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Arabian Glow Body Tint
Hello, one of my customers hasn't had a rep for about 20 years and is desperate to buy her old favourite, Arabian Glow Body Tint. Is this or an alternative still available? x
What's your favourite nail varnish?
So, each month I tend to have a splurge along a different theme, one month I've bought a selection of Glimmersticks diamonds eyeliners, another month I've bought a range of eyeshadow quads, this month I'm thinking nail  varnish.   For the past 20 years I've had artificial nails but recently I'd started to realise how much damage they were doing to my actual nails so I had them all taken off, cut my nails down to nothing and have been leaving them au natural to give them chance to heal. My nails are now quite healthy and I'm planning on adding colour, I had a few nail varnishes tucked away in the back of my makeup bag which I've been using until now but I really want to expand my collection and get some fresh new colours but don't know where to start.   I've looked through the brochures and there are loads that have caught my eye so I was wondering which ones people have found the best; I'm looking for best consistency, easiest to apply, longest lasting (without fading/chipping), how they look on your nail, how the colour matches to what's in the book.   As an example, the (non-Avon) colour I have on today was lovely to apply, but it shows every little ridge in my nail and I somehow have a hole in it on one of my nails (not entirely sure how that was even possible), I applied it last night and I can already see issues around the nail ends so I'm pretty sure it's not going to last more than 2 days.    So far, I'm tempted by Pro+, Speed Dry+ and the Gel finish. Any thoughts on these?
Surplus stock
Hi all   Just wondering, does anyone use car boot sales to sell their surplus stock?   Thanks
Contributor Contributor replied
I thought about car boots and stands at fayres but the downside of these is you'd need to buy all t... more
Review of Outspoken Party by Fergie EDP
I've ordered samples of Outspoken Party by Fergie ready to go out with my C12 brochures at the end of the month. Of course I just had to try it for myself! How can I recommend to customers if I am not familiar with the product?   I was worried it may be a bit young for me (I am a granny to four) but I absolutely love it. The fragrance lasts for ages its strong but not overwelming. Confident without being brash. Floral without being overly girly & flowery.    The packaging looks good too and I think customers young & old will love it as much as I do. I will certainly be promoting it.   Thank you Avon for another fantastic fragrance my current favourite & best so far in the Fergie range in my opinion! x
Contributor Contributor replied
I know it seems expensive compared to other Avon perfumes but it's really cheap compared to some ot... more
Hair treatments for pregnant women
  Hi ALL   IHope your well!!!!   I have a customer who is pregnant, and is having problem with her hair.  He hai breaking and faling out!!!    Has anyone got any suggestions what she could use?!!!   Thanks   
Avon Nail Art
I stumbled across Avon Nail Art and thought, I'll give it a go and see how this fairs. I always struggle as they hardly ever fit my nails properly as I do have unusually small hands, so I was impressed to find that I was able to find more than ten suitable nails to fit me. I applied them with ease in about 10 minutes, following the instructions on the pack. I have two young children and so the rest of my day was spent washing my clothes, washing up dishes, hanging clothes out to dry and bathing my children too. By the end of the day only two of my nails were loose so I removed them with ease and applied two more. I do recommend these nails, not for daily chores but definately for a night out as they lasted well, and looked fantastic.
Staff Staff replied
Apologies for the late reply, glad that you've found them and are looking forward to using them.  I... more
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