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Hi everyone,   We're LOVING the new Safia Necklace at Head Office right now!     We've been spelling all sorts, but I particularly love that I've been able to spell my name (the simple things!)     SO, we have 5 of these FANTASTIC necklaces to give away to 5 lucky Avon Beauty Connects users! To be in with the chance of winning one, all we want to know is:   What word would YOU wear?     Looking forward to seeing your replies, and good luck everyone   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.
New Member New Member replied
I would meme as that is my wot my children av called me from being small and still do so special more
Lets Get Physical
I should start this blog by saying I am not a naturally active person. I used to get told off for gossiping in PE lessons, and didn’t enter a gym until my mid twenties. I avoid exercise like the plague.   That is until I made a pledge to live life to the full. My friends and I call it the #YearOfTheYes ( ) . The one proviso is that every year is a year of the yes. It’s our promise to say yes to as many things as possible and try new things.   Many of them involve food and day trips to lovely places, but #YearOfTheYes is all about pushing comfort zones and that is why I have found myself signing up to a half marathon this year.     Running is something that is so far out of my comfort zone that it is right up there with poking my eyes out. But that is all part of the challenge. So for the last 12 weeks I have been religiously training.   My lack of inclination to exercise obviously meant I was ill equipped, which made working at Avon handy. The Avon Active range is really affordable and has seen my through my running needs – the jacket is fantastic because when I get to hot on a run I can just tie it around my waist and carry on.   I do three runs a week – one shorter run for speed, one medium sized run and one long run, always with rest days in between. Distressingly my ‘shorter’ runs have now become the length that my ‘long’ runs were in the beginning, but that just helps to show me the progress I am making.   I try really hard not to miss a run, I move training days around if I need to so that I don’t have to miss out on fun in the name of preparing myself for the ultimate pain, but I know my body needs those midweek runs to prepare for the endurance of the weekend distances. But it’s about knowing your body. My friend has found that as long as she keeps up the long runs and stays on track at weekends, she can let the midweek runs slide because her work schedule just won’t allow her to fit them in.   I won’t lie, it has been really hard. I have aches and pains as soon as I get out of bed every morning, some runs have made me want to vomit, scream in pain, and cry. The latter has actually happened on one occasion.   This weekend I will be battling with an 11.5 mile run, my longest before the big day.   The fact that I am making it to distances that I never thought I could achieve has done wonders for reminding me that we can achieve the unachievable if only we push ourselves.   When I am on a run and I think I really can’t carry on, I just try and remember that it is only a case of putting one foot in front of the other. If I stumble I can get back up and start again. No matter how much it hurts I know that the pain is just my body getting used to new challenges. And once I am done, the sense of relief and achievement far outweighs the pain.   This is pretty much the same with all things in life that are a challenge to us, but if others can do them, then so can we.   If I can run a half marathon (and I sincerely hope that I can), then you can do that thing that you have always thought was well out of your reach.     I read some wise words recently… ‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’. So you just have to start by saying ‘yes’ to something new today.
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
What a marvelous exemple of a determined person... I have to exercise (very lazy though) to get rid ... more
➕zv*young models
i think repesentatives should be given the opportunity to have their children appear in campaignes . My daughter is 12 she uses avons products and knows the range well. Girls are often complimenting her at school telling her that she looks and smells amazing and because of her  they grow intrested in the products. Basicly she's helping to  create the next generation of customers and potential reps. i think what appeals to girls themst  is that a regular girl that they can relate to looks so good in the products  therefore,they can too. my daughter is beutiful, she has a natural tan and looks like  a very young  natural looking teenager that would like to appear in the brochure. So avon, let reps kids appear in campaigns because real  people ,young and old ,can relate to other  real people. Reps do a great job but their kids that use the products should also be given positive recognition for the great  part  they play in promoting the products too.
Help Please
I have a customer looking for some EDT but I don't have the name just the old bottle dose anyone know how to find out what it is
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
People r willing to help, send Latethe pictute of the bottle. I think it"s not going to b hard task ... more
Recommendations for Asian skin tones
Hi,I am relatively new to Avon, so please excuse my lack of product knowledge. I have been asked by a potential customer which Avon lipstick and foundation colours would be suitable for Asian skin tones.Is there anybody out there can advise me please? Many thanks, Rupy.
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
First of all, it would depend on what part of Asia that their heritage is from. Southern Asia ladies... more
Red floral bikini, any reviews ?
Hi, anyone ordered the new floral red bikini ? Is it true to size ?...
New Member New Member replied
Superbly gutted that it's not available in those lesser-chested of us. It looks gorgeous, I really ... more
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