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AREA 465! Any ideas on what time deliveries are?
I am planning my customer deliveries on the same night as I get my delivery. My previous area was delivered about 1pm. which gave me time to deliver some orders that evening. Anyone know a rough delivery time in area 465? ANY info would be handy. Thanks Girls! (and guys) Annie xxx
5 in 1 nail treatment
Does anyone know where this has disappeared to? I have customers wanting to re-order but cannot find it anywhere and with the new order forms do not have a duplicate with a previous code on
i ordered the sun and safety box to be told it was out of stock
hi has anyone in the west of scotland ayrshire managed to order the sun and safety box so disappointed  especially when you can get it on line
Which Foundation
Hello,   I am finding it hard to find a foundation and make up routine. I have dry skin on my forehead and nose and when i apply foundation it goes blotchy. Then if I use a moisturiser first I sweat so much. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I would recommend cleansing your skin first Then applying moisturiser. Not too much. You.can always... more
Hey everyone!   I'm busting to try a Avon foundation but I'm not sure which one? I'm looking for something quite full coverage as I don't have the best condition of skin!   also has anyone tried the new setting powder?     Leah X
Superstar Superstar replied
The cream to powder is a full coverage foundation and the flawless liquid foundation is also very g... more
Clear mascara??
Hi there in a new rep and one of my customers is asking if Avon do a clear mascara? Anyone know? I can't see one. Thanks x
Superstar Superstar replied
Avon used to do a clear mascara but it was a long time ago now,they don't do one at the moment. more
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