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Competition! Are you team 'Matte' or 'Shine'?
Our new mark. Liquid Lip comes in two finishes, matte and shine and is available in 24 stunning shades!   I'm giving you the chance to win a full set of either matte or shine shades! All you need to do is comment below whether your fave finish is matte or shine!   You can see all of the shades below:     I'll pick one lucky winner at random!     Good luck!   Leigh x  
Occasional Visitor leighgolding Occasional Visitor replied
Matte every time  more
Team shine for me
does anyone know what size xl is in this please       
Skin problems
Help......does anyone know if any of Avons products are non comedogenic.(dont clog pores).   A few customers have asked me and ive never seen it on any products by avon......Quoting sensitive skin is not enough..they have to be non comedogenic. anone got any advice please..
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Need non pore clogging make up...( noncomedogenic)...moisteriser and foundation. Lots block pores ... more
First look book
Hi I have not got a Avon first look book with my last order. How do I get another book please
Contributor Contributor replied
You can always view it online @rebeccadeeley93 Go to the bottom of the page where you place your o... more
Avon Beauty Blog - How to store your make-up essentials using the handy Makeup Desk Tidy...

Hi everyone it’s Laura here with a handy beauty storage tip for all the makeup lovers out there!


Avon Desk Tidy 01.jpg


I recently converted from keeping all of my everyday essentials in a makeup bag to using a Makeup Desk Tidy instead and I absolutely adore how it has not only transformed my desk space, but also organised my whole makeup routine! You can get your hands on your own here.


Avon Desk Tidy 02.jpg



The Avon Makeup Desk Tidy contains a tiered section which is a perfect fit for lipsticks, plus there’s extra space to store other must-haves like your concealer, pressed powder and mascara.


Avon Desk Tidy 07.jpg


I do love lipsticks, but since I can only wear one at a time I like to keep just three on show and then use the other compartments for things I want close to hand when I’m applying my makeup like cotton buds, cotton wool and tweezers.


Avon Desk Tidy 03.jpg



I have a little collection of mini perfumes which are also a perfect fit and look rather pretty on display, and it makes it so much easier to see all the names and pick out the one that I want.


Avon Desk Tidy 04.jpg


There’s also a large area which I use to display my favourite nail polishes. I keep the rest hidden away and just rotate them out as and when my mood changes.


Avon Desk Tidy 06.jpg



My beloved makeup brushes don’t fit so instead I store these upright in a pretty pot, empty candle holder or even a nice mug. It will help you find the perfect one at a glance and avoids damage to the bristles.  


So that’s how I keep my makeup organised and my desk beautiful! What do you think? Would you ditch the makeup bag and convert to a desk tidy?


Laura x

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