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Just returned to Avon after a few years break ..........
Wondered if anyone I know is still around  x x x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Hellooo   Hi Beth, its about 4 years since I gave it up too..  Yes I remember Syeda too x x... more
WATCH and WIN: Our Blogger's Guide to the Perfect Purple Eye
Hi everyone,   Our beauty blogger Jordan Bone has created a fabulous tutorial for us, on how to achieve the perfect purple smoky eye.    Well.. Great news! We are giving 5 of you the chance to win ALL of the products Jordan has used in her tutorial!   The products you can win are: True Colour 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette - Silver Screen Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow – Diamante Purple Eyeshadow Brush with Smudger SuperExtend Liquid Eyeliner in Black Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner – Smoky Diamond SuperExtend Winged Out Mascara – Raven Black Ultra Colour Matte Lipstick - Proper Pink So, all you have to do is:    Tell us what your favourite product is that Jordan has used in her Purple Smoky Eye video below.     We will announce the 5 lucky winners on Friday 20th March.   Good luck!    Chanelle x   P.S Please find attached T&Cs  
Regular Visitor rowan22 Regular Visitor replied
SuperExtend Liquid Eyeliner in Black great for those beautiful egyptian inspired flicks! more
COMPETITION: Cherish Someone You Have!
Hi everyone,   Over Valentine's weekend, we gave away 10 Avon Cherish fragrances on Facebook that were signed by the gorgeous Abbey Clancy and her Mum Karen!   Well... Great news! We have another 5 to give-away to 5 lucky winners here on Avon Beauty Connects!     SO, to be in with a chance of winning one of these 5 EXCLUSIVE Cherish fragrances, all we want you to do is:   Tell us about someone that YOU cherish    We all have so many wonderful people in our lives that we are so lucky to have, so we're really looking forward to reading your replies!   Good luck everyone we'll be announcing the 5 lucky winners on Wednesday 11th March!   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached 
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I would like to cherish both my sisters! My mother's illness and subsequent death from breast cance... more
5 Shades of Beauty! One Team: One Lipstick!
Hi everyone,   We've decided to create a " 5 Shades of Beauty " team, where 5 of us from Head Office will demonstrate different Avon products on our 5 different skin tones, every two weeks- so keep a look out in " Beauty Talk "!   Each time we make a post, we will ask ourselves two questions, after wearing each product for a full day at work:   "Why do I love it?" and  "Where would I wear it?"   SO, today we thought that we would kick off with: Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in Ruby Shock !     And this is what we all thought:   Charlotte (Me) - "Pale Skin Tones"       Why do I love it?   " I LOVE the Ultra Colour Bold range! It's my favourite brand of Avon lipstick because of how gorgeous the bold colours are! I particularly love Ruby Shock because I find that red sets of any outfit- I've definitely received a number of comments on my lip colour today too! "   Where would I wear it?   " Because it's red, I would wear this lipstick anywhere; to any occasion! If ever I'm in doubt of what lipstick to wear on a night out, I always go with red! I find that this lipstick is particularly long-lasting and makes a classic statement!"   Chanelle - "Lighter Skin Tones"     Why do I love it?   " I love the red lips and black winged eyeliner look. You can never go wrong with a good, classic red lip! "   Where would I wear it?   " I would wear this to an event or to an evening occasion, as it gives me a classic look. "   Rachel - "Darker Skin Tones"     Why do I love it?   " I love it because it's long lasting and the colour is really bright! "   Where would I wear it?   " I would definitely wear this lipstick on a night out! "   Bibitha - "Darker Skin Tones"       Why do I love it?   " I love it because it stays on for hours, and it adds a touch to my look. "   Where would I wear it?   " I would wear this red lipstick to parties because it glides on smoothly and looks exceptionally colourful! "   Alisha - "Darker Skin Tones"       Why do I love it?   " This lippy is my ultimate make-up bag staple item, it’s easy to apply, lasts all day and adds a flawless finish to any outfit! "   Where would I wear it?   " I would wear this lipstick to all occasions! Whether it's to the office, or on a night out- my Ruby Shock never fails me! "   OK, so what have we all learnt...   Red lipstick sets of any outfit (it's a classic!) It's great to wear on a night out (or anywhere; to any occasion!) It's a must-have (for any make-up bag!) It's bright (and makes an Ultra Colour Bold statement!) Let us know what you all think, and also let us know if there's a particular product that you would like us all to try out!   Love The 5 Shades of Beauty Team  x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
it makes such a difference seeing products on real people, not just on perfect brochure models! Tha... more
4 eye looks with 1 palette
Let me tell you, I am just a little bit in love with this 8-in-1 palette in Not So Neutral. The perfect selection of neutral shades with excellent colour pay off, and not one disappointing formula in the whole bunch. There’s a good variety of textures and finishes here too, satin, mattes and beautifully rich metallic which contrast nicely when worn together.       I’ve put together 4 looks - which side by side I’ll admit don’t look TREMENDOUSLY different to one and other but trust me, they are. I’m using almost every colour in this palette – to showcase how versatile this compact selection can be.     Look A Now the shadows don’t have names so I’ve taken it upon myself to number them for the purpose of this exercise. For the first look I kept it simple and entirely matte. I used shade 1 all over my lid, 2 in my crease and 8 (which is matte with a dash of sparkle) to smoke out my lash line a little.   Look B For the second look I used the bronze shade 6 (super metallic, seriously GORGEOUS) all over my lid and shade 7 in my crease, a very warm colour that semi-inspired Look C. I used shade 4 (another great metallic) under my eye to give a little definition without being too dark/smoky.   Look C Now here we have a very season-appropriate eye look. I love a good plum shadow and as mattes go this is excellent. They can be very chalky and give little colour but this is bold and beautiful. I used shade 7 all over the lid and then took a wild turn and used that paler shade 4 in my crease.. not darker but a different texture to define and blend out the bold coloured lid. Under my eye I smudged just a little of shade 8.   Look D My last look used shade 4 (which I’d come to love by this point) all over my lid and almost up to my brow. I then deepened my crease with shade 8. It was a touch smoky for my taste so I used shade 1 to blend and harsh lines and mute the colour a little. Again I used shade 4 under my eye and just to give it a look in I used shade 5 to highlight my inner corner.     You may have noticed there’s no liner in any of these photos.. obviously a bit of black kohl/gel might have made some of the looks really pop, but I wanted to show you what could be achieved with the palette alone. As I said, not hugely different as they’re all fairly neutral, but nice to switch it up even a little so you’re not wearing the same thing every day.   What do you think?   Khila x­­
New Contributor New Contributor replied
I am going to show this to the ladies at my make up party coming up next week, thanks! more
fate stall.... what products?????
hi, im doing a fate soon and have ordered quite a few bits that sell well in my area. Anyone have any tried and tested products that go like hotcakes?   thank you x
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I do a boot sale once a year and I've found cheap mascara's always sell. You need a lot of £1, £1.... more
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