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WATCH AND WIN: Mikhila's Avon Christmas Haul competition
Hi everyone,   How quickly is November flashing past?! We thought we would give you a chance to get fully in the mood for Christmas and 'watch and win' with the help of Mikhila's Christmassy new video.   You're in with a chance to win YOUR favourite of Mikhila's gorgeous Christmas picks. Just w atch the video now, pick your favourite item then follow the 'how to enter' instructions below  >>           HOW TO ENTER: All we want you to do is to watch the video (above) and then name your favourite item featured for your chance to win it  If you're new to this, just use the comments box below to name your fave item...    For more information please see the terms and conditions attached   Good luck everyone!   TessAvon x  
Senior Member Senior Member replied
Really loving the onsie x   more
Baby reading :)
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I read to my little since he was born and now he's in reception he loves books and loves to read hi... more
Disciplining your children
Yesterday, I was watching Supernanny on YouTube and one of the children she went to deal with was kicking, punching and spitting at his mum! He was totally out of control! I thought Eeeek, I wouldn't have allowed that with my lads!   How do you (or did you) discipline your children?   I used to withdraw priviledges  I would only smack as a last resort - if my lads were doing something dangerous and wouldn't stop I used a naughty step as well   Do you see any particular method as being effective?
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
My sons 4 and i find it effective if i praise the good things he does and when he's naughty i use t... more
flameless candles, best thing for a cosy night
the flickering candles are one of the best things ive bought, i absolutely love them, they make my home feel so much more cosy on a night, if you thinking of getting them i hghly reccomend you do, i also got the tea light sleigh, ive had it out the box and tested it and its fantastic too.. excited for december          
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I also have these and they look beautiful lit up gives the room that extra touch for Christmas :) more
Please help us... we want YOUR COMMENTS to headline in the Avon brochure
Vitale, Reversalist, Ultimate or Platinum... we want to know which ANEW skinsaving regime you are loving right now... and how it's helping to keep your skin youthful!   Your inspiring comment could WIN a gorgeous collection of ANEW day, night and eye creams. Just as an example I loved this inspiring comment I read recently... Avon customer Jeannette uses ANEW the Platinum range and says, “I am 67 years young and people think I am in my 50's – I put it down to the use of your products!” ( Jeannette thinks she looks almost ten years younger because of ANEW! How about you?   We are working to include more real beauty and skincare testimonials in the beautiful Avon brochure. Avon customers LOVE personal recommendations, so we want your love of ANEW skincare to inspire others.     Have your friends and family complimented you on how amazing your skin looks after using ANEW? Do you simply love the way ANEW makes your skin feel? Have your family and friends noticed that your skin looks younger than your real age?   Share your comments below and you could win our giveaway prize AND be featured in the Avon brochure!   *** The winning comment will receive a set of full-size ANEW day, night and eye creams. The winner will be able choose their favourite ANEW skincare regime from Vitale, Reversalist, Ultimate or Platinum. ***   We would love to include your age, the area you live and a photo... so make sure you add these details to your comments!   For more details please see the Terms & Conditions below.      
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I just started using the Anew vitale and my skin already looks better, i will be changing my face c... more
Stronger nails
Has anybody got any recommendations to make my nails be stronger? They've definitely grown a lot with becoming pregnant, just wondering as to make them super strong.   All suggestions welcome. thanks, Jodie x
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Recommend 5 in 1 too :) more
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