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Review – Frill Lounge Dress & Lace One Bra
Hello ABC’s!   Uh–oh, I found another product from Avon which I know I’m going to get LOTS more of, the One Bra!   The first thing I do when I get in from work is take my underwired bra off.  It doesn’t matter what style or size I wear, by the end of the day I’m desperate to get it off which is why I started looking for a comfy alternative.   This is my first and won’t be my last.  The Lace One Bra is sooooo comfortable, the lace front is a nice touch and it’s good quality too.    I ordered size 14/16, easy to put on over my head, I didn’t adjust the straps and luckily for me, it fit perfectly.  The lace is soft and stretchy, the double straps cross over the back, and has removable cups.  For my bust size it gives excellent support, and most of all, comfort.  87% Nylon, 13% Elastane. Which brings me to my next new piece of comfortable clothing, the Frill Lounge Dress.  The first thing that struck me about the dress was the quality of the material.  I was expecting it to be T-Shirt material, or similar to PJ material, but it’s thicker than that and has a fleece backing.  The Frill Lounge dress will be perfect for pottering around the house and garden, or when you get out the bath/shower and it’s too early for PJs but you want something comfy to wear.  The fabric is super soft, I love the frilly armholes and has two patch pockets on the front.  I’m 5ft 6in and ordered size 14/16.  86% Cotton, 14% Polyester. Toodles! Wendy Woo the Nail Guru, Crazy Cat Lady and Comfort Wearer
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Amazing review @jazzqueen64 :) more
“Always”... back because we love it!!
  When my mum said she wanted to treat me to some perfume from Avon I decided I had to go for this lovely set... a return scent from the Today, Tomorrow, Always range.  As an extra treat if you spend over £10 on fragrance in brochure 11 you can choose a massive 100ml EDP for £4.  I chose Perceive and from the pic you can see how big the bottle is compared to normal size perfume.   As far as the “Always” scent goes it is beautiful ... I had a bit of a hectic day so this evening I used the beautifully soft shower gel (very luxurious feeling) then I smothered on the body lotion and finished with a generous spray of the EDP. I love this scent ... very summery, the rose scent really comes through.  But although it would be a perfect summer fragrance I think it has a slightly heavier character (for want of a better word) that would make it lovely for evening occasions.   I hope this is going to be around for a while because I think it will be my new favourite scent.
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I haven't had the perfume before, but I love it and got my all time favourite Far away too @braviss... more
It's Dementia Action Week
Dementia Action week is hoping to raise awareness of dementia, which is so common these days.   If people are more aware of dementia and how it affects those diagnosed with it  they may be more patient with people that they meet in everyday situations when maybe they appear to be a bit slow in for example paying for their shopping or recognising someone, or any other everyday task.   Dementia Action week is aiming to make the world a more dementia friendly place for those affected by the condition. Who wouldn't want the world to be a friendlier place?   Avon reps meet lots of folks in the course of their work as well as in their everyday lives.    Some of these folk may have dementia, some may be carers who would also value a friendly smile or chat.     This is a quote from a person with dementia - ‘I lost a few friends when I got diagnosed. It's quite common that. I think there’s a fear of how do I talk to that person? But I’m still me, I can still hold a conversation, I can still recognise people and even when I can’t, I still want to be talked to the same.’ - Pamela, who is living with dementia."   For more info check out the dementia action site  here   and dementia friends site   here.   Just keep on chatting folks - who knows who will appreciate a smile and a chat, maybe they will appreciate it more than ever you thought.        
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Thanks for sharing @val4578   more
Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!
Hi Beauty Connects,    Last week we hosted a Smarter Beauty event in London to launch our first-ever Beauty Broadsheet . The first edition celebrates the role Avon plays in the beauty industry, and shares insights and tips to help us to work smarter and dream bigger.         We invited some of our top-selling Reps and Sales Leaders to be the first to get their hands on the Beauty Broadsheet, and to give them a chance to chat to our panel and gain useful insights for their business.    The smarter beauty panel consisted of  Avon UK GM Matthieu Comard, our new Representative Ambassador, Giovanna Fletcher and beauty journalist Annabel Jones to discuss all things beauty, business and boosting your social presence. " For us, 'smart' is giving every woman beautiful and modern products that really  work, so she can be smart with her time, her choices and her money ." - Matthieu Comard Giovanna stepped straight into her Ambassador role, sharing tips on how to juggle multiple responsibilities to build a business and an online presence. Reps had the opportunity to learn from her expertise during a meet and greet/Q&A session. “ Know your audience, be authentic – you are their trusted advisor for beauty! ” - Giovanna Fletcher   Look out for some more top-tips from the day coming soon! Including some savvy social media skills from Giovanna, plus, some of our Sales Leaders recorded exclusive videos that will help you with your online business.               Download and share the Beauty Broadsheet with your customers today or search for #SmarterBeauty on Instagram to see social highlights from the day.
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I had so much fun at the recent “Smarter Beauty” event with Avon, the atmosphere of the event was re... more
Have you taken the 21 Day Challenge?
Hi Everyone,   Have you heard about our Avon True Nutra Effects 21 Day Challenge?   or read about it in Brochure 09?   If not, let me tell you all about it!   We spoke to a group of real women looking for real results when it comes to skincare, and invited them to undertake the 21 Day Challenge.   From boosting radiance to increasing hydration, each of their unique skin concerns could be addressed using a targeted Avon True Nutra Effects Day Cream every day for just three weeks.   You can find out more about the challenge and each of the  creams  here:     Do you use an Avon True Nutra Effects Day or Night cream already? Or are you looking to try one and take the challenge?   I have been taking the Challenge with Mattifying Day  and Night Cream and I have noticed a difference in my skin texture mainly, and my favourite thing about the creams are that they control oil throughout the day, but also overnight so I wake up with more matte and refreshed skin       Can't wait to hear what you think! If you like it, leave a review online or share a pic with us on Social Media by using the hashtag #AvonTrueStories  
Skin so soft silky moisture overnight body treatment
I cannot find Skin so Soft silky moisture overnight body treatment anymore. Has it gone??? I love this cream. Is it still available does anyone know please?
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This is where it should take you more
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