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Hey and welcome to Avon Beauty Connects!   This post is to welcome our new members but to also find out a bit more about you ALLl!   Why not tell us where you're from, your fave food, something interesting about you, your pet's name, whatever- everything goes in here!!    Leigh x
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Welcome back @charlotteturner :) Few things have changed since the last time you have done Avon - s... more
Vanilla & Golden Pear Shampoo, Conditioner, Review.
My favourite shampoo and separate conditioner is not the most expensive. It's part of the Naturals brand and it's Vanilla and Golden Pear.   Both products have a light vanilla scent, and have a thick, rich, creamy consistency. The bottle is easy to open and close. The consistency means it's easy to dispense just the right amount of product in to your hand ready to apply to your hair.   The shampoo lathers up well and feels fabulous as it foams up quickly and can be worked into every strand of hair really easily. The conditioner is also fabulously rich and creamy, it coats every strand of hair and feels oh so soft and silky.   Both vanilla and pear have enriching properties suitable for hair and skin products. Vanilla adds shine to hair and gets rid of  everyday toxins, it makes hair silky, shiny and smooth. Pears nourish the hair, feed the roots of the hair, and keeps hair moisturised.     I love the way these products make my hair feel.  Whichever brands of shampoo or conditioner I try out for a while these are my all time favourites and I come back to them time and time again. Especially the shampoo, it really does clean my hair and leaves it soft, shiny and manageable. It's definitely an unsung hero.   The shampoo and conditioner are branded as "winter nourishment,"  I guess because in winter the harsh outdoor conditions and artificial heat indoors can dry out hair and make it feel harsh, dry and  difficult to manage.   Vanilla and pear shampoo and conditioner are suitable for all sorts of hair types. Avon says they both "restore moisture to winter damaged hair."  I think they are suitable for year round use. I use them year round.     I'm a swimmer and I sometimes  use antichlorine shampoos and conditioners, but I think these two are actually better at conditioning my hair, keeping it shiny, smooth, smelling great and manageable. No chlorine damage in sight, no lingering after smell of chlorine either.       What prompted me to find out about the beneficial properties of both vanilla and golden pear? It was my hairdresser saying to me "Wow, your hair is just so shiny! How do you do that?"   Vanilla and Golden pear shampoo and conditioner - that's how!     Go on try them.     Both the shampoo and the conditioner are bargainalicious hair treats.  I can't recommend them enough.    
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Amazing review @val4578. I love the Peppermint and Verbena shampoo and conditioner from the same ra... more
Im feeling down at the mo despite the light. %F0%9F%98%A5
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I hope you will feel better soon @linda91 x more
Could you help me find a part number
Hi , Could you help me with your knowledge. A customer has asked me this:-  “It's not in the brochure 10 but I would like: - Avon Super Extend liquid eye liner _ Black “ I would guess its a few years old. Could you reply with the part number or the nearest item now?   Ray
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Hi just let you Know that wasn't the one the customer was looking for its now this:_ 10223 True Col... more
Skin so soft silky moisture overnight body treatment
I cannot find Skin so Soft silky moisture overnight body treatment anymore. Has it gone??? I love this cream. Is it still available does anyone know please?
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Thank you ladies. I’ll just wait until I swap over for my next order 😊 xx more
Review – Frill Lounge Dress & Lace One Bra
Hello ABC’s!   Uh–oh, I found another product from Avon which I know I’m going to get LOTS more of, the One Bra!   The first thing I do when I get in from work is take my underwired bra off.  It doesn’t matter what style or size I wear, by the end of the day I’m desperate to get it off which is why I started looking for a comfy alternative.   This is my first and won’t be my last.  The Lace One Bra is sooooo comfortable, the lace front is a nice touch and it’s good quality too.    I ordered size 14/16, easy to put on over my head, I didn’t adjust the straps and luckily for me, it fit perfectly.  The lace is soft and stretchy, the double straps cross over the back, and has removable cups.  For my bust size it gives excellent support, and most of all, comfort.  87% Nylon, 13% Elastane. Which brings me to my next new piece of comfortable clothing, the Frill Lounge Dress.  The first thing that struck me about the dress was the quality of the material.  I was expecting it to be T-Shirt material, or similar to PJ material, but it’s thicker than that and has a fleece backing.  The Frill Lounge dress will be perfect for pottering around the house and garden, or when you get out the bath/shower and it’s too early for PJs but you want something comfy to wear.  The fabric is super soft, I love the frilly armholes and has two patch pockets on the front.  I’m 5ft 6in and ordered size 14/16.  86% Cotton, 14% Polyester. Toodles! Wendy Woo the Nail Guru, Crazy Cat Lady and Comfort Wearer
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Amazing review @jazzqueen64 :) more
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