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Remington Anywhere Curls
Could anyone please help with regard to the size in length of the barrel.  I have a customer who has purchased this item but unfortunately she is not able to open them to see the size.  Both the customer and her daughter have long hair so therefore need quite a long barrel.  If you can help I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Can anyone tell me how much this item cost when it was in the brochure please? I have a customer wh... more
Re UV Ray Stars
Just had an interesting but random question re UV Stars in Avon's Suncreams, especially the childrens ones, do you know where i can find this information? and how i can find out how many UV stars they have? Best wishes, Amy
Minimiser bras
I have been using Avon's minimiser bras for a while love them as they give great shape but Avon have now changed the style so I bought one but I don't like it. Shape isnt the same and support is really bad. Bring back old style please or does anyone know how I can get hold of the old ones?
Contributor Contributor replied
selling on ebay for £12.99 but used to be £10 in book. Not seen in FL recently. more
9 Year old starting the path of "PUBERTY"
Hi I am new to all this so thought I will just ask the ??? And see if I get any advice. My daughter who is 9.5yrs old and has started to go through puberty. Apart from the obvious changes to her body physically she has a couple of others that have caused me some alarm. She has really strong B.O. under her arms. Has started getting black heads on her forhead,Nose and side of cheeks. This is not bothering her at all despite me keep mithering her about personal hygiene. What I would like to ask is can anyone recomend a gentle deodorant ?  Spray OR roll on ?    Should I get her anything specific for her black heads ? I don`t want to get her to be obsessed with spots and pimples but kids can be cruel and  they are obviously visible. Any advise would be gretefully received. Catherine
New Member New Member replied
hun there is a tool its metal n ir a circil really easy to pop black heads. bes this is use a bit o... more
getting orders
This is my first order to go in tomorrow as of yet i only have four orders so dought if i will get much commision from them any ideas how to get more orders please
Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
You will get 20% commission if you have £87 of orders but not unfortunately if you have less. Have... more
Thanks Laura Jayne how do I go about ordering%3F
Superstar Superstar replied
Hi Siobhan   You can order through Avon online at and choose direct delivery to y... more
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