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Fragrance Candles
I wish Avon made tealight candles in the fragrances of their full size candles. These could be used as samples to give to customers so they can check if they like the smell before buying the full size candle. Or they may just want them in tealight size
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Thank you more
I haven't got area, I've tried shops, no good??
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I have spoke to person who signed me up, but is not very helpful. Few roads she gave me no good, o... more
Representative in my area
I need help with finding new customers in my area, lady that signed me is not helpful
Superstar Superstar replied
You've signed up to a self employed business, @jacky8121. Your signer upper should provide you with... more
‘Pick a colour! Win a fabulous set of true colour eyeshadow quads’
Simply tell us your favorite c o l o u r to win the four fabulous quads below in Radiance, Day Glow, Smoke and Fog and Luminosity :heart   We will pick a lucky winner at random on Thurs 23rd June! Good Luck!   
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i like the purple one more
Ultimate Look Competition
Wow, just seen this today and hoping to get my targets in my first delivery today!   I think I'm most looking forward to the lip lacquer, what about everyone else? X
Contributor Contributor replied
My target is silly how do they work it out? Mines over 1k never going to happen I got 415 campaign ... more
Do you use it as well as or instead of moisturiser%3F
Superstar Superstar replied
Can you expand?  What's 'it'? more
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