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I forgot to place my order
I forgot to place my order before 10pm. What do i do to get it on time?
Make-Up Setting Spray
Hi, one of my favouraite product is the MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY. it does wonders, one of my customer calls it ''face starch'' my believe is, what will be the essence of wearig a beautiful make up when it cant last you 12 to 24hrs. this makeup setting does the magic. AFTER FINISHING  your make up, just spray on face from a distance with eyes closed. As simple as  I usually sell to college girls and friends at work especially when they are priced at 2.50. it is a must have product,LOVE IT. Spoiler (Highlight to read)
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Will order and try this x more
This cream is a mirical in a jar.I won t go a day without it.Since discovering it qualities i have recieved no end of comments on how good i look and am quick to inform people of the reason why. I WOULD and DO RECOMEND THIS MAGIC CREAM TO ALL I MEET.
Spring Daisy Nail Art Competition
Hi everyone,   We are still LOVING the nail looks in the " Spring daisy nail art " blog over in Avon Beauty Blog : -Blog/Spring-daisy-nail-art/ba-p/61116   So much so, that we have decided to give away 5 Spring Daisy Nail Art Kits to 5 lucky Avon Beauty Connects users!     To be in with the chance of winning one, all we want to know is:   What will YOU be wearing on your nails this spring?   Let us know by posting your answers below    Char x
Occasional Visitor vikki123 Occasional Visitor replied
Think i will be giving the new nail art foils ago myself. more
ideal flawless matte mousse
Ive always used maybelline dream matte mousse but thought id try the avon ideal flawless matte mousse and ill never go back! The way it applies and feels when its on is amazing! Definitely my regular foundation from now on! :-)
Always On Point Eyeliner
Have had this about a week. Used it no more than 4 times just for under eyes. No point already and twisting the lid doesnt work. Anyone else had this problem?
Regular Visitor 221sarahjane Regular Visitor replied
I have this product and use it most days. You have to push the bottom of the pen up to release more ... more
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