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Please help us... we want YOUR COMMENTS to headline in the Avon brochure
Vitale, Reversalist, Ultimate or Platinum... we want to know which ANEW skinsaving regime you are loving right now... and how it's helping to keep your skin youthful!   Your inspiring comment could WIN a gorgeous collection of ANEW day, night and eye creams. Just as an example I loved this inspiring comment I read recently... Avon customer Jeannette uses ANEW the Platinum range and says, “I am 67 years young and people think I am in my 50's – I put it down to the use of your products!” ( Jeannette thinks she looks almost ten years younger because of ANEW! How about you?   We are working to include more real beauty and skincare testimonials in the beautiful Avon brochure. Avon customers LOVE personal recommendations, so we want your love of ANEW skincare to inspire others.     Have your friends and family complimented you on how amazing your skin looks after using ANEW? Do you simply love the way ANEW makes your skin feel? Have your family and friends noticed that your skin looks younger than your real age?   Share your comments below and you could win our giveaway prize AND be featured in the Avon brochure!   *** The winning comment will receive a set of full-size ANEW day, night and eye creams. The winner will be able choose their favourite ANEW skincare regime from Vitale, Reversalist, Ultimate or Platinum. ***   We would love to include your age, the area you live and a photo... so make sure you add these details to your comments!   For more details please see the Terms & Conditions below.      
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I don't use any from this creams. I use Anew serum before serum was Anew DSX-7.But I can see on my c... more
WATCH AND WIN: Mikhila's Avon Christmas Haul competition
Hi everyone,   How quickly is November flashing past?! We thought we would give you a chance to get fully in the mood for Christmas and 'watch and win' with the help of Mikhila's Christmassy new video.   You're in with a chance to win YOUR favourite of Mikhila's gorgeous Christmas picks. Just w atch the video now, pick your favourite item then follow the 'how to enter' instructions below  >>           HOW TO ENTER: All we want you to do is to watch the video (above) and then name your favourite item featured for your chance to win it  If you're new to this, just use the comments box below to name your fave item...    For more information please see the terms and conditions attached   Good luck everyone!   TessAvon x  
New Member New Member replied
I would love to win the Anew 14 day gift set for my wife xx more
can I speak to someone I understand?
Is there another number to call to speak to someone at Avon as the number I have, i always without fail get put through to someone who doesn't speak good English at all and I can barely understand them. It's very frustrating! The number I call starts 0333...
black mineral mask
I wrote a post around 2-3 weeks ago to say that the black mineral mask didn't agree with me and felt as though it was burning. Well.. I tried it again as I said I would just to see if it still did it and it didn't! Thank God, I'm so pleased it doesn't feel like it's burning me now. I'm guessing it may have done it the first time as I may have used a bit too much face scrub and made it sore before using the black mineral mask. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Hosting an Avon Party
I've been a Beauty Advisor with Avon - training reps to host skincare parties and boost their businesses, I've also been an Avon Party Angel - hosting Avon parties.    Avon parties aren't necessarily just for the benefit of the Avon Representative! They are lots of fun and the hostess/host can benefit as well!   I've been invited to demonstrate at fundraising parties, Christmas parties, summer fairs etc. With an Avon Party there's something for everyone! Themed parties are fun. Some themes which could be available (obviously it depends on the Rep):   Pampered Piggies Party (FootWorks and a pedicure) Pretty Princess Party - for a young lady's birthday party Baby Shower - for the expectant mum to be pampered using Avon products Seasonal party - Christmas, Easter. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc. 'Mazing Mani - a manicure   All of the above are subject to your Representative.    When I have done parties, there have been lots of samples, games, prizes, hostess gifts, money off offers and best of all - fun and laughter!     Why not contact your local Representative and ask if they will demonstrate at an Avon party.  
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Thanks @carolynsateam. I'm a new rep so trying to find ways of getting more customers. more
Recruiting now for new Reps
Hi I have self-employed opportunities in your area today! Become an Independent Avon Representative and show AVON'S fabulous brochure to customers. Plus you also have the CHOICE to build your own team as an Independent Avon Sales Leader, with my help and support. Interested? Or know anyone that is, please pass this on to them. Call me Denise Independent Avon Sales Leader. Email: Visit My Personal Recruitment Page, and register today to join my team and become your own Avon Representative What you get when you join me: Your very own starter kit, with lots of information to help you. Your first 2 campaign brochures FREE You can earn upto 25% of your sales You get your own personal inline brochure for easier shopping. Plus early next year you will get your very own Avon Shop on Line, how fantastic is that, customers can shop with ease and can have several options to pay and how there Avon is delivered. Get in touch now, dont wait click on my PRP page and register now to join me!
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You couldn't have paid £26 because the fee is set by Avon UNLESS they did something strange with yo... more
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