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spy pen
Anyone have any info about the Avon Spy Pen please.
HELP!! Product to conceal dark baggy eyes
Hi guys, I have a customer who has asked me what the best product is to concealing dark, baggy eyes. What does everyone suggest? X
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Me too!   Darkness under the eyes could signify a thyroid problem! There were other things I was ... more
Benefits of being an Avon Rep
1. The opportunity is open to you regardless of ethnicity, colour, sex/gender, sexual orientation, disability, the only age restriction is - you have to be over 18, but other than that it's 18-...  2. You can fit it around your schedule 3. You can sell on a territory (ie your street, or nearby street), family, friends, party plan 4. You have the opportunity of recruiting and training a team of representatives and earning more 5. The more you sell, the more you earn (up to 25% discount) 6. The products are covered by a 28 day money back guarantee 7. Free delivery so long as you have orders over a certain amount 8. You meet new people 9. Demonstration products [discounted] which are available 2 Campaigns before they are in the brochure 10. Discounted clearance products (items may not appear in customers' brochures) 11. The fee to join is minimal compared to other direct selling companies 12. Don't have to pay for the products up front 13. Fabulous new brochure every 3 weeks 14. Products can be bought to boost your business 15. Training section on your represetative website 16. You can post a Personal Online Brochure (POB) onto FaceBook etc to gain more customers     Carolyn
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It was £55 during the short Campaigns (for my area those were 2 & 3) After then the MOV goes up to ... more
Avon Beauty Blog - My favourite nine shades of nails

Hi everyone,


Today I've created a video on my favourite Gel Finish nail enamel shades. I love this range because they are so bold and shiny. Plus they give you that salon finish look, without having to leave your own home!


Gel 5v3.jpg


Gel 7.JPG


Watch my video below to see these fab colours in action.



What are your favourite colours?


Sam x

Hi everyone,   It's time to announce the "Watch and Win Competition: Avon TV Brochure 4 2015" winner!   Thank you SO much to everyone who entered, but our lucky winner for the " Watch and Win Competition: Avon TV Brochure 4 2015"  is...   @roxane5     HUGE congratulations! Please private message me your address so that I can send you your  NEW Body Illusions Waterfall Dress    and please include the size of the dress that you would like too!   Thanks,   Char x
I want to joining avon, what i can do
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where r u from?   more
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