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Hi   I have been trying to do a replacement on my Campaign 8 on screen is does not allow me to get into the screen for replacements only credits ! is anyone else having this problem ?  
Are you a fragrance fan?
The fragrance team would love to hear what you think about your favourite fragrance.   Do you use any of these fragrances below?   Mesmerize Black him/her Rare collection Perceive Incadessence Secret Fantasy Soft Musk Unique Rose Today, Together, Always Instinct him/her Exploration for him Wilderness for him Full Speed Full Speed Power 015 Indivdual Blue Individual Casual If you're a fan of any of these, answer the questions below and your personal recommendation could appear in the Avon brochure!   Why is it the nicest fragrance you've tried? What do you love about the scent and longevity of the wear? Is there another fragrance you'd compare it to? What made you try this particular fragrance? Chanelle  
New Member New Member replied
I love far away.  It reminds my husband the time we spent apart for almost three years.   more
Hi everyone,   We're LOVING the new Safia Necklace at Head Office right now!     We've been spelling all sorts, but I particularly love that I've been able to spell my name (the simple things!)     SO, we have 5 of these FANTASTIC necklaces to give away to 5 lucky Avon Beauty Connects users! To be in with the chance of winning one, all we want to know is:   What word would YOU wear?     Looking forward to seeing your replies, and good luck everyone   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.
Super Contributor Super Contributor replied
I would wear on mine if i win   FAMILY LOVE OR WENDY   more
Was totally amazed been with avon for 3 campaigns now, and my husband wanted to get some stuff from the kid's for Mother's Day, so he bought some nail polishes for me since passing my first part of going to college to do nails. Gave him the ticket that arrived and it had been on my desk for a least 2 weeks before I remembered I hadn't given it to him, so he scratched it off and for the first time he won a LG G2 mini smartphone, didn't believe him when he said, after putting in the code on the page for checking the numbers on the scratch off panel. But to my amazement he had, it arrived on Friday, so please ladies good luck to everyone for any of you that have not already bought any of the items that qualify for the Magic Ticket in your sales do so .. so you can get a chance to win an amazing prize there are so many prizes to be won. So good luck to everyone and hope your luck is as good as my husbands. Have a good weekend   Jasmin x
Contributor Contributor replied
Very lucky winning something worthwhile. Well done. i had an idea that the majority of 'prizes' wo... more
black mineral cleanser is AMAZING
Sooo I ordered the black mineral cleanser .. I've suffered with horrible skin and acne since I was 12 .. I have used the cleanser twice as I've only had it for 48 hours and wow !! My skin has already become extremely clear compared to before fab product !!!  
Contributor Contributor replied
Good to hear.......will be trying mine out asap more
Spruce Up For Spring!
Hi everyone,   I don't know about everywhere else in the country, but we have had some GORGEOUS spring weather here in Northampton the past couple of days    To get you ready for spring, we're giving away 5 gorgeous spring packs :     To be in with the chance of winning one of these 5 gorgeous spring packs , all we want to know is:   How are YOU sprucing up for spring?     Let us know  and good luck!   Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.  
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ive cleaned all junk of my garden ready for kids trampoline to go up im having our 10 foot swiming ... more
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