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WATCH AND WIN: Mikhila's Avon Christmas Haul competition
Hi everyone,   How quickly is November flashing past?! We thought we would give you a chance to get fully in the mood for Christmas and 'watch and win' with the help of Mikhila's Christmassy new video.   You're in with a chance to win YOUR favourite of Mikhila's gorgeous Christmas picks. Just w atch the video now, pick your favourite item then follow the 'how to enter' instructions below  >>           HOW TO ENTER: All we want you to do is to watch the video (above) and then name your favourite item featured for your chance to win it  If you're new to this, just use the comments box below to name your fave item...    For more information please see the terms and conditions attached   Good luck everyone!   TessAvon x  
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I THE nail selection box is beautiful! -good luck to everyone! -thanks x more
can I speak to someone I understand?
Is there another number to call to speak to someone at Avon as the number I have, i always without fail get put through to someone who doesn't speak good English at all and I can barely understand them. It's very frustrating! The number I call starts 0333...
Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor replied
I was so happy to get to Silver as it is English ladies I have spoken to. I did not like the other ... more
City rush perfume
Hi is this perfume still available somewhere. Customer likes it so mmuc.
Superstar Superstar replied
This has been discontinued watch out for it in the sale flyers, but even then you cannot be guarant... more
First try of Nutra Effects skincare... what do you think?
Well, after hearing a lot about the new Nutra Effects skincare range, I finally got a chance to take a look and try the tinted moisturisers, day and night creams, cleansers and scrubs. They have nicely affordable prices but aren't short on results.      Prices start from a very 'doable' £3.50, and there are four collections to pick from, depending on your skin type;    BALANCE for combination to oily skin HYDRATION for normal to dry skin RADIANCE for normal to combination skin AGELESS for younger-looking skin   Which routine have you tried? Let me know what you think?    
Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
   I got my youngest daughter the hydrating range she twenty and really likes it I'm seeing my eld... more
works christmas do
So it our works do tonight ,going around wombwell 6 women in total,not be feeling well for a couple of weeks now bad headaches ect,the weather very wet and windy not feeling very festive at the moment let's hope its a good night.
Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
Did not end up going in the end after I'd had tea I was feeling much worse,don't think I could have... more
Does anyone else's nail varnish keep peeling of? Its sooo annoying coz I Av to do my nails alot
Regular Contributor Regular Contributor replied
which Nail Varnish have you been using? I've used Nailwear Pro, Gel enamal and the quick dry one an... more
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