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Show us your spring nails for a chance to win 16 of our NEW mark. Gel Shine Nail Enamels!
Hi Beauty Connects!   To celebrate the new season, we're offering you the chance to win 16 of our mark. Gel Shine Nail Enamels from the 'Pastel Brights' and 'In With the Bold' collections!    All you have to do is show us your spring nails below and we'll pick our favourite design!    Why not watch blogger  @insamazement  for some inspiration?     Good luck!    Leigh x
Occasional Visitor donnalou51 Occasional Visitor replied
Lovely rich colours of England more
Thinking of joining
What does appointment fee of £16 mean
The "Tell Your Avon Story" Board...
Hi everyone,   If you're wondering where this board has come from, and why we have created it...   Since the launch of the new Avon Beauty Connects community, I have read some fantastic, wonderful and truly touching Representatives' stories, detailing why Representatives joined Avon in the first place and their journey from joining up until now.   We therefore wanted to create a special board just to home these wonderful Representative stories, as well as to create a place to encourage more Representatives to share  their  Avon story with us! From what we have seen so far, there are so many different reasons for why people became - and become - an Avon Representative, and it is truly inspiring to read each individual's tale.   Maybe you remember well who it was that first inspired you to become an Avon Representative? Or maybe you could just tell us how long you've been doing it for, and why you have kept it up? Has your Avon journey been as you expected? Or maybe better?   If you would like to share your Avon story with us, please go back to the main board and click on " Add New Message ". We would like each Representative to post their Avon story in an individual post, because each Representative's story is special and unique to them (and therefore deserves its own post!) Remember to also include a relevant " Subject " (title for your story/post) when posting your Avon story    Please also feel free to engage with individual Representatives on their individual post about their story (if you wish to!)   We hope that you will enjoy the stories as much as we do, and look forward to reading more as and when they are posted    Thanks everyone!   Char x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
This is my 3rd time doing Avon ive loved doing it everytime but never had the determination to take ... more
Weekly Nail Challenge Starts Tomorow
Hi ABC's    Hope you will join me tomorrow for the Weekly Nail Challenge I've set up on The Daily Nail - see here   Toodles!      
Nail Guru Nail Guru replied
I'll add it to the list @knittygritty6 ! more
Toning belt questions
Hi all, I have the abdominal vibrating toning belt and a water based solution as well, my question is how do I actually use the two together, as in do I put the solution on my body or do I put it on the black parts of the belt and then on my body. Thanks in advance.
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Not really, the only instructions it had was how to turn it on and what the buttons do that's all th... more
Avon Hair colour
Well I decided to take the plunge and use an Avon Hair Colour and I must say I am not disappointed with the results !! Was so easy to follow all the steps if I had a criticism it would be the gloves that come with it they are to flimsy and to small !! So here goes with the final result what do you all think ? I used Intense Copper 8.4 as I am strawberry blonde very difficult to get something that matches and normally land up looking like a Duracell battery !!!  I love it and will definitely use again !!  xx
Expert Blogger Expert Blogger replied
It's a lovely colour @shazza64. That's the one I would go for as I'm a redhead. I'm still umming an... more
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