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Nutra Effects - 21 Day Challenge
I’ve taken part in Avon’s 21 Day Challenge to see if the Nutra Effects skincare range can have an impact on real women. I was really excited to receive the parcel in the post having totally forgotten about giving my details for the challenge!  So Wednesday 23rd May 2018 is day one of using the new creams. Here’s a quick before picture so you can see how my skin looks before I started using Nutra Effects. Day 1 My first challenge was to remember to use the cream, it’s something I know I should be doing now I’m in my 30’s but I haven’t managed to get into the routine- and I’ll pay for it in later life if I don’t do it now! As you can see from the picture I have the start of a spot appearing - I thought they were only for teenagers so I’ve applied my day cream liberally, my face feels wet, I’m used to washing my face and drying it quickly so I need to leave time for the cream to soak into my skin before I put my glasses back on. That evening I had a nice soak in the bath before getting into bed.  Only to realise I’d forgotten my night cream!  So back out of bed to apply it.  It felt thicker than the day cream so I needed to lie on my back in bed to give it chance to soak in. Day 2 I woke up and remembered my day cream which was a good start.  My son had a school trip to the zoo today so I decided to do the school run before putting my make up on to allow my day cream to soak in - a First for everything!  I was putting sun tan lotion onto my son and thought what about my skin - so I checked the Nutra Effects day cream and it contains an SPF 20 - bonus! When I got home from the school run I put on my make up and I was really surprised how much better my mascara looked, probably because I’m not the best at removing my make up well at night so last nights Nuta Effects night cream must have helped. Slight hiccup with the evening cream application, I started to apply then I realised I was using the day cream.  It was quickly washed off and the correct cream applied.  I shouldn’t have got them mixed up, they are in different colour packaging and one says day the other night - note to self don’t apply when tired. Day 3 So today I actually read the instructions, yes I should have done that before I started the trial.  And I now know that I need to apply the creams to my neck as well as my face so I’ll be doing that going forward. Day 4 It’s Saturday so tomorrow is a day for a lie in to really let the overnight cream do its magic.  I’m sat in bed with a glass of bubbles waiting for it to soak in before I get some sleep.  Goodnight! Day 5 Today didn’t quite go to plan, we had a thunderstorm followed by more rain than I care to think about.  This meant that my overnight cream was more middle of the night cream! Day 6 Monday, the start of a new week but a day of cleaning the mess of yesterday’s flooding - I think I may have sweat away my day cream. Day 7 A day trip to Alton Towers so the SPF in the day cream has come in handy. Day 8 I’ve come down to Somerset for a couple of days and I remembered to pack both day and night creams so that’s a good start. Day 9 Today involved swimming which probably wasn’t the greatest idea after not long applying my day cream.  Needless to say it was most likely washed away. Day 10 I’m determined to use both creams properly today after a couple of fails over the past weeks.  Day cream applied thoroughly ready for it to work it’s magic on the way home. Day 11 The spot that was getting ready to appear ten days ago never came out any further and seems to have disappeared altogether so I’m definitely a fan of Nutraeffects if it makes my skin healthier and spot free. Day 12   Another day of swimming today before heading to Chessington World of Adventures with my little boy - I’ve learnt to apply a little less cream and avoid any too close to my eyes before swimming!   Day 13   My Presidents Club Dinner with Avon (their awards evening for top selling Avon Reps) and normally I would go to bed leaving my make up on but needing to put on my night cream meant that I had to take my make up off first, so that was a bonus in itself looking after my skin.   Days 14 - 21   I’ve managed to get into a good routine of applying my face cream in a morning, allowing it to soak in before applying any make up.  I’m also getting good at taking off my make up at night before applying my overnight cream which is much better for my skin.   I’ll be honest, I didn’t think a bit of cream would make a difference to my skin in three weeks but my skin feels healthier and I feel like I have less blemishes.  I also look like I’ve eaten too many cakes in three weeks so maybe my next challenge should be to eat less!   #Avontruestories    
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Did this one work ok @amydunbabin?     more
A guide to Avon's shampoos, conditioners and hair care range
