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Highlight of the Year Competition!
Hi everyone,   Contouring seems to be HUGE right now, with everyone creating that bone structure they've always longed for using a mixture of highlighting, sculpting and blushing techniques with their make-up!   Well, Avon have done something great! They've created the Blush and Bronze Trio compact that allows all of these things to be done in just ONE mirrored compact      We therefore thought that it would be great to give 10 away to 10 lucky Avon Beauty Connects winners     SO, for your chance to win 1 of these 10 Blush and Bronze Trio compacts, all we want you to tell us is:   " What’s your highlight of the year so far, or to come? "   This could be absolutely ANYTHING, from going blonde for summer, to going on - or having been on- a great weekend break or holiday!   Whatever the highlight of YOUR year, please let us know! We'll then announce our 10 winners on Wednesday 15th July    Good luck everyone!   Char x
Contributor Contributor replied
My highlight of the year its becoming an Avon rep. more
My Avon Story
I've been doing Avon for 25 years now, my mum had a lovely Avon rep when I was younger and I thought I would like to follow in her footsteps sadly she died and never knew what I did. I was always so excited to get the Avon products of her so I thought what would it be like to do it and yes as I said before 25 years later I'm still doing it. I've had some hard times doing it but I'm stil here :-) 
lip tint pens
Anyone love these as much as i do? anyone had problems with dried pens though? nearly half of my lip tint pen orders have been returned :/
Superstar Superstar replied
I personally have not used them as I don't like a matte lipstick, I like a gloss.  So far I have on... more
Reverse Mani @ HQ!
Hello Nailwear fans!    I love this look and it's so easy, I've had so many compliments even people thinking I had false nails on! Here's how I did it in 2 easy steps     Paint your nails all over in Starry Sky..       Then carefully as if you're painting to the edge just paint down to the half moon shape on your nail. it looks tricky but it's surprisingly easy! Give it a try and let us see your pics!           
Superstar Superstar replied
Had a very quick go when I got home from work today...not very happy with my choice of colours but ... more
My Avon Story
I have had Avon since my mother gave it to me as a child l always remember the little princess cream perfume which took pride on my dressing table, not for getting the gorgeous pretty peach soap on a rope which l think would sell like hotcakes should it be bought back. Anyway as a teenager and earning mt own pennies l always remember looking forward to browsing the Avon Brochure and purchasing my favourite foundation and lip glosses. Now at the age of fifty still loving Avon and l have always had a Avon rep since l got married at the age of 17yrs, up untill a couple of years ago my Avon rep was retiring and l became interested in taking it up myself. So my rep gave me the knowledge as to how l went about it and to this day two & half years on enjoying every minute and my customers are slowly growing which means l make more commision.
69609 summer set
can anyone tell me what the summer set in campaign 11 consists of
Superstar Superstar replied
 It looks like you have reached mov which gives you 20% off but if you get more orders and reach ho... more
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