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Review Anew cleansing water
I have been looking for a good cleanser. FOUND IT Anew Cleansing Water so easy to use. I used two cotton wool pads wet with the cleanser. Smooth over face and neck avoiding your eyes.I then used the second for a double cleanse. My skin feels clean and fresh. I can not believe how cheap this is compared to other cleansers, such a good bargain.   Just need something for removing my eye make up now?
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Ok I may be being daft here but I've looked through my first look and can only see this as part of t... more
Work out Mules
The work out Mules are really comfy.I bought a pair in each colour for myself and my Mum, and got to say,we have not wore any other type of shoes since ! We have both bought FlyFlots and Pavers in the past,but these Mules are even more comfortable than any in those ranges. They are so spongey when you walk,that you feel like you are bouncing ! Great product Avon! Please can you sell something similar again,with the possibilty of even more sizes in the range size 3 to 8 maybe?
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
They are good ,I just alternate between the black and white pair every day.😊 more
Does anyone know of an Avon rep called Tiffany who covers the Warfield and Bracknell area?
I had an avon brochure put through my door approx a fortnight ago and filled out an order form. The book was left outside and collected on the day stated (10th July), but my neighbour book with no order still.seems to outside . It said delivery would be around the 24th July. I have not heard anything about my order. The reps name on the paperwork was Tiffany with a telephone number of 07455204435. I tried calling the number but it doesn't connect. Just wondering whats going on?
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Well you are trying to get it deleted, don't worry . more
feeling disheartened :-(
hi Ive not long joined Avon, but struggling to get orders.. out of a 141 houses, ive had 8 orders, they are all posh houses and a few of the people have been quite snotty, saying they dont use avon ect, one lady did an order using my order form but then posted it to her regular avon lady so ive missed out, my only internet order has just cancelled her order as she has now joined Avon, ive sent the book to local hairdressers, chemist and shop and nothing, so im feeling very disheartened, what more can i do???  xx
New Contributor New Contributor replied
OMG yes that oilbis just fab i got my favourite kit 3 days ago and the results well need i say more... more
POB orders
hi all, some of my customers have placed orders with my POB, but its taking a while for it to come through to me, is this normal?
Superstar Superstar replied
This should be on the Representative boards not MUMS CONNECT, especially if you want a quick respon... more
Free delivery to customers door when ordered via POB?
hi there, I'm new to AVON (second campaign) would I be right in thinking that any customer that orders via my POB will receive their delivery free of charge to their door? X
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
No it still comes direct to you with your order and you need to deliver and collect payment in the ... more
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