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Phone cold calling
I mean - us getting them - not us making them!    A few months back I had a guy calling me about hearing loss in the work place (if you are hard of hearing, please don't take offence at my reaction - I'm just fed up with them calling).   This is how the conversation went:   Me: Hello Man: Hello, is that Mrs D? Me: Yes Man: Hello Mrs D, I'm calling on behalf of (company - can't remember the name), have you suffered any hearing loss in the past 2 years due to working in a noisy environment. Me: pardon Man: [repeats same question] Me: Pardon? Man: [repeats same question again] this goes on for a couple more times Me: I'm sorry I can't quite hear you Man: Would you like me to call you back on a quieter line? Me: No thanks, I'm not interested [hangs up]   I don't think he quite got what I was doing (and he was a Brit). I know it seems cruel to do that, but I'm fed up with them calling!   I threatened to sue a company for harrassment after they called me 5 times in one day to try and sell me blinds. They had called every day for I don't know how long! I haven't heard from them since!    I have said that my phone number has been outsourced to Mumbai and they would have to call that number to get hold of me!    Another thing I've done is answered the phone with   Me: "Bonjour!" Them: Hi can we speak to Mrs D please? Me - Je ne comprend pas, je ne parle pas anglais, je parles francais, j'ai desolé, au revoir [hangs up]  Not sure if my French is that good, but I make sure they don't get a word in!   BTW I have caller display so I know whether to waffle in pigeon French or not!    Anyone else have any creative ways of dealing with cold callers?
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@pippy - sounds like a brilliant phone! I could do with one :) more
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for your chance to WIN!
Hi Avon Beauty Connects!   Fancy getting your hands on 1 of 10 MagiX Primers?    All you need to do is subscribe to our YouTube channel using the link below, and fill in your name and email address!   Why should you be subscribed? You'll be the first to see our latest videos, direct to your inbox!  No more remembering to check our channel regularly... Get more relevant recommendations from our channel, showing you the videos you love most, first!     Good luck!x  
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Done & good luck to everyone xx more
Share your favourite holiday picture and WIN this huge Avon sun care collection!
Hi Sunshine Lovers!    Do you want to win this fabulous set of Avon sun care? It's all you need to stay safe and bronzed this summer! To be in with a chance of winning this amazing set simply upload a picture from your favourite holiday on the thread below.  One lucky winner will receive the full set of Avon Suncare below!   What are you waiting for, show us your favourite holiday snap!    This competition is now closed - check out our others HERE   
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help im new!
hi guys, i have a lady whos bought the  Ideal Flawless Cream-to-Powder Foundation SP15.... only issue is she doesnt like it as it doesnt cover enough for her and doesnt last as long as she would like, which foundation would you recommend to her? shes used to buying the expensive brands but is trying avon as its cheaper for her, shes in her 50s i would say if that helps with recomendations, thanks! Charlotte x
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thanks guys! il tell her first thing tomorrow, and i mean staying on her face, she does wear quite ... more
New Fundraising pack - Domestic Violence
It's great that Avon always collects for charity, from DOmestic Violence to Breast cancer, I had a customer ask me if she can just do a donation? I'm not sure what to tell her? Any help?
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Hi @48640627 I don't think there is a Fundraising pack this year as far as I know ? We are sellin... more
Saying goodbye to Helen
Hi Beauty Connects!   Some of you may know Helen ( @helen ) as the moderator on the old community. Unfortunately for us, she is leaving Avon today. We are all so sad to see her go. As a leaving gift to us she made these beautiful cupcakes and I just had to share them with you!         Leigh x
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Good Luck Helen in your New Job !! They look very Yummy Cupcakes to me @leighmavon I love Chocolat... more
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