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Thinking of joinging
Hi, I’m thinking of being an Avon rep but I am wondering if it is possible to do with a full time job? Any help would be much appreciated, thank youu
Regular Contributor Regular Contributor replied
Hi @eden94 it is possible to do with a full time job. Avon is a job that the more you put in (time a... more
Are we getting these in the UK? They are gorgeous
Are these going to be available here?? As I would love all three been looking for brighter colours and these are beautiful 😍😍
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Just bumping this up as I haven't seen these yet! @leighmavon   more
My favourite lipstick atm, the true colour lipstick in frozen rose review
  My favourite lipstick  This lipstick is my new favourite at the moment and I use it most of the time. This true colour lipstick in frozen rose is creamy and doesn't dry my lips out either. Although I have been using the royal jelly lip treatment too lately it's great too. It has a nice shine or shimmer and is easy to apply. I use the new mark cream concealer as a primer , which works well and keeps my lips there for longer. I only ever need to reapply after eating! I usually use the simply spice glimmerstick lip liner too with this , and I apply to my whole lip underneath, another way to keep your lips lasting longer too. I always apply the royal jelly as part of my skincare regime now too. So now I never get dry lips. I would recommend these  lipsticks  to friends and family ,and I've just ordered another. Can't wait to try it. If you want some shimmer or shine, a creamy formula, don't mind having to freshen up every few hours (which I expect from almost ANY lipstick) , and matte isn't for you then the true colour lipstick is for you. Can't wait to get a collection !  Thank you for another beautiful must have lipstick.       
Reviewing the new coconut oil multipurpose cream! My new gem!
My avon gem As soon as I saw the coconut set I knew I had to try it, so I ordered this multipurpose cream for a try and I am living for this multipurpose cream.  I have just ordered the rest of the coconut range as my skin was smelling gorgeous and was loving me for using this cream and was soooo smooth today too. The best thing about it is the multiple uses, this is a bonus and I can't believe how great this cream was on my face as a night cream AND as my foundation Base too , it made my hands soft. And my elbows had a much needed lotion too.   And the best thing this fragrance reminds me of holiday it is my new favourite and avon must have a hit on their hands here! I Hope ,prey and have my fingers crossed this is a new permanent fixture as I will buy it every single month.   The pot is a massive 400ml tub and for an absolute bargain price of £2:25!!! You just can't go wrong here everyone.  Worried your skin might not like this cream, mine is really sensitive and I have been wearing this cream for two days with nothing wrong and no reaction at all. I knew my body would be OK as it's avon! But for my face to look sooooo good today for such a great price , Avon you rock!   Make sure you try this range if you want a brilliant cream that can go on your entire body ,that smells lush and for a bargain price too! You will not regret it , I've just ordered more via my rep! 
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Thank you guys, yes my face is feeling very soft atm. I've been using it with an anew defend and rep... more
Avon mark liquid lip lacquer matte in passion it, gorgeousness!!
Passion it liquid lip lacquer I usually try every new brand that avon brings out and these were no exception! I tried a matte ,my first liquid one and I usually go for gloss and shimmer. I went for passion it matte liquid lip lacquer. And the rule with most liquid lips is to apply with a lip brush and use a liner and prime the lips. I used the mark cream concealer in fair to prime my lips as it works well for me. And I used the true colour glimmerstick lip liner in deep plum,  It is very cream feeling, hasn't cracked or got dry and it's been on my lips for 5 hours at this point taking piccies!  It went on even wasn't blotchy and feels creamy still later on. If you like drama or noir lips with a smoky eye or nude eyes this looks great on , looks great with a big drama liner on too! The price is justified in my opinion as I use a vaper and have ate and it's still there ladies! At £8:00 normally but its £5:50 atm too so take advantage!   Here is a picture I just took of it still going strong at 5 hours!!  And you can top it up a little if needed without it going caked on or cracking or dry. Remember your prep ladies ! And hope you love it as much as I do. Its a pretty good matte liquid as others I have tried have cracked or crumbled off!! And not lasted 5 minutes.      
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Thank you @jazzqueen64 😍 more
what did people do to start getting the interest from people
im new to this and live on a new build estate in margate i signed up today and got two books so idealy didnt really want to post them through the doors incase i didnt get them back. i have posted on facebook and set up my online store for people to look at is there anything else i could do to help get the interest in and try make some orders im just worried im not going to buld my customers up and be able to make ago at this i need some advice please thanks   
Superstar Superstar replied
Welcome and good luck @tarlycon16 :) sometimes canvassing cards is cheaper than books if you want t... more
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