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Mikhila's big NEW Avon haul Competition
Hi everyone,   We've got a NEW and EXCITING watch and win competition for you this week! Have you all seen " Mikhila's big NEW Avon haul " blog over in Avon Beauty Blog?     All we want you to do is to watch the video (above) and then post your favourite product that Mikhila has talked about- for your chance to win it!   For more information, and the full list of products that Mikhila talks about, please see the T&Cs attached   Good luck everyone!   Char x
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the candle more
;-0 i love Avon
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merry xmas to all avon customers more
nail wrap
Hi all! I'm new to this so sincerest of apologies if I am posting in the wrong place. Regarding the Underwater Paradise nail strips (campaign 17, page 270) are they see through? For example if nails were painted a colour then the wraps were applied, would the colour be seen underneath? Thanks in advance for your help, Liz
This may seem like a negative post but I know many people who suffer from it! Soon I think it's going to be Mental Health Week (I think it's called that) so I wanted to post my perspective on depression and how you don't have to feel alone, if you have it, or if you know people who suffer from it - please be sympathetic with them! (This is my own thoughts from my FB status, this morning).   Was thinking about depression today, and how it's not something a depressed person can get out of by pulling themselves together! By saying that - you may as well go up to a person with cancer and say - pull yourself together - can't be done! Being depressed is like:   Being in a very deep and dark pit which has slimy sides and no footholds With 2 broken legs A dislocated shoulder A concrete block on your head weighing you down   (Or imagine being in the sea and not being able to surface - something is keeping you under the water!)   There seems to be no way out - it's so dark down there. There is a way out, but the depression clouds judgement, clouds the person's inward vision, it makes the person very introspective - all that matters is their world - no they are not being selfish - they are struggling to see beyond themselves because the darkness of depression surrounds them like the darkest and blackest of nights. They feel helpless, hopeless, alone, out of control, fearful, unloved and the last thing they want to hear is - Pull yourself together!   Don't dismiss anyone who may have signs of depression - they need YOUR love and support, not your judgement!
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I was just having this conversation with my husband last night.  I am his carer and have been strug... more
Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick!
  Avon Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick! 💄 💋   This lipstick is a 50% moisturiser! It helps improve the lips condition as well as give it colour! It includes Collagen, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, phytol and SPF 15.. A lipstick that carries on caring even after you take it off!!!!   Ok, firstly the packaging.. The lipstick comes in a pink, clear plastic case which is actually rather pretty! It's simple and the clear case makes it easier to know what colour you're heading for !   The lipstick itself is lovely! I have the shade 'caring coral' which is a soft orange shade.. It gives the lips a lovely colour! The lipstick is very soft and light and even though it's very pigmented it doesn't feel heavy on the lips at all! The lipstick is soft but it almost gives a matte effect... It doesn't give a gloss or shine, just a lovely colour to the lips! There are 10 shades available!   Inbox to order or for more details 💛
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