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Superstars of Avon Beauty Connects!
Hi everyone,   We are launching a NEW Avon Beauty Connects programme today called " Superstars of Avon Beauty Connects" .   Since the launch of the new Avon Beauty Connects, the Avon Beauty Connects Team have been constantly blown away by the support that our Avon Beauty Connects users have provided for other users. We have therefore decided that we would like to give something back to a number of users for all of their hard work and valued contributions that we see daily.   So what is the "Superstars of Avon Beauty Connects" programme all about?   The Top 10 users of Avon Beauty Connects will be decided, and subject to monthly change at the sole discretion of the Avon Beauty Connects Team, at the end of each month. The decision of who the Top 10 Superstars will be, will be based on the following eligibility criteria:   Quality of users’ posts Users’ willingness to help others Encouraging support generated by users Type of responses provided by users   Each Top 10 Superstar will also be given exclusive access to a “Superstars Only” board on Avon Beauty Connects, which will only be visible to the Top 10 Superstars. Being a "Superstar" and having exclusive-access to this board will mean that Superstars receive up-and-coming product previews and have a platform to share their views on how Avon Beauty Connects can be improved as an experience for all users.     The Top 10 Superstars will also be provided with a “Superstar” title by the Avon Beauty Connects Team, and this will appear alongside the Superstars’ usernames on Avon Beauty Connects...     Finally, the Top 10 Superstars will be sent an Avon product, of Avon’s choice, each month, and will be told which product they will receive in the “Superstars Only” board.   SO, just keep doing what you are doing, and we'll announce the Top 10 Superstars of Avon Beauty Connects on   Monday 1st June .   For more information, please see the T&Cs attached    Have a great weekend everyone!   Char x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Good look all you avon beauties!! ;) more
COMPETITION: Detangling Spray Give-Away!
Hi everyone,   After all of the excitement we've seen on Avon Beauty Connects over the past couple of months around the looming return of the Magnificent Mango Detangling Spray in Brochure 13 2015 , we've decided to launch a detangling spray give-away !     For your chance to win 1 of 20 Magnificent Mango Detangling Sprays , all we want to know is:   " What do YOU love about the  Magnificent Mango Detangling Spray? "   Look forward to reading your replies, and good luck everyone!   Char x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
So far I havent managed to find a suitable detangle spray for my 5year old princess in training and ... more
Avon Beauty Blog - Spring daisy nail art

Hi everyone,


Samantha here from the beauty blog InSamazement. Today I have created these bright spring nails to celebrate the gorgeous spring weather we have had recently.


Avon Springv3.jpg


Watch the video below to see how you can easily create this fun spring daisy nail art.


Products used:


  • Nail Experts French Manicure Kit
  • Nail Experts Platinum Top Coat
  • Nailwear Pro+ - Lemon Sugar (which has unfortunately been discontinued, so "Nailwear Pro+ - Sunshine" can be used as an alternative.)
  • Nailwear Pro+ - Orchid Splash
  • Nailwear Pro+ - Sea Breeze
  • Gel Finish Nail Enamel – Dazzle Pink
  • Gel Finish Nail Enamel – Lavender Sky



What are your favourite spring colours for your nails?


Sam x


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.

Who is the most beautiful person on our screens?
Hi everyone,   Who do you think is the most beautiful person on our screens? Dakota Johnson? Poldark? Or who?   Let us know    Char x
Contributor Contributor replied
Everyone is unique and special and BEAUTIFUL in there own way. But I do think michelle keegan is ver... more
Which perfume?
Hi   I have managed to get a book in a over 50's complex and I was thinking of ordering a bottle of perfume for them all to sample.  Has anyone got any ideas of which would be the best one to order for that age group or any other products with them in mind.   Thanks Charlotte
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
I am over fifty and do not like timeless I think it is for older ladies like 70's.  Try Far Away o... more
Avon Premium Luxe
I been using this Perfume since last year.purchased 5 bottles already.   I got a very positive comments from colleague and patients were ever I work.   They all says I  Smeels very nice. make ups,eyeliners and make up  are very easy to put on.   Kara x
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
I love Avon perfumes as well. more
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