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COMPETITION: Get an Infinite Lift for the end of January!
Hey everyone,   We are almost at the end of the January-blues, and I thought: "What can we do to try and lift the spirits of all of our wonderful Avon Beauty Connects users?"   Since we have just launched our NEW Infinite Lift Firm & Sculpt Cream in Brochure 4 2015, I thought there would be no better way than to do a competition that gives-away 10 Infinite Lift sets- containing the NEW Infinite Lift Firm & Sculpt Cream AND the Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum ( for an ultimate end-of-January lift!)     SO, to be in with the chance of winning one of these 10 fantastic sets, all we want to know is:   How are YOU lifting your spirits in the last week of January?   We'll then announce the winner on Monday 2nd February    Good luck everyone! I look forward to seeing how you'll all be lifting your spirits this week!   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached!
Regular Visitor niamh123 Regular Visitor replied
Building my Avon business and getting lots of orders in.  Especially with the lovely new Cherish Pe... more
WATCH and WIN COMPETITION: Avon TV Brochure 5 2015
Hi everyone,   It's time to "Watch & Win" with the next Avon TV video!     SO, for those that have never entered before: all you need to do is watch the Avon TV Brochure 5 2015 video, and let us know what your favourite product is featured in the video to win it!   We will then announce the winner on Wednesday 18th February!   Good luck everyone    Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.
New Contributor New Contributor replied
I just love the Avon perfumes. Ive got quite  the collection myself. A little absessed :). So it wo... more
waterproof v water resistant
There's a post on here mentioning some boots which are letting water in - so it got me thinking about the days I used to work for Clark's shoes!   Water resistant = the product will repel water for a while but if there's a deluge of rain the water will penetrate eventually, because the product can only resist so much.   Waterproof - anything which says this should repel water 100% of the time (unless faulty). Gortex is waterproof therefore unless it rips - water should be kept out! I have a Regatta raincoat and it's brilliant for keeping the water out! Waterproof mascara shouldn't run in the rain - so no panda eyes in the rain with this!   Hope this explanation helps!
Diamond earings
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
There are earrings for sale on the FB selling groups if that is what you are hinting at more
Vibrating Mascara
Hi all, Just wondered what happened to a mascara I bought from Avon about a year ago in a gift set it was a mascara with a vibrating wand, it was a fantastic product which a few of my customers are also interested in purchasing, if anyone knows if there's a chance they might be brought back would be interested Many Thanks Sharon x
Can u bring back night musk and occur purfume
I used to like night musk and occur perfume but u have stopped doing them isthere a chance it might come back
Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
I doubt it ,we have been asking about Occur imparticular ,for many years,but with no success. more
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