brushes too @jazzqueen64. I've just bought the rose gold Tangle Teezer which I r... more
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