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We want YOUR feedback on our new dressing gown
Hi Beauty Connects!   I am Lauren from the Fashion team and I have a new product I would love to hear your opinion on.   We are looking at launching a new cosy dressing gown and have narrowed it down to a few styles but would love to know which one you prefer. Also if you have any feedback on the design, colours, length or what you look for in a dressing gown, please let us know.     Option 1     Option 2   Option 3     Can't wait to hear your feedback as we really value your opinion and don't forget to @ mention me  @lhourihan with all your thoughts!   Thanks,   Lauren from the Fashion team   XOXO
Superstar Superstar replied
I like the pink and the grey ones.  Please, please can we have them or any other new robes you are ... more
It won't bring up campaign 5 only 3&4 any help?
Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
Have you checked that the date has passed for you to submit C4 order? It won't let you order from C... more
The "Tell Your Avon Story" Board...
Hi everyone,   If you're wondering where this board has come from, and why we have created it...   Since the launch of the new Avon Beauty Connects community, I have read some fantastic, wonderful and truly touching Representatives' stories, detailing why Representatives joined Avon in the first place and their journey from joining up until now.   We therefore wanted to create a special board just to home these wonderful Representative stories, as well as to create a place to encourage more Representatives to share  their  Avon story with us! From what we have seen so far, there are so many different reasons for why people became - and become - an Avon Representative, and it is truly inspiring to read each individual's tale.   Maybe you remember well who it was that first inspired you to become an Avon Representative? Or maybe you could just tell us how long you've been doing it for, and why you have kept it up? Has your Avon journey been as you expected? Or maybe better?   If you would like to share your Avon story with us, please go back to the main board and click on " Add New Message ". We would like each Representative to post their Avon story in an individual post, because each Representative's story is special and unique to them (and therefore deserves its own post!) Remember to also include a relevant " Subject " (title for your story/post) when posting your Avon story    Please also feel free to engage with individual Representatives on their individual post about their story (if you wish to!)   We hope that you will enjoy the stories as much as we do, and look forward to reading more as and when they are posted    Thanks everyone!   Char x
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HI my name Is Song,..For me AVON is a huge BEUATYFULL THINGS!..both inside and out side..Avon is ex... more
Party Samples
Hi Guys,   I was wandering if someone could help e please. I want to order the 20 matte lipsticks samples to take to an Ann Summers with me. However when i look online i cant make out the product number is this because they are not available atm?   Thank you in advance for your help Kirsty xxxx
New rep!
Hello everybody, just thought I'd pop on and introduce myself since I've recently become a rep. Looking forward to reviewing products, learning about new products and also meeting new people!   I'm Jodie and I'm from the North West.   X
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Hi ladies im a new rep too. Im Kirsty and from Oldbury. :) more
‘Share your favourite Family picture to win one of 4 Avon Care Family sets!’
Hi Mums!   I absolutely love the Avon Care Family products, they are perfect to use in the bath with my little ones and on me! The rich moisture family cream is really soothing and I love the lotion when I just need a quick fix out of the shower on on my Daughter after her swimming lessons The family wash makes tons of bubbles too without drying.    We would love to hear your thoughts on the collection, so if you would like to win a set of family wash, rich moister cream and lotion simply share your favourite family picture below!      Good luck! 
New Contributor New Contributor replied
  Family holidays !!!!  Quality time with my boys  x x x x x   more
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