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COMPETITION: Ultra Colour Indulgence Give-Away
Hi everyone,   We can't get enough of Brochure 4 2015 right now, and with the exciting launch of Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipstick it's got us thinking about what our favourite Avon lipsticks are!   SO, to celebrate the launch of our NEW Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipstick, we are going to give away EVERY SHADE of NEW Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipstick to one lucky winner! That's 15 SHADES of gorgeous, indulgent colour!   To enter, all we want to know in reply to this post is:   What is YOUR favourite Avon lipstick and why?   We'll be announcing the winner on Monday 26th January     Also make sure that you check out Preeti's " Beat dry winter lips with a lavish pop of colour " blog, over in " Avon Beauty Blog ", where she'll show you some of the fabulous shades that you could win: -Blog/Beat-dry-winter-lips-with-a-lavish-pop-of-co ...   Good luck everyone, and please see the T&Cs attached for more details!   Char x
Occasional Visitor xchristenx Occasional Visitor replied
My favourite lipstick is colourtrend fluorescent pink, my friends and I all wear it because its so ... more
HELP with POB Pleaseee !!
Hey,   I've just had a text from my second customer saying they have placed an order with online POB, but i've had no email notifications come through and i have no messages on my avon account... Am i looking in the wrong place?!   Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)   Jema.  X
Regular Contributor Regular Contributor replied
Have you scrolled right down to the bottom of your main home page - you should see it there as well ... more
Need reps in county durham
Im looking for lovely people to join my team in the county durham area reply to me or apply at
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Your link goes to the main joining page of the web host... more
I have considered leaving in the past but...
...I just can't! I know I would miss it so much!    Yes I have had my ups and downs with the company (well who doesn't in any walk of life?).   I started in 1996 in Cardiff (area 290) - I didn't want to do it - a friend kept pestering me about becoming a rep, so I agreed to meet with the manager. Before I knew it I had signed up and was a rep. The first time I had to collect the brochures from the houses in my street, scared me silly - what if people slammed the door in my face? What if they threw the brochures at me? You know what? None of this happened and I got to know my neighbours! I moved to where I am now in 1997 and started selling around my area and guess what? I got to know a lot of people again!   Have I given up? Sure I have but I can't stay away for long - I've always come back!    I have also been a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay,  I have been a Tupperware Demonstrator, a Betterware Distributor - have I stayed with those? NO! Avon is such a good opportunity!    Avon has helped me:   To meet new people Love sales Enjoy promoting a brand which is globally well known and respected Learn about running my own business Working out how many brochures I need, bags, etc Time organising (I'm still learning this one) Give talks (I used to be a Beauty Advisor) Host parties   Being an Avon Representative is much more than posting brochures through people's doors!   There are many skills you can learn if you join Avon!    Character can be developed too as you learn and grow within your business and there's even an opportunity to help others learn and grow within THEIR business.    If you are not sure about joining - I'd say - Give it a go - you have nothing to lose!
Detangle spray - is it discontinued? Tea tree shampoo, does Avon sell it?
Hello, is the kids detangle spay been discontinued does anyone know? And also do Avon sell a tea
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Neither available anymore...............although there is a detangling spray in the Naturals range ... more
Hi, are u allowed to canvas any areas to try and build your business?
Regular Contributor Regular Contributor replied
As Lorraine says, if this is moved to a rep only board then myself and others would be more than hap... more
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