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What's the best Avon foundation? I've tried extra lasting and cream to powder but not the rest....
Contributor Contributor replied
I've just ordered the Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation as I've heard really good things... more
Online Brochures
I was just wondering how many of you had online brochures and whether you had much success with them. I've noticed there are a few people that advertise theirs and wondered how it worked, I know the customer can just place the order through the brochure but then when it gets delivered to you you'd then be responsible for postage and packaging to send it on to the customer - is it worth it? Do you actually make any money through it?   I have a few ideas of how I could drive people to the site so I don't think getting orders would be major issue (although I'm sure I could be proven wrong) but I don't want to go through a whole load of effort if it all then gets cancelled out by paying out a fortune in postage costs.
Highlight of the Year Competition!
Hi everyone,   Contouring seems to be HUGE right now, with everyone creating that bone structure they've always longed for using a mixture of highlighting, sculpting and blushing techniques with their make-up!   Well, Avon have done something great! They've created the Blush and Bronze Trio compact that allows all of these things to be done in just ONE mirrored compact      We therefore thought that it would be great to give 10 away to 10 lucky Avon Beauty Connects winners     SO, for your chance to win 1 of these 10 Blush and Bronze Trio compacts, all we want you to tell us is:   " What’s your highlight of the year so far, or to come? "   This could be absolutely ANYTHING, from going blonde for summer, to going on - or having been on- a great weekend break or holiday!   Whatever the highlight of YOUR year, please let us know! We'll then announce our 10 winners on Wednesday 15th July    Good luck everyone!   Char x
Frequent Visitor vwils Frequent Visitor replied
My highlight of the year has been losing weight and taking up a new fitness regime which it totally... more
Does anyone own an Allotment?
Hi Community,    I've recently discovered a whole new community at our local allotment. My other half decided that between our 2 small children, house refurbishments and work etc that it would be a good idea to take on an overgrown 10 pole plot!    However, after spending some time at the site I've found everyone to be so friendly and such a sense of community that I think it's great! Last night my daughter made friends with another plot holders little girls and they merrily chased a frog around while we chatted about 'best veg to plant' I felt like I had been transposrted back in time!   Anyway, will it last? Does anyone else have an Allotment? How much work really goes in? We would love to hear about the fruits of your labour (or veg!)   Rene x  
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Hi @reneavon I would recommend Courgettes as they do grow quite quickly and if you go to Garden Cen... more
HELP plz..
How can I rebuild my network system to get sales, is awhile.... I Need ur help nd advice plz...
Do you experience 'Everyday Sexism'?
  Avon was created to enable women to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families in an age when women’s rights were a real issue.   In this day and age do you still experience everyday sexism? Be it in the work place or whilst walking down the street? Please share your experiences with us…  
Contributor Contributor replied
On one hand I like the slogan as it is... Purely because it reminds of why and when the company st... more
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