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Once Upon a Magical Time...
Hi everyone,   To celebrate the launch of the NEW Magic Effects nailwear, we're giving 5 Avon Beauty Connects users the chance to win a magical pack :     So with magic in the air, all we want you to do is:   Tell us about a magical experience     We're all lucky enough to encounter at least one magical experience in our lives- something that's truly magical (even to just us!) Some of us are even lucky enough to experience more   So whether you've had one magical experience, or more: we want to hear about it!   Can't wait to read your replies, and good luck    Char x   P.S. Please see the T&Cs attached.
New Contributor New Contributor replied
My magical experience was the birth of my children and our first visit to disney world in 2013 :) more
Was totally amazed been with avon for 3 campaigns now, and my husband wanted to get some stuff from the kid's for Mother's Day, so he bought some nail polishes for me since passing my first part of going to college to do nails. Gave him the ticket that arrived and it had been on my desk for a least 2 weeks before I remembered I hadn't given it to him, so he scratched it off and for the first time he won a LG G2 mini smartphone, didn't believe him when he said, after putting in the code on the page for checking the numbers on the scratch off panel. But to my amazement he had, it arrived on Friday, so please ladies good luck to everyone for any of you that have not already bought any of the items that qualify for the Magic Ticket in your sales do so .. so you can get a chance to win an amazing prize there are so many prizes to be won. So good luck to everyone and hope your luck is as good as my husbands. Have a good weekend   Jasmin x
Contributor Contributor replied
Wow that is lucky! Looking forward to seeing what my customers and I got  more
NEW product launch! The Mood Mani is here...
Today we are celebrating the launch of our first mood colour changing nailwear! This amazing new product includes My-Mood-On-My-Nails-Colour-Changing-Technology™ which means it changes colour dependable on your mood and not on temperature.   This fab new product goes onto nails nude and changes colour to suit your mood !     The 12 shades based on your mood or emotions include:   Seasick Sage  Awe-some Amethyst  Tired Turquoise  Hungry for Honey  Jade me Jolly  Scaredy Cat White  Perky Pink  Feelin’ Blue  Seeing Red  Denim Desire  So Black So Brave  Yellow-me-Happy  What do you think? Are you as excited as us?   I think my nails will constantly be Amethyst due to my awesomeness 
Contributor Contributor replied
I like the mood colour changing.............LOL!   more
Watch Avon TV Brochure 7 2015, to win...
Hi everyone,   It's time to watch and win! All you have to do is watch the Avon TV Brochure 7 2015 video below, and then let us know what your favourite product is that's featured in the video (to win it!)     For the full list of products featured in the video, please see the T&Cs attached    We will announce the winner on Wednesday 8th April!   Good luck everyone    Char x
Member Member replied
looking forward to all the new nail colours and all new products which customers will enjoy , i hav... more
Hi all, Just wondering how many of you attend an aerobics style class? I'm a teacher of one & absolutely love it. I know it's a bit 80's but I'd really like to know how many of you have tried it & what you think of it. It's also a great place to sell your Avon!
Autism (Plus - Hello :) I'm new!)
Hello All,   I've been an Avon rep since January and have found lots of answers to lots of questions on these boards but have never contributed until today.  I actually popped in to find out about returns, ended up reading (and replying to) a post about depression and thought it was about time I stopped lurking and started posting!   I live in Kent and I never imagined I'd be an Avon rep!  I kind of fell into it by accident   I was upstairs someone knocked on the door, by the time I had got downstairs they had gone but left a card.  I thought it was someone collecting a book that had been left several months earlier.  I grabbed the book run down the road said "Do you want this?" and the wonderful lady (Tracey) said no I'm recruiting Avon representatives.  Me being me (I'll explain more in a little while) said "How fabulous, where do I sign up?"  And so it began! lol.   You see I am autistic.  I only had a diagnosis 8 years ago, previous to that I thought I was just weird!  So although I run a very (I know I am lucky) sucessful business and I am also an article writer I pretty much keep myself to myself.  I've had a life time of being called weird etc so it always felt like the safe option.  But I've got to say being an Avon rep has truly been life changing for me.  At first I was getting palpitations knocking on doors "Hello, I've called for the Avon book" and also delivering customers orders but now I feel like a new woman.  Seriously!  It seems I'm not as odd as I thought I was    My confidence is growing daily, I'm getting to try lots of lovely products I wouldn't have dreamed of trying before and best of all my customer base is growing with every campaign.   I think my (second) post might be too waffly.  I hope you'll all forgive me - I can be a bit too chatty!   There is one thing I am doing but I haven't told my customers as I do not want them to feel any kind of pressure to buy.  All the commission I earn in my first year of being an Avon rep I will be giving to The National Autistic Society.  Since my diagnosis I have walked from Land's End to John O'Groats twice, walked the length of Hadrian's Wall once and have cycled from Kent to London to raise awareness of autism in adults but to be honest my knees can no longer take the strain so I thought this might be a nice way to raise some funds and say thank you to the NAS.  I think I will, on the first anniversary of my being an Avon representative, pop cards through the doors of my customers to say thank you for their orders and tell them what I have done with the commisssion I have earned.   Gawd don't I go on!   Hope I get to know you all better soon, Rae xx    
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Wow, what a lovely read I've had this morning. I am smiling at the fact that someone else can only ... more
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