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Fathers Day
Happy Fathers Day. How are you all spending Fathers Day? I'm cooking a nice Sunday Lunch after giving my Dad his presents and card.
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I took my parents, brother, partner and step son out for a family dinner as a celebration for my fa... more
Lorraine in Prima magazine
I just wanted to tell you about a lovely mention of Avon by Lorraine Kelly in the June edition of Prima magazine .   The article is called  ‘This is my best age yet!’     Lorraine says:   “I’ve used Avon products for 50 years – I will never forget my gran giving me a pot of Pretty Peach when I was four.  So, because I use the products and know how they work, I was very happy to become the face of Avon.  It’s such a good company – I love the fact it gives something back; way before breast cancer awareness, Avon donated money to breast cancer research and also to victims of domestic abuse.  And it’s so empowering for the women who work for Avon because you set your own hours – so if you’re a working mum you can just work around your family.”   Aw, we love Lorraine, and she looks soooo pretty in the Prima  pictures.   Here's Lorraine snapped with our beautiful and inspiring blogger Jordan         
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Lovely more
Congratulations Abbey and Liberty Rose
Congratulations to beautiful Abbey Clancy who has given birth to a baby girl Liberty Rose. Awww, such a pretty name!    
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Congrats more
Welcome to Avon Beauty Connects!
Welcome to Avon's NEW online Community.... Avon Beauty Connects!   Let us know below who you are, where you're from and why you love Avon! 
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Hello, Am Mercy from Nigeria but lives in Sheffield. Joined Avon to make extra income. Will love to... more
The "Tell Your Avon Story" Board...
Hi everyone,   If you're wondering where this board has come from, and why we have created it...   Since the launch of the new Avon Beauty Connects community, I have read some fantastic, wonderful and truly touching Representatives' stories, detailing why Representatives joined Avon in the first place and their journey from joining up until now.   We therefore wanted to create a special board just to home these wonderful Representative stories, as well as to create a place to encourage more Representatives to share  their  Avon story with us! From what we have seen so far, there are so many different reasons for why people became - and become - an Avon Representative, and it is truly inspiring to read each individual's tale.   Maybe you remember well who it was that first inspired you to become an Avon Representative? Or maybe you could just tell us how long you've been doing it for, and why you have kept it up? Has your Avon journey been as you expected? Or maybe better?   If you would like to share your Avon story with us, please go back to the main board and click on " Add New Message ". We would like each Representative to post their Avon story in an individual post, because each Representative's story is special and unique to them (and therefore deserves its own post!) Remember to also include a relevant " Subject " (title for your story/post) when posting your Avon story    Please also feel free to engage with individual Representatives on their individual post about their story (if you wish to!)   We hope that you will enjoy the stories as much as we do, and look forward to reading more as and when they are posted    Thanks everyone!   Char x
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I saw Avon on the Internet whiles looking for job, want cut my attention was the you can work flexib... more
WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE AVON TO BRING BACK?   I would like the face mask brush.
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Lavender body cream more
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