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Look Radiant this Autumn
     Look radiant this autumn with these makeup staples. Featuring the Illuminating Pearls and the CC Pearls. I also love my Calming Effects loose powder foundation.  I use the CC Pearls all over for a lovely radiant glow while the different pearls do their jobs of colour correcting.  I use the Illuminating Pearls to highlight the differentareas of my face where light would naturally fall. So pretty especially when your skin looks dull. This is what the pearls look like.      Have you tried these yet? Let me know.x
Superstar Superstar replied
This is the cream I just ordered to try out @littlemi55nobody     I have a lot of freckles... more
weight loss challenge in time for xmas
hi all , dont know if youre like me and would like to lose a few pounds in time for xmas so i thought i would try and start a sort of diet buddy thread for any iadies and gents to post support and advice to help others . so im now going to scoff all the goodies in preperation for the start of my diet starting TOMORROW . Im going to be brave tomorrow and post my start weight now wheres that tin of quality street xx
Superstar Superstar replied
I shall try and take a pizza photo just for you @zestizm Isn't that naughty of me (slap on wrist)... more
How much do you spend on your weekly/monthly food shop?
Hi Community!   We are having a chat in the office about what everyone is spending on their food shop.. the replies are surprising!    We would love to hear your thoughts - if you are willing to share!      
Regular Contributor Regular Contributor replied
With five family members, three dogs and a Guinea pig, far too much!!! As to a figure, no comment :... more
What leg length are you?
Hi Beauty Connects!   We're trying to conduct some research into leg lengths. Can you help us by commenting below which leg length you wear?   I'm 28"!    Thanks so much!    Leigh x 
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
34/36" more
Youth Maximizing serum question
I have just purchased the youth maximising serum under the impression that it could be used under any moisturiser. I love my current moisturiser but after reading the instructions that came with the serum it says follow with an ANEW moisturiser. It does not say this on the website and worried that it will not be compatable with my moisturiser. The online discription makes out that that this can be used before any moisturiser.   Thank you    Martin 
Staff Staff replied
Hi Martin,   I can confirm that Yes the Serum can be used with any moisturiser :)     Kind Reg... more
Bridget Jone's Baby
Thoroughly recommend you take some time out to see this feel good movie. My favourite part was the revolving door scene.  Great date and feel good film xxx🍿
Contributor Contributor replied
Stitches - ouch.  You want to be in stitches not have stitches pulling.  Definately recommend premi... more
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