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Rings on the ring size guide
The images on the ring sizer are gorgeous - any way to get these? xx
Frequent Visitor samjayne90 Frequent Visitor replied
They are in the sales book for book 8. more
Recharges to account…grrrr
I'm having a moan... getting really fed up with being recharged for items that i have sent back.  This has happened to me three times now.   I'm having to ring to advise that I  have sent back items then told that I   must scan copies of the signed returns form and type an email explaining. Fed up having to do the running around because Avon can't get their act together and sort out the returns prceedure.  Rant over!!!!
Avon Beauty Blog - Four fabulous finishes

Hi everyone,


It's always hard finding a foundation to suit your skin. Whether you have dry, oily or discoloured skin, finding the perfect foundation can be tricky.


 Jordan lookbook2.jpg


If you struggle to find one that's best for you, hopefully you will find my video below helpful. I have reviewed four different foundations, all of which give your skin a fabulous finishing touch! So find out below which foundation is best for certain skin types, and which gives the best coverage.


Foundations used:

Bright Start

Ideal Flawless


CC Cream



Which one is your favourite?


Jordan x


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.

wheres the best place to hold a party because i am planning on doing one. It be my frist party so i am really looking forward to seeing how will i do. Any help will be appreciated.
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Depends on how many people you were going to invite - you could try a local community centre, villag... more
Hi, I think I'm having a blonde moment, ive just opened my messages and clicked on one about the sales pack which linked me to the connects page... HOW do I get back to my ordering page? havent got a clue... tia xxx
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Has connects opened in a new tab?? If not, log out close everything down and start again x more
Highlight and contouring kit
Hi, I have someone asking about a highlight and contouring make up kit, I can't find anything in the brochure so can anyone suggest separate items that I can recommend please.
Contributor Contributor replied
I got a contouring kit for Christmas but before I got it I used to use a bronzing powder/ brown eye... more
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