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products for eczema
Hey everyone. Wonder is anyone can recommend any products for eczema, its for my sister who suffers really bad and cant use SPF. Will be grateful for any suggestions x
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@laylachip   I use both of these creams diprobase cream from the chemist also available on precr... more
Review Nutra Effects Self Foaming Facewash
Just had to do a Review of the New Nutra Effects Self Foaming Facewash as have been using it for the last 2 weeks and Absolutely Love it !! Use Morning and Night, I pump a couple of Squirts into my Hand and Cover my Face with it then using my Facial Cleansing Brush in a circular motion, Then Rinse of with water, my skin feels so much better for all the effort going into it !! I have then been using the Nutra Effects Hydration Daily Cream in the morning and Hydration Gel Night Cream in the evening, My Skin has never felt so good !! Shaz xx      
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I also love this its so fresh and creamy,im going to try the nutra effects gentle scrub forgot to o... more
Want to win our NEW Gel Shine bundle..?
Hi Beauty Connects!   Our gel just got better! ...The new Gel Shine range promises to keep your mani lasting twice as long when using the Lasting Finish Topcoat as well as delivering gel like shine with no UV lamp, nourishing omega oils and high impact colour in just 1 coat! Who needs the salon?   You may have seen our lucky beauty editors trying out the polishes last week ... /Wow-NEW-formula-Gel-Shine-Nail-Enamel-IN-ACTION/t ...   Here is your chance to try them too.. to celebrate the launch we are giving away 9 gorgeous new shades and 1 Lasting Finish Topcoat worth over £60!     To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is comment the name of your favourite shade below and we will pick at random one lucky winner.    Good luck!   Leigh x
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Emerald City looks totes amazeballs   ... although they all look pretty fab. more
Avon table cloth
Does anyone know how and if I can buy an Avon table cloth for parties?   I've looked onine and in first look but cant find it????   Thanks
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I've looked but cant find it anywhere.  :( more
new to Avon
Hi,    I'm new to Avon. Any tips?   Rebecca
Product Review - Sleep Serenity Spray Pillow Mist
AVON’s  Sleep Serenity Spray   Pillow Mist  is a product I have been using for a long time.  Does it really work?  is a question often asked by my customers.    My answer…  YES!  However it doesn’t work miracles, i think there are other things to consider when trying / preparing to get a good nights sleep.   Here is how I prepare for a good nights sleep and for me it works…    Create a calm space. I am luckily enough to have two bedrooms. My sleeping bedroom is free from clutter, the temperature is a little cooler and there is no TV. I sleep better in this room because It only has one purpose and is not littered with clothes and other bits and bobs. Keep your room calm and a create a space that is your  sanctuary.   Switch off… digitally. I use my phone for my alarm so I do have it beside my bed. I set the alarm and pop it into my bedside drawer out of side.    Spray. I spray my  Sleep Serenity Spray   Pillow Mist  onto my pillows and across the rest of my bed. The lavender and chamomile scent  helps aid stress relief and relaxation . I have recently started using the  Sleep Serenity Balm  and put this on my temples and wrists.    Get into bed, get comfy and relax. This is  YOUR TIME , forget all your trouble and cares, there’s nothing you can do about it in bed, best to get recharged with a good night sleep and face the world tomorrow strong and rested.    If you are still struggling try some bedtime yoga, there is a great 20 mins bed time relaxation sequence on youtube at this link . All of these things coupled with my  Sleep Serenity Spray   Pillow Mist  really help me.    I recommend the  Sleep Serenity Spray   Pillow Mist  to my customers and have finally convinced my cousin… who has ALOT of trouble sleeping to ZEN her bedroom. She has taken my advice and is returning it to its purpose… SLEEPING.    Bedroom…the clue is in the name   Night night… sweet dreams everyone    x
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I had good feeback from my customers.. more
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