Hi everyone!   My name is Siobhan and I work on the Body & Toiletries Category! I am here as the specialist for all things Bath, Body and Hair Care related, to help you all with any questions you may have about our products! Today – we’re talking hair! I’m sure many of you have already tried some of our hair care range… but if you haven’t, you absolutely MUST! We currently have 10 collections in the portfolio, for all your different hair care needs! Here’s a quick guide to each collection to help you find your perfect match:   MIRACLE DENSIFIER – Our newest addition! Think thickness… without the weight. Use the shampoo and conditioner daily for weightless touchably soft hair, and the 2-in-1 bodifying lotion before blow drying to boost volume and thickness to roots and lengths. SUPREME OILS – This collection contains our expert blend of 5 precious oils to restore and nourish dry and brittle hair. For best results, use the treatment mask and spray too, to protect, nourish and strengthen your strands! Added bonus - these smell AMAZING! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION – Protected, perfected, salon-worthy locks. Suited to over-styled, damaged hair, this collection contains vitamins and minerals which help to protect from future damage and restores hair to its natural beauty. MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL – This collection is formulated with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, and is home to our BEST SELLING serum! Use the shampoo and conditioner daily, and comb the serum through damp hair with your fingers, for silky-smooth hydration that lasts all day! INSTANT REPAIR 7 – For hair in need of repair! Containing keratin and avocado oil, these products help to reduce breakage and boost strength up to 5x! As someone who is prone to breakage, this collection is perfect for me! Use the whole range for maximum benefits. DAILY SHINE – This collection uses the powers of pro-vitamin B5 and silicone to smooth, moisturise and enhance shine. The serum is specifically targeted for dry ends, so you’ll have gorgeous, glossy locks and healthy looking ends in no time! ULTIMATE VOLUME – Give your hair a boost with our volumising range! Formulated with collagen, these products increase body and thickness, giving you fuller looking hair from the root. Top up with the Volume Boosting spray for instant texture and volume. COLOUR PROTECTION – Keep your hair colour fresh for 6x longer! Use the shampoo and conditioner daily, along with the Anti-Fade UV spray, to lock in colour vibrancy. Complete your regime with the restorative mask to keep coloured hair in the best condition. ANTI-DANDRUFF   –  Get flake-free locks for him and her – this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is targeted for both men and women! The gentle formula helps to fight dandruff from the very first wash, and soothes the scalp to prevent itching and flaking. ANTI HAIR-FALL – This collection is targeted for people with thin, brittle hair, prone to breakage. The formula contains keratin and wheat protein, which helps to strengthen and repair from root to tip – significantly reducing breakage, for super strong strands! We have so much variety to choose from – which is your fave?! Let me know which collections you love, or if you’re thinking of trying something new!    Siobhan x
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Hi @ngalley   Thanks for your suggestion. I have passed this on to the Haircare team.    Th... more
Area manager
Does anyone know who the area manager for area 586 is, and their contact details? Thank you
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my area manager emailed me over a week ago saying id been picked as a VIP for some free samples and... more
Bronzed, highlighter or contour kit?
Which would you recommend bronzer, highlighter or contour kit for adding a little more colour to the face?
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Thank you for you help, I'm not the best with make up, daft seen as I sell it 🤣 x more
Colour in list - Review
On a whim I added the colour in list pad to my recent order. I'm a bit of a listmaker so I knew that it would be useful. If something's written down it won't get forgotten or overlooked, or left until later because there are more enticing things to do.   So it's lists all the way, they keep me organised and free up my brain for other things. Win, win! There's no need to keep thinking about those minor items - they are there on the pad in black and white & will get attended at the right time. Another pad is always useful.   The colour in aspect of this pad sounded like fun, there's a whole front cover to colour in, all flowers and a rainbow, so great for choosing from a wide colour palette.The pad is small enough to fit in a bag, a handbag or an Avonning bag along with a few pens or crayons. Listmaking or doodling or colouring always at hand. The paper is good quality with a nice feel to it, I don't think felt tips will bleed in to the paper but will stay put inside the lines where you put them.           Each page has a border to be coloured in, there's a selection of borders to infill with your crayon, pencils or whatever. You can choose how vibrant, colourful, or pastel you want that page to be. Simple pleasures!     I'd heard that colouring in is therapeutic, it's an adult occupation, not just for kids. Because it engages the brain it's a form of mindfulness, cutting out those nagging thoughts and allowing the colourer in to stay in the present, focusing on the action of colouring, and encouraging a feeling of calmness.  Soothing, restful, great therapy from the everyday hassles at your fingertips. What's not to like?   Apparently New Zealand researchers have found that colouring in reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, there's more info here. .     If you want to make some lists, or spend a few minutes feeling calm, the listmaker is just for you.     I'm off to do some colouring  in now ......................................    
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Interesting read @val4578 and I love a bit of colouring in too!  When I'm on the phone I'm always d... more
Multi way jumpsuit
Hi, I got a Multi way jumpsuit last year and now I've dug it out again for my holidays I can't remember how it ties to make the different top parts. Can anyone help? Pictures / video would be really handy. xx
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