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mark rebranding cheat sheet
Hi can anyone tell me where to find the Mark rebranding cheat sheet on this site please. Thank you 
Superstar Superstar replied
Hi @rachelhemingway Here you go hope it helps ? xx   http://www.avonbeautyconnects.co.uk/t5/Repr... more
The Lounge is for...
Just a quick reminder to say that The Lounge is for b oth Representatives and  customers. It is a board where we can  go off-topic, catch up on gossip, share latest news, and discuss recent trends.   If Reps want help or want to talk about an Avon Rep related issue - please post this in Representative Talk. In  "Representative Talk", only Representatives can see what you post (which means you have a better chance of your post receiving replies from Representatives!)   Thank you
Superstar Superstar replied
@amybrutonbailey the post from @zoe33 is dated 2015 and she has not posted on here since June last ... more
Can u bring back night musk and occur purfume
I used to like night musk and occur perfume but u have stopped doing them isthere a chance it might come back
Superstar Superstar replied
There was so many great scent that we would love back,but its never going to happen. more
Our perfect nude, mark. Gel Shine Nail Enamel in Barely There appears in Marie Claire!
Hi Beauty Connects!   We were SO excited when we saw our latest nail wear range, mark. Gel Shine feature in Marie Claire!   Our shade Barely There was in their feature The Edit: Coffee Break     Leigh x    
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Thanks for your reply @leighmavon more
New? Why not introduce yourself?
Hey and welcome to Avon Beauty Connects!   This post is to welcome our new members but to also find out a bit more about you ALLl!   Why not tell us where you're from, your fave food, something interesting about you, your pet's name, whatever- everything goes in here!!    Leigh x
Superstar Superstar replied
Hi @feefee & welcome, I hope you enjoy your new Avon business. You will find lots of help, support... more
Meet our Customer Panel!
Hi Beauty Connects!    You may have spotted in our latest brochure (Brochure 7) that we're featuring women just like you, our customers!     Meet the panel as they describe their style in 3 words, their go- to fashion staple and what they'd pick between heels and flats!   Amy...      Annie...     Kylie...     Natalie...     Rachelle...     Viv...  
Trusted Contributor Trusted Contributor replied
Isnt Avon for all ages ????.....so why are all the panellists young.....why no older ladies ???????... more
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