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Hey all,just need help with a question- what have Avon replaced the clear skin invigorating scrub%3F
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
lol yes @ amydunbabin I have a tendency to buy in bulk so this was from my last loot!! Ok will try t... more
***Top 10 Avon products 2017***
Hello Ladies,   I don't know very well the Avon products range, so I was wondering if you could tell me which are your top 10 Avon products 2017?   Thank you very much! Xoxo
Superstar Superstar replied
Mine at the moment would be ,1.extra lasting foundation in nude.2.mark 8_1 palette in nude muse.3. ... more
How do I place orders online
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The person who signed you up either a Sales Leader or Area Sales Manager should go through it with ... more
Body Illusions Bootcut Jeans
Hi  Can anyone tell where I can find the size chart for the Body Illusions Bootcut Jeans ? Or if anyone know what length they are ? Many thanks in advance
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Thankyou @leighmavon, a good reminder for everyone. Well worth reading whether for the first time o... more
Avon Beauty Blog - How to upgrade your brows in 2018!

It's me- Misha! I'm here to show you how you can up your brow game in 2018 using the amazing range of brow products from mark.!


Let me start by saying that Avon truly haven't missed the ‘Mark’ with their brand spanking new mark. brow range (do you see what I did there?!). First things first, let’s discuss the mark. Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil; think creamy, sharp and intense (and no I am not talking about a chocolate gateau on this occasion!!)  It takes your brows from a solid 2 to a sparkling 10 in seconds. If even me, Misha Grimes can achieve a (kinda) Cara Delevingne vibe brow than by golly you all can!!


Brow Pencil (1).JPG


Brow Pencil.JPG




Moving on to quite literally a pot of chocolatey goodness (I wouldn't actually suggest eating a mark. Perfect Brow Crème Gel Pot but you get the jist). Brow Crèmes seem to be a big fear within the eyebrow community (let’s pretend that is an actual thing and if it isn’t then we're making one). Fear not for Avon’s pot of gold teamed with their Eyebrow Duo Brush means its so so simple; it’s like putting pen to paper… but… if you are a clutz like me just grab the spoolie side and you brush away all the negativity in your brow life.


Are you ready this… You can go on that swimming date!!!! Both the Brow Pencils and Crèmes are waterproof. YIPPPEE *grabs snorkel & flippers*


Brow Creme (1).JPG


Brow Creme .JPG


Misha Grimes - Brow Brush.JPG


Misha Grimes - mark. Gel Pot Swatch 2.JPG




Last but most certainly not least, we have the mark. Perfect Brow Kit; this little palette of goodness is perfect for that "I didn’t even try but I still look blooming fabulous" look. If you're planning on getting fit in 2018 and want to exercise with these brows than feel free as the wax sets those bad boys in place- no slipping and sliding for you! Personally, I shall still save the exercise to the pros and sit back and adore my beautiful brows all thanks to Avon.


Brow Powder (3).JPG


Brow Powder Before and After (2).JPG


Brow Powder.JPG


Misha Grimes - mark. Perfect Brow Kit Swatch.JPG




I hope you enjoyed reading! Happy shopping!


Misha G x



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