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Car booty
Hi.  I was at a couple of car boots the last few weeks and came across Avon being sold there. One at catalogue price another one with their own price put on top. As I was stood there they were getting questioned a lot about were they allowed to do that. So my question is. Is that ok to do that or are they smearing the Avon name. Would love if someone could advise me Thank you.
Where are you from?
I am from Oxford Area 449 I love being a Avon Rep
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I'm from Harrogate area 181 😁 more
Mikhila's big NEW Avon haul Competition
Hi everyone,   We've got a NEW and EXCITING watch and win competition for you this week! Have you all seen " Mikhila's big NEW Avon haul " blog over in Avon Beauty Blog?     All we want you to do is to watch the video (above) and then post your favourite product that Mikhila has talked about- for your chance to win it!   For more information, and the full list of products that Mikhila talks about, please see the T&Cs attached   Good luck everyone!   Char x
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ANEW Essential Youth Maximising Serum - its fantastic more
Wedding Dress Dilemma!
My partner and I would like to get married next year. As we have both been married before I'm not sure if it's appropriate to wear a proper wedding dress again or just wear something simple? A few of our friends have recently got remarried and had quiet weddings with gatherings at home afterwards and were surprised when I said I was thinking of wearing a proper dress as if I shouldn't. Nothing too expensive of course! My first dress was a ball gown style but still only £300. I'd love to hear everyones thoughts?  Thank you x
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Its still your special day!! And you wear what ever you want you are the one who's going to be the ... more
Missing Item
Hey everyone,   Im not sure if this is the right place for questions but im in a pickle! Missing eyeliner from last order.I have checked order form and it is definitely on there and ive made my payment.   Also, I have a few items which need returned and im having problems getting answers from my local upline. The Avondelivery is usually left with one of my neighbours so I cannot return by giving returns bag to driver and I have gotten utterly confused by numerous returns forms, barcodes etc.   Kind regards Rebecca
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That was ment to say fined the same page as the items you get rechagered for, in your returns book ... more
Made a boo boo
I've just started and was given camp 15/16 to do together  my customer ordered from brochure 15 (did not state wrongfully assumed 16) and the products were charged at the higher price instead of camp 15 half price what should I do hubby will go mad if I tell him I have to pay money as I had a small first order and earnings ate up by admin books and bags etc  
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If you ring Avon and tell them that the items in question was ordered from cam 15 and not 16 they w... more
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