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Christmas planning
I love Christmas,  like seriously love it. I've finished shopping and wrapping but I'm just putting together my girls Christmas eve box. She's  4 years old now and this is the first year shes going to actually realise whats going on, last year she seemed to just go through the motions of what we was telling her to do.    I have made a Christmas eve box every year for her, but this year is her first one of grasping the concept. I'm filling it with things she loves doing hopefully to keep her calm without getting over excited and finishing the day with some chocolate treats and a film before she goes to bed (fingers crossed). I'm just waiting for a notebook, glitter glues and a decorate your own snowman tree hanging for her then the box will be complete.   I thought I'd just share this incase any parents out there struggle to keep their little ones from getting over excited on Christmas Eve too.     -  
The Rare collection
Glad to see the fragrances have matching body lotion to go with them now,just ordered the amethyst set I do like to layer to get the most from my perfumes.
Frequent Contributor Frequent Contributor replied
Hi, @gelder   could you advise me which campaign brochure these are in as i to love the rare amyt... more
Building your business
Hi all new to this any advice on how to build your business xxx thanks in advance xx
Post Office Charge??
Been with Avon for a while now.. but get charged by paying my bill at Post this right???
Contributor Contributor replied
yeah its a 57p charge but its a fee avon charge not the post office 😊 x @mookiesno2 more
Disciplining your children
Yesterday, I was watching Supernanny on YouTube and one of the children she went to deal with was kicking, punching and spitting at his mum! He was totally out of control! I thought Eeeek, I wouldn't have allowed that with my lads!   How do you (or did you) discipline your children?   I used to withdraw priviledges  I would only smack as a last resort - if my lads were doing something dangerous and wouldn't stop I used a naughty step as well   Do you see any particular method as being effective?
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
  I use a four strike system. 2 warnings then the naughty step for 5 minutes then if that fails my... more
black mineral mask
This is the first time i have used the pore penetrating black mineral mask... and oh my word it is amazing. As  it was drying you could see it absorbing the oil from my blackheads on cheeks and nose, and after washing it off my pores were minimised by alot and my face feels soo fresh... best face mask i have ever used, a defo must have in your beauty regime 😊😊  
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