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Oh no is this being discontinued?   I love the age spot cream, I have only just discovered it. My age spots are fading after just two weeks. Saw it in the sale book so guess it is going, I have ordered another three at just £3 each another bargain.
Contributor Contributor replied
Yes I love this hand cream and just like you have stocked up, once again because its a bit more expe... more
foundation which one to choose.
So ladies which would you say is your fav,foundation and why mine is the extra lasting one for great coverage and staying power.
COMPETITION: Detangling Spray Give-Away!
Hi everyone,   After all of the excitement we've seen on Avon Beauty Connects over the past couple of months around the looming return of the Magnificent Mango Detangling Spray in Brochure 13 2015 , we've decided to launch a detangling spray give-away !     For your chance to win 1 of 20 Magnificent Mango Detangling Sprays , all we want to know is:   " What do YOU love about the  Magnificent Mango Detangling Spray? "   Look forward to reading your replies, and good luck everyone!   Char x
Frequent Visitor melbristow03 Frequent Visitor replied
An amazing product which is a firm favourite in our house! Lightweight and uniguely effective with ... more
What's your favourite mascara?
Mine is Mega Effects! Ever since I got it through the post a year or so ago I've been in love    Here's my first impressions of it:   What's your favourite mascara?
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I absolutely Love the Super Shock Mascara, My mum bought me one when they first came out.  It is th... more
Which perfume?
Hi   I have managed to get a book in a over 50's complex and I was thinking of ordering a bottle of perfume for them all to sample.  Has anyone got any ideas of which would be the best one to order for that age group or any other products with them in mind.   Thanks Charlotte
Contributor Contributor replied
I have a few eldly customers and I'd have to say rare gold every time. more
Colour Correcting Pearls of Wisdom!
Hi everyone,   We are still LOVING the C o l o u r C o r r e c t i n g P e a r l s (like what I did there?) , a nd thought that we would make sure that you are all clued up when it comes to knowing their wonders (and when to apply them!)   So, why are they so great? For starters, these soft pearls have multi-benefit colour correction technology deep within their colourful cores (wow), which help perfect your complexion- whenever you choose to apply them in your regime!       Aren't they so pretty?! Anyway... So where do you apply them within your beauty regime? There is no right or wrong answer to this, as arguably you could use them before or after you apply the rest of your make-up!   For those of you that would wear them on their own (so without any foundation), these coloured spheres add a radiance to your complexion, and with their colour-correcting technology: what more do you need? Oh, other than some mascara, blusher, etc (but you know what I mean!) Saying that, the only other  thing that you could possibly need would be... Some shimmer! Which, coincidentally, these little pearls also provide  who doesn't love a bit of shimmer?!   For those of you firm foundation wearers (and by "firm foundation wearers" I mean those of you that will absolutely NOT leave the house without foundation on), you can use these pearls for their instant magic before or  after you apply your foundation- and then add everything else on top! It's just about discovering what works best for you and your complexion    I hope this has helped any of you that have formerly been unsure of the 5 wonders of these colour correcting pearls, and if anyone has any additional tips then please feel free to post them below    Ciao for now!   Char x  
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
On a normal day I wear these solo but on special events I brush them over my usual Avon foundation! ... more
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