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Need to avon!
Can anyone give me any good advice as I'm need to avon ☺
Mikhila's big NEW Avon haul Competition
Hi everyone,   We've got a NEW and EXCITING watch and win competition for you this week! Have you all seen " Mikhila's big NEW Avon haul " blog over in Avon Beauty Blog?     All we want you to do is to watch the video (above) and then post your favourite product that Mikhila has talked about- for your chance to win it!   For more information, and the full list of products that Mikhila talks about, please see the T&Cs attached   Good luck everyone!   Char x
Occasional Visitor vicki6607 Occasional Visitor replied
love candles so would love to win Winter Nights Multiwick Candle  was a hard one as the mascara is ... more
Turning 30 and bags under eyes!
I'm about to turn 30 and think its probably time I started taking better care of my skin so looking for recommendations to prevent the wrinkle onset!!    My biggest issue is probably my eyes, just recently I constantly have bags under them and its driving me nuts i look tired all the time!!    Please help!! x
REVIEW ANEW Essential Youth Maximising Serum
ANEW Essential Youth Maximising Serum   Wow I have been using this for three days and I love it, my daughter keeps telling me my skin looks good. My family are the only ones to see me with out make up.   I double cleanse my face with the 3 in 1 cleansing water. Clean my eyes and take off my eye makeup with Avon conditioning eye makeup remover, it is so gentle. Next is the serum, one pump I dot around my face and rub in, another pump for my neck. This makes my face so smooth and feels such a treat. Now Anew ultimate day or night. I have been using this for a while love it. Don't forget the Anew ultimate eye system.The cream for day and the balm for night. I also use the Anew transforming primer. I love Avon Lucky me
Superstar Superstar replied
Same here, really smooth, love it. x more
This flu-type bug
Has anyone else got this flu-like bug that's doing the rounds?! I woke up this morning feeling odd, went to get ready to collect my books in and while getting ready I've been knocked for six with stomach cramps and a dripping nose and sore throat. I'm currently now stuck in bed coughing and barking. I'm determined to be up and about tomorrow, even if it kills me!!!!!  
Superstar Superstar replied
How are you feeling now?  I had a flu like bug at the end of May was going to go out on the Friday ... more
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