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Big & False Lash Competition!
Hi everyone,   To celebrate the launch of the NEW Big & False Lash Volume Mascara , we thought that we'd host a Big & False Lash competition       For your chance to win 1 of 10 NEW Big & False Lash Volume Mascaras, all we want you to do is:   Tell us about something BIG that you’ve done this year!    SO, whatever you've done that's "big" this year: we want to read about it! We'll then announce the winner here in "Competitions" on Monday 10th August !   Good luck everyone, and please see the T&Cs attached   Char x
Member Member replied
Me and my friend have decided to start a Marching Jazz Band in the local area to give kids and fami... more
Lumpy Magix Face Perfector
One of my customers has purchase the Magix Face Perfector but has advised that it's consistency is lumpy with sort of granuals!  I assume this is not correct?  Anyone else had any issues with this?  
Superstar Superstar replied
On your Avon rep website you will find a "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page if you click on tha... more
Not your average Avon rep
  I'm not your average Avon Presidents Club rep: male: no longer young (74 this midsummer day): and married (but with no children) to Sue, a usually more successful PC rep. I spent the first half of my working life as an industrial chemist, then a Technical Information Officer. During this time we got a house on the borders of Hesketh Bank and Tarleton in West Lancashire where we still are. Also during this time I started writing professionally about folk music and other related arts areas. This helped when the Research Lab closed and I was made redundant. After failing to make a freelance business in Information, but having some paid writing for a couple of national newspapers, I landed a job as Publicity Officer and Assistant House Manager for a local authority Arts Centre. Somewhere along the road, Sue sold also Tupperware for a while (and if you think PC dinners are Rah Rah, you should have seen their monthly meetings!) She in turn was made redundant and took up temping. The hours at my arts centre job got longer and longer as budgets were cut, and I resigned with high stress levels. Around now, Sue said 'If you see anything like Tupperware I wouldn't mind having a go' and then the local AVON ASM advertised for reps in the local paper. She came, Sue signed up and her Avon business was on the way (around 14 years ago.) I also responded to a national paper ad to do interviewing, and found myself interviewing people who had joined an upmarket Introductions Agency. That saw me travelling Lancashire, Merseyside, bits of West Yorkshire, and the Lakes to meet professional people who had found themselves single again – including widows and widowers but mostly divorced, and the occasional never married – from 25 to 75 in age, around two-thirds women. Sue was still temping and I was the one who was in when the delivery arrived, so I unpacked it all to give her a head start, and drove round with her to deliver those not within walking distance. Then, when another ASM asked for new reps, I signed up (the Introduction Agency jobs were tailing off) and haven't looked back over at least 8 years. We both got Associate PC (as was) within 18 campaigns and have been PC ever since – consistently Bronze in the old system. At one point while I was looking for information related jobs, I had a personality analysis done as part of the interview for what turned out to be a straight sales position – and they said, 'Sorry, you'll never make a salesman.' Well, there you go! I never thought I was competitive until our lovely current ASM Siobhan started E-mailing out top 50 lists and now I can't wait for the 'ping' on the Thursday before delivery Friday here in MailPlan E to see if I'm still top man in 205 and how far Sue is ahead of me – we're both in the top ten in the area. Do I wear the products? The male fragrances certainly (though it is not so much a running joke as a limping one between us by now, that if I'm close enough to the client for her to smell my aftershave, at least one of us is in trouble!) And the Anew Beauty under-eye black circle reducer, plus the Men range in the bathroom. I've found I enjoy looking after people and getting them the best deal. And you don't need a pushy sales style because the Brochure is a superb sales tool. Ian – ageing PC rep with ageless PC wife.
Contributor Contributor replied
Hi Ian             Wow it is so good to read your story about what you did and how you got to be ... more
Favourite Hair Product?
WOW Thank you Avon.   I did not think much of the shampoo and conditioners when I started Avon. But since Repair 7 they are brilliant, Supreme Oils Absolute Perfection and Verbena & Peppermint
Superstar Superstar replied
Mine has to be the Supreme Oils !! I have bought the new BB Shampoo's etc but haven't tried as yet ... more
WATCH & WIN: Avon TV Brochure 13 2015!
Hi everyone,   Due to popular demand, we decided to stick to posting the Avon TV competitions on Avon Beauty Connects   SO... It's time to "Watch & Win" with the next Avon TV video!     For those that have never entered before: all you need to do is watch the Avon TV Brochure 13 2015 video, and let us know what your FAVOURITE product is featured in the video- to win it!   For the full list of products to choose from, please see the T&Cs attached    We will announce the winner on Thursday 6th August!   Good luck everyone    Char x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Hi there,  my favourite product has to be the graselda necklace and little black dress perfume, it'... more
ANEW Utlimate
Can you advise if you are going to be discontinuing the ANEW day and night creams i.e. reversalist etc and only doing the ultimate.  Also if that is the case will you still be doing the e-defence day and night.
Regular Contributor Regular Contributor replied
Don't think this will be discontinued other wise Avon would not have brought the new 14 day system w... more
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