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Holding a stall at a Summer Fayre - ADVICE PLEASE
Need some advice please ๐Ÿ˜€ Have booked a stall at a summer Fayre and was thinking about using opportunity to sell some Avon items and recruit as well as sell some of my daughter's toys. What is the best way to go about it please?
Whata everyone's favourite item from campaign 18
Hi everyone what's everyone's favourite item from campaign 18. I really love the pink lipsy onesie x
Frequent Visitor vermillion79 Frequent Visitor replied
Newbie rep so was wondering how you lot can see C18 and i can oly see up to C14 via firstlook, I ca... more
Zest Diffuser
Has anyone had any comments/complaints from their customers about the zest diffuser?    One of my customers bought 4 and she has opened 2 and overnight at least 3 quarters if the liquid has disappeared.    
New Contributor New Contributor replied
I would normally suggest that but the customer has opened 2 and they are both the same more
Hi everyone :)
Hi,  I'm new to Avon and just started, just wanted to say hi to everyone
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Hi im new to this How would u reccomend getting customers more
Lovely nails @HQ to celebrate #1in4nomore
All we need is to see your lovely nails in Cosmic Blue ladies! Get painting and hashtagging for this worthy cause!   
Superstar Superstar replied
I think you've probably all seen my effort but here it is anyway: more
Best neils for wedding day coluor scheme is blue and white
Any help would be appreciated. There are so many ways.
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