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Only two hand washes from Camp 8?
Just been looking at the future brochures,and looks like from camp 8 there's only going to be Reflection and Mystique Hand Washes. I know my customers buy the different colours to match the colours in their Bathrooms etc,so this is not a good move by Avon. Lets hope more come back on sale .
Community Moderator Community Moderator replied
Hi     We have the Senses Lagoon and Citrus Zing hand washes coming back in First Look/Brochu... more
Fresh and Fabulous Blog - No-bake Easter cheesecake

This chocolatey, rich and delicious cheesecake is bound to be a hit this Easter


It takes minutes to prepare, you can top with all your favourite Easter chocolates and the whole thing comes out of the pan looking stunning.




Here’s what to do…




  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 250g digestive biscuits crushed
  • 560g cream cheese
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 300ml double cream
  • 150g flakes or finely grated milk chocolate
  • 1 medium (7 inch/18cm) loose bottom cake tin
  • A selection of Easter chocolate. I used caramel chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and coloured mini chocolate eggs




  1. Crush the biscuits (either with the end of a rolling pin or in a food processor) until you have a very coarse crumb. Melt the butter and mix into the biscuits until all the butter is absorbed. Press firmly into the bottom of the cake tin, then refrigerate while you work on the filling.
  2. Whip the cream cheese to loosen, then beat in the caster sugar and whisk for 60 seconds until thick and fluffy, then fold in the grated chocolate. In a separate bowl, whip the cream until stiff, then fold gently into the cream cheese mix until fully combined. Spoon the filling onto the biscuit base and level off the surface.
  3. Top with the chocolates of your choice, pressing gently into the surface in whatever pattern takes your fancy. I cut the caramel eggs in half and placed them, open side up to show off the enticing caramel.
  4. Once your toppings are in place, refrigerate the cheesecake for at least 2 hours, then run a warm, dry knife around the inside of the tin. Stand the tin on something stable like a large jar and gently ease the sides of the tin down to release the cake.




Because of the thick base, the cheesecake should lift onto a cake stand with ease – just use a cake slice or stiff spatula to avoid it all falling apart in the transfer.


Enjoy and happy Easter!


Until next time…


Your food blogger, Emily x

Was totally amazed been with avon for 3 campaigns now, and my husband wanted to get some stuff from the kid's for Mother's Day, so he bought some nail polishes for me since passing my first part of going to college to do nails. Gave him the ticket that arrived and it had been on my desk for a least 2 weeks before I remembered I hadn't given it to him, so he scratched it off and for the first time he won a LG G2 mini smartphone, didn't believe him when he said, after putting in the code on the page for checking the numbers on the scratch off panel. But to my amazement he had, it arrived on Friday, so please ladies good luck to everyone for any of you that have not already bought any of the items that qualify for the Magic Ticket in your sales do so .. so you can get a chance to win an amazing prize there are so many prizes to be won. So good luck to everyone and hope your luck is as good as my husbands. Have a good weekend   Jasmin x
Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor replied
Thanks for sharing. more
best hand cream for
Any hand creams any good or wont make worse of you suffer from dermatitis? X
Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor replied
No problem thanks.  Credit where credits due thats for sure.  x more
Avon Beauty Blog - 4 easy steps to create glitter ombre nails


Mineral Nails2.jpg

Tutorial numbers2.jpg


Step 1: Paint 2 coats of Magic Effects Mineral Crush in Rose Quartz

Step 2: Apply Magic Effects Mineral Crush in Amethyst to the tips of your nails

Step 3: Using the Nail Art Sponge, blend towards the middle for a graduated glitter effect

Step 4: Leave to dry then show off your fab new nails!


Show us your pics if you give it a try!


Chanelle x

Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
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