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Hi everyone,   It's time for day 22 of Avon's Advent Calendar competition      SO today's question is:   " According to the song "Frosty The Snowman", what kind of soul does Frosty have? "   If you're our lucky winner today, you'll win a "Bring on the Bling" make-up set consisting of the below:     1 x Teal Glitter Stardust Nail Enamel 1 x Sparkling Mauve Ultra Colour Lipstick 1 x Lavender Rocks True Colour Eyeshadow We'll announce the winner of this Christmas question tomorrow, so keep a look out then!    Good luck!   Char x
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  A jolly happy soul!  more
Is the magnetic nail varnish as powerful as other brands??
Hi! I'm a massive fan of nail varnish and as a representative I want to know about the products I sell. So I was wondering cod other people have had any issues with the magnetic nail varnish as I've tried 2 colours, rose and lavender and both have disappointed me! I love the wands as they are very effective. Any thoughts???
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I tried another well known brand before Avon launched this range ,and I didn't like them so I didn't... more
New Shoes
Just got myself some new shoes   So happy
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Thank you so much and now you have put a smile on my face,   Have an amazing Christmas and I wish... more
Avon Beauty Blog - Create snowman nails!

Christmas is here and what better way to get in the festive mood, other shopping and eating mince pies, than to try out some fun Christmas nail art!


As I'm personally wishing for snow, I thought I would create some easy snowman nails. These literally take minutes but look super festive and fun!


Snowman nails - mainv2.jpg


  1. First, start by painting your nails with Avon Nail Experts French White and leaving to fully dry. Then taking a vivid orange, (here I used Avon Gel Finish in Fire Cracker) and with the Avon Nail Art Tool, paint onto each nail a small sideways triangle for the Snowman's nose.
  2. Next using the dotting tool end of the Avon Nail Art Tool and Avon Speed Dry+ in Rapid Black, dot onto each nails two large dots for the Snowman's eyes.
  3. Then going in slightly lighter with the black nail polish, dot on the Snowman's smile with around 4-5 dots.
  4. To finish with a frosty look, simply apply Avon Opal Top Coat once your nails are fully dry. I love this touch and the top coat!

It really as simple as that!


Snowman nails - otherv2.jpg


I'd love to know what your favourite Avon top coat is for festive nails?


Avon HQ needs you: Testimonials and volunteers
Avon HQ are looking for testimonials and volunteers to share their feedback to appear in brochure. There are 2 criteria's in which we need volunteers for:   A) Testimonials from trialling our concepts We would like to offer some new concepts out to users to wear and trial, then provide feedback on these items. Ideally, we would like to include some strong customer testimonials in brochure alongside the products, therefore, volunteers would need to be willing to have their name, location and possibly a head shot with their testimonial in brochure. Concepts will range from bras, to sleep and loungewear and apparel pieces.   B) Volunteers for a 'Before and After' style shoot to appear in brochure We are looking for up to 5 volunteers of different clothes sizes and age ranges, who currently have issues with their bras, and will be willing to take part in a ‘Before and After’ style shoot to be included in brochure as part of a Problem/Solution event for Bras. You will be involved in a proper shoot and measuring session to ensure you have the perfect fit bra. We would also like to feature testimonials on how you feel about your new bra and the fit etc.    In essence, we want to feature customers who would be willing to demonstrate 5 specific issues with their bra:   1) Straps digging into shoulders and leaving marks 2) The under-band is sitting too high up your back 3) The under-wires dig in under your bust 4) The bust is not covered by the cups 5) The centre of the bra is not touching your chest   If any of these interest you, please just reply below or send me a private message with your story and stating which testimonial you would like to take part in.   Chanelle
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Oops, only just seen this! Probably way too late to this >.< I'd be really interested in taking ... more
Avon HQ wants to know.....
What do you think of this Fiorelli handbag? Do you like the colour? Would you buy it? Avon Representatives - would your customers like it? Do you like Fiorelli as a brand?     Let us know! Chanelle  
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Wow that's beautiful!! I've been a fan of Fiorelli for as long as I can remember now, so I'd def... more
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