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What's landed Wednesday- Senses, Footworks and more...
Hi Beauty Connects!   This week was the week of bath, body and men on my desk (okay, that sounds so  wrong, but you know what I mean!).    I received a few new products from one of my fave ranges, Senses. The latest editions come from the Perfume Collection and as you can imagine, smell divine! Romantic L'amour is rose, iris and amber scented but I think I can also smell a fruity/ fresh scent too! Sensual La Vita is scented with freesia, red peony and musk and, as with Romantic L'amour, is inspired by perfume! I don't know about you, but I love the idea of showering with perfume, it gives you a real feeling of luxury.   The smaller 250ml gels will be available in Brochure 8 (online from 13th April) and the larger 500ml, Brochure 9 (online 4th May). Can't wait? See our other Senses products here .         Next up, are some new scents in our much- loved bubble baths! Herbal Meadow is a soothing, natural scent, helping you unwind after a long, hard day. This is available here in 500ml and 1 litre at some special intro prices!    The Fragrant Rose is my favourite of the two scents, but then I'm biased as I love anything rose scented! Try this for yourself in Brochure 8 ( online from 13th April).          *major sneak peek alert!* With spring only a few weeks away, I'm starting to prepare with some of the products from the Footworks range. The thought of getting my toes out at the moment fills me with dread (am I the only one who hasn't painted anything but the toes you can see since NYE, no?). I've loved using the latest from the Footworks range, Exotic Paradise. If I'm honest, the products smell too nice to just use on your feet,  @reneavon and I have been spritzing the foot spray at any given opportunity!  My routine is scrub, smooth and sooth with the scrub, moisturiser and foot spray. You can get your hands on these from  Brochure 9 ( online from 3rd May).        Again, another *major sneak peek* , as these aren't available until Brochure 9,  ( online from 3rd May). My lucky partner, Alex, has been a little guinea pig this week as I've been getting him to trial these Avon Men products and feedback to me what he thinks. He tried them all which even meant he had to have a shave which he avoids like the plague!   Despite being forced to shave, he loves these products and would consider swapping them for some of the higher-end products he received for Christmas! He said that the shower gel really 'work him up in the morning', his words! He likes the balm and shaving gel too!     Which of these will you be trying?    Leigh x    
Community Manager Community Manager replied
OMG these all smell amazing!  The Rose bubbles are my fave x more
Sleep serenity spray review
Hi there   For quite a while now, I have been buying the sleep serenity spray as my partner works all different hours and so when it comes to sleeping, he found it quite difficult so I thought I would give this a whirl! It is a miricale spray!!! After the kids get out of the bath, I spray it a couple fo times in their rooms and they are out like a light too! I haven't used anything else but this spray for a long time now and I will continue to keep using it! It really has worked wonders with us all!  I was asked from a couple of my customers what the best sleep remedies there are through Avon as there are quite a few lavender products out there; I have always said the sleep serenity spray as well as the lavender bubble bath There is nothing better than feeling extremely chilled and relaxed after a stressful day! And since I have told my customers about the spray and bubble bath, they have all since tried it and all say the same!  It is a must have product in any household!!! haha
Frequent Contributor Frequent Contributor replied
@sophie63Thanks, I'll have to stock up! Usually I have no difficulty going to sleep (I'm out when m... more
Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel
Hello all BC's     Feast your eyes on the new Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamels.  I've not tried them (yet) and I'll upload a video shortly once I hear back from Avon HQ with regard to free or added ingredients.   Take a moment to sit back and stare at the 20 individual shades that I have to share with you, 17 crèmes, 3 shimmers.  Avon will be adding more shades to the collection over time.   So which one(s) are your favourite?  I've already got a couple in mind, but surely I can't have a favourite, like family members & pets I love them all equally!    I've taken my photos with bright lighting and no camera flash to give as true a representation of the shades as possible.   Below L-R: Lavender Sky, Moondust, Rain Washed, Nudeitude, Barely There (all crèmes)  B elow L-R: Purplicious, Mauvelous, Very Berry, Parfait Pink (shimmer), Wine And Dine Me Below L-R: Citronized, Mint To Be, Emerald City, Sapphired Up, Charcoal Smoke (all crèmes )   L-R: Dazzle Pink (Shimmer), Orange You Crazy, Firecracker, Fabulous, Red Velvet (Shimmer) Now, which to try on first......
Contributor Contributor replied
Does anyone know if there is an offer for the gel nails in C8? I can't see a preview of the book o... more
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Fresh and Fabulous Blog - Provence Collection ~ L'importance des petites choses.





L'importance des petites choses. In English this means; It's the little things that count. Like a beautifully scented candle to light up those dark winter nights, a soft throw for those cold evenings where you sit snuggled up with a cup of tea and a good book. Or it could be the uplifting smell of lavender from little scented pillows, when you open your closet to take out your favourite jumper.


Skin So Soft - keeps away midges?
I recently had a customer tell me that the skin so soft original range was great for keeping away midges when the travel to Scotland. Has anyone else had any experience with this?
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Thanks for confirming that @leighmavon I'd lose a lot of sales if it had changed more
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