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Who taught you how to make up?
Morning All,   I was just wondering (lol being nosey) who first taught you to apply make up?  What was your first make up purchase?   My mum never wore make up but my shockingly glamorous aunties did and it was my Aunt Rose who bought me my first lipstick (Yardley - Rich Tea Rose).   Here's a pic of the gorgeous Aunt Rose & Aunt Madge. Madge (the one with the handbag) was also an Avon "Lady" so I feel I am continuing a family tradition!    Forgive me I'm having a soppy sentimental day  
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Re teeth comment - a lady I knew years ago used to say - "you've got a good set of gnashers" lol! S... more
Watch Avon TV Brochure 7 2015, to win...
Hi everyone,   It's time to watch and win! All you have to do is watch the Avon TV Brochure 7 2015 video below, and then let us know what your favourite product is that's featured in the video (to win it!)     For the full list of products featured in the video, please see the T&Cs attached    We will announce the winner on Wednesday 8th April!   Good luck everyone    Char x
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Nica alana bag looks fab! more
Hello every body.
Hello every body. not sure where to start. new to avon connects. x
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Hello All New Reps!  (And others of course!)   Hope you are continuing to love Avon xxx more
What music are you listening to right now?
We're listening to S Club 7 this morning... how cool are we?!
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Well the last two days it's been Mike Peters all the way for me!   Especially "Rise", "Transcendent... more
lorrain cheeting
lorrain is suposed to use anew so why have ijust found this. she is using some othere creams and doesnt even mention our products. ffer1.php ffer2.php     so why is she using these?
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Whatever your thoughts are re gotta admit it's going to boost our sales come Brochur... more
A couple of serious poems
While I'm flooding this board with my poetry , I thought I would post a link to a  couple of serious poems too - both written by me and both were inspired (if that's the correct word) after the death of 2 young, bright, hopeful famous people - Amy Winehouse [ Makin' Tracks ] and Peaches Geldof [ Fame and Fortune ]. The poems aren't about those two per se, but reflect the fame and fortune culture of some famous people.    MAKIN' TRACKS   FAME AND FORTUNE      
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Thank you for the links.   Awesome poetry, please keep it up xxx more
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