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Multi-way tunic top
Has anyone brought a multi-way tunic top? If so what was it like? As Im tempted to buy one today.
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Try typing it into Google, there are lots of reviews and demonstrations there more
Hi everyone,   We're LOVING the new Safia Necklace at Head Office right now!     We've been spelling all sorts, but I particularly love that I've been able to spell my name (the simple things!)     SO, we have 5 of these FANTASTIC necklaces to give away to 5 lucky Avon Beauty Connects users! To be in with the chance of winning one, all we want to know is:   What word would YOU wear?     Looking forward to seeing your replies, and good luck everyone   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.
Visitor kbjones01 Visitor replied
it would have to be KERRY X more
5 Shades of Beauty: Ocean-Inspired Eyes!
Hi everyone,   It's that 5 Shades time again! Only this time, the 5 of us have been trying out the new  U nderwater Paradise Collection- NEW in Brochure 9 !     SO, yesterday afternoon, we all got together and created our ocean-inspired eyes (yes, I even took my cup of tea into the girls' toilet with me)...     As usual, and post-photoshoot, I then asked all of the 5 Shades girls to tell me what they thought of their ocean-inspired eyes ...   Here's what they said:   Chanelle - eMarketing Community Content Coordinator     Do you like this look and why?   "Yes I did like this look. I loved experimenting with bright colours that I don’t normally wear. I tend to stick to more neutral colours, but this look is perfect for spring and is the ideal time to try out new colours. I hadn’t worn blue eyeshadow since I was about 13, but now I’m going to start re-living my youth and rocking the blue again!"   Where would you wear this look?   "I’d definitely wear this look for a spring/summer event. It’s probably a bit too heavy for a BBQ or a day in the park, so I’d probably wear it to a festival or an evening wedding reception."   Alisha - Avon Social Media and eMarketing Assistant      Do you like this look and why?   "I like this look because it’s cool-colour central and screams all things summer! I love experimenting with brights to highlight my eyes, especially during my favourite season (summer- obvs). This eyeshadow quad definitely ticks all the boxes for me!"   Where would you wear this look?   "I would wear this look to any summer social event/special occasion to create a colourful statement. I’ll definitely be including this beauty summer staple within my make-up bag!"   Charlotte - eMarketing Community Moderator     Do you like this look and why?   "I actually love it (and I'm not just saying it!) It took me until 24 (and having no excuse after working for Avon) to actually start using eyeshadow, as I've never been an experimenter! However, after braving the bold for the 5 shades team, I was pleasantly surprised! I've always been conscious of my dark circles under my eyes, which has probably been the main reason (as strange as it sounds) that I haven't been a big eyeshadow-wearer, but this has definitely given me the confidence to experiment more often- watch this space!"   Where would you wear this look?   "I WILL be wearing this look on my holiday in June! I've been truly inspired, and will be bringing outfits - purposely - to match! When I'm not on holiday, I would probably wear this look to a summer event, like a barbecue (I know Chanelle isn't daring enough), or to any event where I have anything blue or green on (I'm definitely one to coordinate outfits to eyeshadow!)"   Rachel - Jewellery & Watches UK Demand Forecaster     Do you like this look and why?   "I LOVE this underwater paradise look. The True Colour Eyeshadow Quad was so easy to apply and lasted all day. The mix of matte and metallic colours in gold and greens complimented my eye colour perfectly. My favourite product in this look has to be the Kohl Eyeliner in Turquoise Waters. It really stood out against my skin-tone and was easy to blend the liner with the soft smudger. I really love the bright and bold colours….these are perfect for summer time!"   Where would you wear this look?   "I would wear this look for a summer night out, but I think it would also be great coupled with Avon's NEW Odalis Hair Jewellery for the perfect festival look."   Bibitha - Junior eMarketing Analyst      Do you like this look and why?   "Yes, I totally liked the look. It’s the first time I have tried the “True Colour Eyeshadow Quad”. It was such a good experience to try a different eyeshadow. I absolutely loved the vibrant colours and it’s easily blendable. It provided a dramatic effect on my eyes."   Where would you wear this look?   " I would wear this eyeshadow to any occasion, such as parties, as it will put together a great look. I would also wear this in summer."   OK... COMPETITION TIME!   Today, we have decided to add in an extra piece of 5 Shades fun to our post   We're giving YOU the chance to win the  ocean-inspired look , by giving away 5 ocean-inspired colour sets to 5 lucky Avon Beauty Connects users !   To be in with the chance of winning, all we want to know is:   Do you like this look and why? W here would you wear this look?   We'll then announce the winner in our next 5 Shades post in two weeks' time    Good luck everyone!   The 5 Shades Team x
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I love the versatility of this package and the cover it gives as well as the gorgeous colours.I woul... more
It’s wonderful being a sex symbol at 55
Oooh, we've just been reading  this brilliant interview about Lorraine Kelly in the Daily Mail ... We love Lorraine so much.    Lorraine talks about her role as the face of Avon’s ANEW range and says ‘It’s wonderful being a sex symbol at 55.’   In the article, Lorraine also shares support for Avon's inspiring #UltimateYou campaign, saying, “I like all Avon products but I also like the freedom it gives the women that work for it.  Their new campaign is encouraging women to support other women and compliment them.  Women are really bad at taking compliments – it’s not a problem most men I know have.  I don’t know why we beat ourselves up so much.”    #ultimateyou      
WATCH and WIN: Avon TV Brochure 9 2015
Hi everyone,   PLEASE NOTE: if you are not already an Avon Beauty Connects member, then just click on "Join the Community" at the top of the page to sign up and enter the competition (it's simple!)   You don't have to be an Avon Representative, you just have to be a member of the Avon Beauty Connects community  so please join us today for this competition, and many, many more!   For those that have never entered before: all you need to do is watch the Avon TV Brochure 9 2015 video (below), and let us know what your favourite product is that's featured in the video to win it!     To celebrate the launch of the NEW Mega Effects Waterproof Mascara , the winner will also receive a Mega Effects Waterproof Mascara  in addition to their chosen prize from the Avon TV Brochure 9 video!   Not only this, but this time we will also be giving  5 runners-up a NEW   Mega Effects Waterproof Mascara as well!       We will announce the winner - and the 5 runners-up - on  Wednesday 13th of May here on Avon Beauty Connects !   Good luck everyone   and remember: you've got to be in it to win it !   Char x
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I've been waiting for the water proof magic effects so this is great news. more
Find an agent help
Hi I need some advice please. I was contacted by 2 ladies who found me through 'find an agent' on the website. I delivered books as requested and they ordered. Today I had a phone call from a very angry lady shouting down the phone at me asking why I was poaching on her area! How exactly does 'find an agent' work if it does not give customers the contact for the rep assigned their address.
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To be fair...customers have the right to choose who they want as a rep...they contacted you, you di... more
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