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What do you wish you'd known at 18?
We'd love to know... What do you wish you'd known at 18?   Are you surprised at the direction your life has taken?      
Contributor Contributor replied
Knowing that, looking around for love was not the answer to wanting to be LOVED but LOVING myself wa... more
Highlight of the Year Competition!
Hi everyone,   Contouring seems to be HUGE right now, with everyone creating that bone structure they've always longed for using a mixture of highlighting, sculpting and blushing techniques with their make-up!   Well, Avon have done something great! They've created the Blush and Bronze Trio compact that allows all of these things to be done in just ONE mirrored compact      We therefore thought that it would be great to give 10 away to 10 lucky Avon Beauty Connects winners     SO, for your chance to win 1 of these 10 Blush and Bronze Trio compacts, all we want you to tell us is:   " What’s your highlight of the year so far, or to come? "   This could be absolutely ANYTHING, from going blonde for summer, to going on - or having been on- a great weekend break or holiday!   Whatever the highlight of YOUR year, please let us know! We'll then announce our 10 winners on Wednesday 15th July    Good luck everyone!   Char x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
my highlight of the year is my little girl startin nursey giving me more time to boost my avon sale... more
Colour Correcting Pearls of Wisdom!
Hi everyone,   We are still LOVING the C o l o u r C o r r e c t i n g P e a r l s (like what I did there?) , a nd thought that we would make sure that you are all clued up when it comes to knowing their wonders (and when to apply them!)   So, why are they so great? For starters, these soft pearls have multi-benefit colour correction technology deep within their colourful cores (wow), which help perfect your complexion- whenever you choose to apply them in your regime!       Aren't they so pretty?! Anyway... So where do you apply them within your beauty regime? There is no right or wrong answer to this, as arguably you could use them before or after you apply the rest of your make-up!   For those of you that would wear them on their own (so without any foundation), these coloured spheres add a radiance to your complexion, and with their colour-correcting technology: what more do you need? Oh, other than some mascara, blusher, etc (but you know what I mean!) Saying that, the only other  thing that you could possibly need would be... Some shimmer! Which, coincidentally, these little pearls also provide  who doesn't love a bit of shimmer?!   For those of you firm foundation wearers (and by "firm foundation wearers" I mean those of you that will absolutely NOT leave the house without foundation on), you can use these pearls for their instant magic before or  after you apply your foundation- and then add everything else on top! It's just about discovering what works best for you and your complexion    I hope this has helped any of you that have formerly been unsure of the 5 wonders of these colour correcting pearls, and if anyone has any additional tips then please feel free to post them below    Ciao for now!   Char x  
New Contributor New Contributor replied
I can only second the fact that there should be more explination on how and when to use these in th... more
Anew Infinate Lift or New Anew Yltimate
Which is the better product to use ? The Infinate Lift range or the new Anew Ultimate?
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Thanx for that Gelda.x more
Fantasque perfume
Hi, does anyone know if the perfume Fantasque has been discontinued completly or if it has been re named?
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Hi Hun, It is Discontinued but you maybe able to get from Ebay ? They may bring it back you never ... more
lip tint pen
Hello my customer has one of these but she says the pen hurts her lips when applying and there is hardly no colour.. is there a knack to it ??? Or is it a dodgy pen??
Contributor Contributor replied
Oh boooo I've sold loads of these :-/ great hope they aren't that bad that people don't order anyth... more
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