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Multi way jumpsuit
Hi, I got a Multi way jumpsuit last year and now I've dug it out again for my holidays I can't remember how it ties to make the different top parts. Can anyone help? Pictures / video would be really handy. xx
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Jazzqueen64 thanks for the pics that fantastic!!! It is really lovely. more
Hair dye
A customer wants to try the Avon hair dye but has been told by her hairdresser to check where it is made and who produce it. I said I would try to get this information but serioously dont expect her to go any further. If anyone knows this info atleast I can pass it over. Thanks.
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Thankyou for all replies. more
New Year's Resolutions - are you making any?
Are you making any New Year Resolutions? I'll be honest that I'm not. Why not? Well it does sound cheesy to say it but I like to keep my life under review, that way I can make small changes when I need to, & I'm more likely to stick to them.     I find the middle of winter the least inspiring time of year to set targets and make changes. Maybe when the weather's warmer, or when I'm on holiday & can get a better perspective on life. So no New Year Resolutions for me, but I am continuing with previously set health & fitness goals, so not opting out completely!   I know lots of people do like to set New Year Resolutions though.   In a former incarnation ( OK, job) I used to have to set lots of targets, & encourage others to set them & achieve them too. Targets should be achievable, otherwise why set them?  If they are  too difficult to work at they are often  quickly abandoned.   The acronym SMART is useful for thinking about targets. There are a few variations on the SMART theme. but here's one that works quite well.   So targets should be:_  S pecific, not woolly & vague. M easurable - otherwise how will you know if you've achieved them? A ttainable - too difficult & it's easy to give up, within reach then you can set more goals if you do achieve them. R elevant, well it's got to fit in with life & lifestyle, no good setting a target just for the sake of it! T ime framed - doesn't have to be a year, it could be in weekly or monthly increments. The small stages show success & keep enthusiasm going.   Good luck with your New Year Resolutions if you are making them, do share them here, and if like me you aren't making any then maybe let us know why not.   Happy New year everyone!      
Regular Contributor Regular Contributor replied
Well done @laurajayne for sticking with your goals and achieving so much. Don't beat yourself up abo... more
How do I order from the first look brochures as I don’t seem to be able to .
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Thank you so much ,did click on that I could do it via the normal way we do orders . Thanks again fo... more
What are you watching?
Hi Beauty Connects!   I'll admit it, I'm a weekend binge watcher! Name a series, I've probably watched it. Netflix and catch-up TV is my (not- so- guilty) pleasure.    I've recently been binging on Wild Wild Country, a Netflix docu- series about a cult that took over America in the 80's and before that, I was watching 'Dark'- a sci- fi thriller.    What have you been watching recently or can you recommend?    Leigh x
Superstar Superstar replied
Love Peaky Blinders @dichee   I'm into The Handmaids Tale at the moment, a bit thought provokin... more
Love for Letterbox Looks!
Hi Beauty Connects,   There's already been plenty of love flying around for Letterbox Looks - your look in a box   delivered straight to your door for just   £20! You'll even get it delievered for FREE when you use the code  LETTERBOXLOOK20!   We also posted some of our fave bloggers thier very own box- you can see what they think on Instagram stories! Make sure you watch @modelrecommend  and @beautybigsister  tomorrow (Wednesday 20th June)- don't forget stories only last 24 hours so be quick!       Leigh x
Regular Contributor Regular Contributor replied
So much for letterbox delivery, epic fail by Hermes who just dumped it in my garden!   more
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