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COMPETITION: Detangling Spray Give-Away!
Hi everyone,   After all of the excitement we've seen on Avon Beauty Connects over the past couple of months around the looming return of the Magnificent Mango Detangling Spray in Brochure 13 2015 , we've decided to launch a detangling spray give-away !     For your chance to win 1 of 20 Magnificent Mango Detangling Sprays , all we want to know is:   " What do YOU love about the  Magnificent Mango Detangling Spray? "   Look forward to reading your replies, and good luck everyone!   Char x
Occasional Visitor chezie221 Occasional Visitor replied
I love the smell and the fact it is so light on your hair. Makes you feel like its summer all year r... more
Does any one know if the pressed powder shimmering bronze was replaced with another product?
I have quite a few custoners looking for it but hadn't been in books for near a year now I think. Was very popular with my customers
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Thanks 😊 more
Introduction' =]
HELLO EVERYONE   I Thought i would introduce myself  my Name is jessica and i am a new rep in glasgow
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Welcome Jessica and good luck with your Avon more
hi im new to the connects but have been a avon rep for about 12 years, thinking of furthering it now as only really done family and friends as work full time aswell.
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Welcome Kathers I started with friends and family two years ago, I have a very big round now. I wo... more
Shoe sizes
Hi there, does anyone know if avon are planning to do a size 3 in their shoes i really like their shoes and cant get myself. I am unsure of who to contact regarding this, hence why i posted it here.... Thanks in advance for any help
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Lots of reps have asked for smaller and larger shoes, if we keep asking maybe one day Avon  will he... more
Hi Ladies,    I'm a new rep and I am really enjoying it so far but my depression and anxiety is getting the better of me and I don't want it getting in the way.  Does anyone have any advice please? Many thanks Laura 
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
I have been doing Avon now for two years some of my customers have been with me from the begin. Lot... more
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