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Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave in Treatment. Is it just me? Keep making people feel my hair it feels so good
Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
That's right you know a product is good when customers keep reordering it. more
nail varnishs
advice with nail varnish everytime i paint my nails the day after some of the nail varnish has chipped off its really annoying me as i love to have painted nails. does this happen to anyone else its not just one type of nail varnishnit seems to be any... any advice on how to keep it on for longer than a day without chipping... tia... francesca. xx
Mother's Day
I just started selling Avon on campaign 16 just before Christmas. I am considering doing an Avon party with Mother's Day/ self-pamper sort of theme. I am buying the Cherish with the First Look deal that is on just now as a main focus but also order some of the specially designed Avon care and Planet Spa stuff and the Spring Blossum diffuser. It's my first Avon party so wondered if there are any tips or suggestions that may help it be a successful night? I'm thinking of doing it the beginning of February in time for that order deadline with the thought that if something ends up not being available and get told it will be sent in the next delivery then the next delivery will still be before mother's day if my customers choose to order things as gifts (this idea has come from the fact that one or two of my customers were disappointed in the final couple of deliveries running up to Christmas). Thank you in advance.
Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
Good luck with your party. For my first one I invited friends, told them I wanted to practice on the... more
oil free foundation
Hi,  Can anyone help? A customer has asked me if avon do an oil free foundation.               
Contributor Contributor replied
They could also try the blemish clearing oil free tinted moisturiser on page 169 more
COMPETITION: Get an Infinite Lift for the end of January!
Hey everyone,   We are almost at the end of the January-blues, and I thought: "What can we do to try and lift the spirits of all of our wonderful Avon Beauty Connects users?"   Since we have just launched our NEW Infinite Lift Firm & Sculpt Cream in Brochure 4 2015, I thought there would be no better way than to do a competition that gives-away 10 Infinite Lift sets- containing the NEW Infinite Lift Firm & Sculpt Cream AND the Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum ( for an ultimate end-of-January lift!)     SO, to be in with the chance of winning one of these 10 fantastic sets, all we want to know is:   How are YOU lifting your spirits in the last week of January?   We'll then announce the winner on Monday 2nd February    Good luck everyone! I look forward to seeing how you'll all be lifting your spirits this week!   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached!
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Im booked onto lots of cake decorating courses to cheer myself up as I love doing them. x more
WATCH and WIN COMPETITION: Avon TV Brochure 5 2015
Hi everyone,   It's time to "Watch & Win" with the next Avon TV video!     SO, for those that have never entered before: all you need to do is watch the Avon TV Brochure 5 2015 video, and let us know what your favourite product is featured in the video to win it!   We will then announce the winner on Wednesday 18th February!   Good luck everyone    Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Lyneth pendant 😊 more
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