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I'm a Frozen fan. Are you?
T'internet is alive with chat about Frozen2   Great news for Frozen fans.    I'm a Frozen fan, are you?
Occasional Visitor jaimethompson1 Occasional Visitor replied
I don't even have kids and I'm a Frozen fan. Love everything Disney!  more
New CC colour corrector pearls
I've managed to get my hands on these NEW CC colour corrector pearls today! I'm SO excited to try these as I love the CC cream, and I have heard these are even better!   The pearls are made with mutl-benefit colour correction technology to help perfect your complexion and get even with discolourations. They will be available to order from brochure 9.     Who will be giving them a try??   Chanelle x
Contributor Contributor replied
all you need is an all over brush and apply I use this everyday now its hides dark circles redness ... more
Hi everyone,   We're LOVING the new Safia Necklace at Head Office right now!     We've been spelling all sorts, but I particularly love that I've been able to spell my name (the simple things!)     SO, we have 5 of these FANTASTIC necklaces to give away to 5 lucky Avon Beauty Connects users! To be in with the chance of winning one, all we want to know is:   What word would YOU wear?     Looking forward to seeing your replies, and good luck everyone   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.
Visitor loissquires Visitor replied
I would wear my name Lois. Love the idea of this necklace as I find it difficult to find things with... more
7 day sale
Hi is anyone else confused ?? is this a seperate order or do we take a chance with availbility in next order?
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
You just order and it comes in your next order I thought? more
Avon naturals
I have a customer who is from Poland and moved here. She is looking to know if we stock avon naturals skincare for the face.. She said she used to buy a rose face cream and facial cleanser. Does anybody know if we will be stocking this soon??????
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Wish they would!!! I follow a couple of foreign avon accounts on Instagram, some of the products the... more
Hi how do i.....
Change my user name or can it not be changed.Thanks
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