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WATCH AND WIN: Mikhila's Avon Christmas Haul competition
Hi everyone,   How quickly is November flashing past?! We thought we would give you a chance to get fully in the mood for Christmas and 'watch and win' with the help of Mikhila's Christmassy new video.   You're in with a chance to win YOUR favourite of Mikhila's gorgeous Christmas picks. Just w atch the video now, pick your favourite item then follow the 'how to enter' instructions below  >>           HOW TO ENTER: All we want you to do is to watch the video (above) and then name your favourite item featured for your chance to win it  If you're new to this, just use the comments box below to name your fave item...    For more information please see the terms and conditions attached   Good luck everyone!   TessAvon x  
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Goodnight Hair Rollers for me x more
What happened to the mosaic nail varnish, the one that cracks on impact with base varnish?
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
eBay it is then, ooh, and the wrap around faux leather braclets with glass beading, make great chok... more
Have you got your Christmas tree up yet?!
@leighavon  and I are just laughing at everyone talking about Christmas trees in the office today! Who has theirs up and who is still declaring it's too soon!    Have you got your tree up yet? When do you think is the best time?    
Contributor Contributor replied
Mines has gone up today and kids will not leave it alone!! Hoping the novelty will wear off soon or... more
avon products missing
Hi ladies     I am not sure if this is on the right part , but i have been doing avon now for just over a year , and i would like to hear and see if anyone else is expriencing the problem i have been since joining .   Since last August every single invoice i have has had items out of stock and  it continues still after ringing a number of times . It is becoming a real joke now .   I would like to get some thing done about it as , it is meant to be the party season and i am finding that i am discouraging my customers from buying any xmas gifts , because they will be out of stock and i don't want to disappoint them.    Hope someone can help or give advice as i have had enough  
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
i know the fealing mate still waiting for orders from 2 campains ago iknow this dont help but just ... more
...the ABC Banner - sooooooo festive and fab for the Nail Competition!
Superstar Superstar replied
I Was thinking the same thing when I signed in Earlier !! Lovely and Festive and Nicer than the Clo... more
merry xmas everyone
looking forward to xmas, i started ordering presents from avon in august and have just about finished.  its been fun and affordable, and i hope my people like their presents.  iv been a rep since june this year and have really enjoyed meeting old and new friends and working with glamour.  i have great makeup now that feels and looks great.  in fact i now have most things that ive always wanted from avon by being a rep.  thankyou avon, youve given me a new lease for life and something to build on.  also i can use on my cv.  i look forward to building my business up more in the new year. 
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
merry christmas to you how many presents where unavailable more
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