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Watch Avon TV Brochure 7 2015, to win...
Hi everyone,   It's time to watch and win! All you have to do is watch the Avon TV Brochure 7 2015 video below, and then let us know what your favourite product is that's featured in the video (to win it!)     For the full list of products featured in the video, please see the T&Cs attached    We will announce the winner on Wednesday 8th April!   Good luck everyone    Char x
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I am loving the Floral Clusters Necklace and Earing Set. Attended an Avon meeting recently and one ... more
4 eye looks with 1 palette
Let me tell you, I am just a little bit in love with this 8-in-1 palette in Not So Neutral. The perfect selection of neutral shades with excellent colour pay off, and not one disappointing formula in the whole bunch. There’s a good variety of textures and finishes here too, satin, mattes and beautifully rich metallic which contrast nicely when worn together.       I’ve put together 4 looks - which side by side I’ll admit don’t look TREMENDOUSLY different to one and other but trust me, they are. I’m using almost every colour in this palette – to showcase how versatile this compact selection can be.     Look A Now the shadows don’t have names so I’ve taken it upon myself to number them for the purpose of this exercise. For the first look I kept it simple and entirely matte. I used shade 1 all over my lid, 2 in my crease and 8 (which is matte with a dash of sparkle) to smoke out my lash line a little.   Look B For the second look I used the bronze shade 6 (super metallic, seriously GORGEOUS) all over my lid and shade 7 in my crease, a very warm colour that semi-inspired Look C. I used shade 4 (another great metallic) under my eye to give a little definition without being too dark/smoky.   Look C Now here we have a very season-appropriate eye look. I love a good plum shadow and as mattes go this is excellent. They can be very chalky and give little colour but this is bold and beautiful. I used shade 7 all over the lid and then took a wild turn and used that paler shade 4 in my crease.. not darker but a different texture to define and blend out the bold coloured lid. Under my eye I smudged just a little of shade 8.   Look D My last look used shade 4 (which I’d come to love by this point) all over my lid and almost up to my brow. I then deepened my crease with shade 8. It was a touch smoky for my taste so I used shade 1 to blend and harsh lines and mute the colour a little. Again I used shade 4 under my eye and just to give it a look in I used shade 5 to highlight my inner corner.     You may have noticed there’s no liner in any of these photos.. obviously a bit of black kohl/gel might have made some of the looks really pop, but I wanted to show you what could be achieved with the palette alone. As I said, not hugely different as they’re all fairly neutral, but nice to switch it up even a little so you’re not wearing the same thing every day.   What do you think?   Khila x­­
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It's amazing what you can do with a few colours, I can see the difference in the styles you have use... more
Favourite Products of the Week!
Hi everyone,   I thought that I would share my favourite products this week with you all       Big & Daring Volume Mascara is my ongoing love, so will always be one of my loves of any week! The Avon Care Intensive Relief Hand Treatment has completely sorted out my dry hands (miracle worker) this week, and my dry hands have been an ongoing problem for quite some time! I've always loved Premiere Luxe Gold Blush from when I first smelt it, but only bought one this week and I seriously   it (and honestly think that I'm annoying my work neighbours by spraying it all day!) I'm a MASSIVE concealer wearer, and by "MASSIVE" I mean that I apply it 4/5 times throughout the day! However, I'm not just saying this: but the Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer really is AMAZING! I think because it's creamy, it doesn't dry my under eyes out and draw more attention to them (and I'm quite sure that I've been applying it less than 4/5 times a day now... Which is great!) It's yet another of my favourite Avon products that I will truly be heartbroken over when it becomes discontinued: so here's to hoping that never happens    What are your favourite products this week?   Char x   P.S. If you haven't spotted it already: I am guilty of using the Eyeshadow Brush as a concealer brush (it's just because it's bigger, and I have a lot of dark under eye to conceal!)
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Here's my staple products this week!      Supershock Mascara - I never leave the hou... more
3 Products to Help Banish the Appearance of Dark Circles!
Hi everyone,   I have just posted a reply to a post about the best product(s) for under eye circles, and since I've seen it posted quite a few times, I thought that I would share my journey to under-eye contentment    This is something that I have truly been on a journey with myself, and after countless trial and error experiences, here's what I would recommend:   Clinical Infinite Lift Dual Eye System Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer Concealer Brush Tricks of the Trade   I read an article online not too long ago, that suggested that you use an eye cream with concealer to cover your under eyes: AND IT WORKS!   My new morning (but now not-so-new) regime is:   Apply the "nourishing cream" section of the Clinical Infinite Lift Dual Eye System under my eyes Wait for 5 minutes and continue getting ready everywhere else Apply my foundation as normal Apply my Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer under my eyes using my Concealer Brush ! Apply all of my other make-up   To summarise how I feel about it, I will quote what Mr Big said to Carrie in the final episode of Sex And The City: " It took me a really long time to get here... But I'm here! " And this is EXACTLY how I now feel about it    I'd also recommend using the Clinical Infinite Duel Eye System twice a day: once before bed, and then in the morning (as I've explained above!) Mine are so much better, and I'm constantly supplying my mum and nan with it!   Hope this helps    Char x  
best hand cream for
Any hand creams any good or wont make worse of you suffer from dermatitis? X
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Thankyou x more
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