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Are Avon products vegetarian friendly?
Hi, I've got a few customers interested in buying off me but they are vegetarian and are concerned if the products may have traces of animal in them like some other cosmetics do. Does anybody know if Avon products are vegetarian friendly? And if so are they all or just some of them? Thanks in advance x
Things you SHOULD be told by the person who recruits you...
IMPORTANT:   signing up as an INDEPENDENT Avon Representative means you will be self-employed therefore it is YOUR LEGAL OBLIGATION to register with HMRC* - failure to do so could result in a fine from HMRC* !   IMPORTANT: you MUST tell the DWP** of your change in circumstances. Be aware that becoming an Independent Avon Representative &/or Sales Leader COULD affect your benefits. Failure to tell the DWP** could result in prosecution.  IMPORTANT: You MUST let your local council know, if you are claiming Housing &/or Council Tax benefits. Failure to do so may result in prosecution by your council.    IMPORTANT:   You MUST be 18 or over to become a Representative. Someone else, who is over 18, CANNOT sign up on behalf of you if you are underage. IMPORTANT: You MUST be eligible to live and work in the UK before applying.    Make sure you get the contact details of the person who recruits you Jot down any questions you may have beforehand  The person who recruits you should come back a couple more times to tell you about how to put your order online, setting up your Avon store, your invoice, returns etc - ask for them to book an appointment to see you a week after you sign up   Signing up - you will need  2 forms of I.D. (e.g. Passport; Driving Licence; National I.D Card; PASS Accredited Card; Military I.D.)  - one should have your photograph on it. One with your current address on it (Utility bill - gas; electric; landline; water), bank statement, Council Tax bill etc   You should be given 20 brochures for your first Campaign and 20 brochures for your second Campaign, after that, you must order and buy your own. (If you only want to sell to friends and family, the number of brochures you obtain may be less)   You should also receive a booklet, you can fill in information in it and a 'Calling Book' so that you can fill in the details of the houses where you post your brochures You should be told: How much money you will earn How to fill in a customer order form The admin fee (at present - 2016) is £16 - split between your first and second campaign (£10 + £6) How to find customers Which streets you can cover Your account number Your first order limit Your order and delivery dates How to set up My Avon Store and the Terms and Conditions of use, eligibility etc Registered for WOW benefits Your upline may set a goal for you to aim for   The following week (or when convenient BEFORE you submit your order) your Upline SHOULD visit you again to tell you:   Have your customer orders to hand so that your Upline can show you how to put them online Remind you of your order and delivery dates How you can gain more customers, maybe tips to boost your business Which products to order as business helps   AFTER your first order has arrived your Upline should visit you again to show you: How to read your invoice/how it works How to prepare and deliver the customer orders How to pay Avon Your upline may set you a goal for your next campaign orders - see if you can beat the first one  They should tell you about the Avon Returns process   In addition to this, your Upline should keep in touch with you - whether it's by group or individual emails, newsletters, phone calls etc. They may organise meetings for you to attend as well!   Some Uplines (not all, depending on their income etc) may give out prizes to higher achieving Reps - this is at the discretion of each individual Sales Leader/Area Manager and does not apply to all *HMRC - Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (formally Inland Revenue ie Tax Office) **DWP - Department for Work and Pensions - ie the Government Department dealing with your benefits. You will have to let them know, when you next go to sign on, after becoming an Independent Avon Representative. 
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@goddessfatima thanks! Some of it may be slightly out of date because, I understand sales leaders c... more
Anyone thinking of becoming a rep should first know the tax implications.
Thinking of becoming a rep? Signing up to become an Independent Avon Representative and/or an Independent Avon Sales Leader is signing up to a self-employed business. Having signed, in order to comply with the law, you must register yourself with HMRC (formerly the Inland Revenue). You can do this online at or on the phone by ringing your local HMRC office. You must also notify the offices of any income based benefits that you are receiving. Failure to register with HMRC and/or benefits offices can result in you being fined. Contrary to what some people believe, Avon is not 'a cash in hand job' or 'a bit of pocket money'. The earnings from it are just that, earnings , which have to be declared for tax and benefits purposes. xx
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Becoming a rep
I spend £80 - £90 minimum on every Avon book. Would it be worth me becoming a rep myself? Can I sell to friends and family only as I really don’t fancy trudging the streets! Thanks
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That is SUCH an exellent post, @carolynsateam18, @louloubutterfly, that it should be pinned at the ... more
How long does it take to become a rep?
I applied on the main Avon rep application and received a notification email that someone would contact me but haven't heard anything, I also applied to an Avon reps who said they'd contact me ASAP so I could get going but not heard from them either. Iwant to update all my makeup and skincare but want to wait until I'm a rep before buyin it  How long does it normally take for someone to get back to you?
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Let's hope so!!! :) more
Area manager
Does anyone know who the area manager for area 586 is, and their contact details? Thank you
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@laurajones164 - to be fair to your ASM, they may be new or have a huge team to keep track of! Th... more
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