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Avon Beauty Blog - The jeans that will change your life

We can't wait for Jeanetic


Watch this... and you'll see why!


The look of jeans with the comfort of joggers... introducing the denim hybrid as good as Diesel* (at a fraction of the price**) 


























































Shop Jeanetic soon


* Comparable in fabric composition (cotton, polyester, elastane) vs Diesel Straight Jogg Jeans NE0842W
** Price based on Diesel Straight Jogg Jeans NE0842W in Blue, sourced from on 06.04.2016



Neon nail polish review:receive
I'd like to post a positive review for the new neon nail polish in Orange Blaze. I've seen many negative posts for the new neon range, but I have nothing but good to say about it! I put two coats on my toenails well over two weeks ago and it's still perfectly intact - no damage whatsoever! I've had on all sorts of shoes and sandals in this time and my polish is still perfect! As for the neon orange colour - I love it! It's really vibrant and shiny, perfect for summer! I will definitely be recommending these to my customers and buying other colours for myself!!
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To get a response from Avon you need to @ mention someone @suzysnowflake. I'll do it for you on th... more
Re: Review Beauty Receive beauty Moroccan argan oil
So I have recently had my hair bleached and it totally ruined my hair leaving it feel very burnt and straw like, so I had purchased the advanced techniques Moroccan argan oil mask, and was advised by a hair dresser to leave the product in for an hour or longer then wash it out, so I did that and even when my hair was wet it felt so much softer than it did before.. I towel dried my hair a little then used the advanced techniques Moroccan argan oil leave in treatment before drying my hair with a hair dryer. The results were amazing.. my hair felt so much softer after using these products and looked in much better condition. I am continuing to use these products with every wash to attempt to get my hair back to normal, I would 100% recommend these products to anyone, they didn't just make my hair feeling softer after the bleach but they made my hair feel smooth with a lovely shine and it also smells amazing💕 best hair product I have purchased and at an amazing affordable price also. Definitely worth purchasing♡    
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Thank you, I will definitely give the beauty balm a go, my hair was absolutely ruined after the ble... more
My Jeanetic Journey
So the parcel arrived this morning:     It contained the whole Jeanetic range, black jeans, blue jeans, dress, jacket and t-shirt.                           Avon have "done good" in this new partnership and I'm excited to try out this new range and it's even better that I can say to my customers that these clothes are affordable and waaaay cheaper than the Diesel version.   It was a difficult choice deciding what to wear first, but I'll be wearing the whole range over the next two weeks and updating my diary here.     Saturday 20th August   So today is a very rare child free Saturday morning, so after a soak in the bath I decided that I would wear the blue jeans and the white t-shirt as the pocket detail on the t-shirt matches the blue jeans.  The blue jacket is also the same colour but double denim is just a big no no!  I had heard that the jeans would feel like PJ's whilst still looking like jeans, I have to say my PJ's are a lot softer than the Jeanetic jeans but the are still very soft and comfy none the less.  I could wear these on a hot day (if we ever get one!) and I wouldn't feel too warm in them like I would if they were denim.    The jeans are on but unfortunately at only 5'1.5" (the half inch is important when you are as short as me!) they are very long, perhaps a choice in lengh for us who have to shop in the 'short' section on the high street might be something to consider for future ranges.  I noticed that they are provided in single size rather than they usual 10/12 combination which does give a snug fit around the waist.         I love the t-shirt, although it's slightly baggy as it's a 10/12 rather than a single size 10 but I love the soft feel and it feels really comfy.  So here's to a lazy morning on the sofa until my little man comes back home from his sleepover at his aunite and uncles.    
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Sunday 28th August    Today we went on the train to visit my aunt and uncle for Sunday lunch.  It... more
Does Avon Hair Colourant Work on Dark Hair?
I'm thinking about dying my hair 6.66, intense red, but my hair is a chocolate brown and I'm not sure if it will work because I don't want to use bleach, does anyone know if it works without bleach? x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Thank you, that does help :)   more
I want to be an Avon Rep, but...
I would like to be an Avon Rep to earn some money, but I'm only 13. Is it allowed to apply under my mums name or deliver the brochures for my mum?
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Thank you :) more
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