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Highlight of the Year Competition!
Hi everyone,   Contouring seems to be HUGE right now, with everyone creating that bone structure they've always longed for using a mixture of highlighting, sculpting and blushing techniques with their make-up!   Well, Avon have done something great! They've created the Blush and Bronze Trio compact that allows all of these things to be done in just ONE mirrored compact      We therefore thought that it would be great to give 10 away to 10 lucky Avon Beauty Connects winners     SO, for your chance to win 1 of these 10 Blush and Bronze Trio compacts, all we want you to tell us is:   " What’s your highlight of the year so far, or to come? "   This could be absolutely ANYTHING, from going blonde for summer, to going on - or having been on- a great weekend break or holiday!   Whatever the highlight of YOUR year, please let us know! We'll then announce our 10 winners on Wednesday 15th July    Good luck everyone!   Char x
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
My Highlight of the year is looking forward moving to my new home. more
Who's on your Power List 2015?
The BBC's Woman's Hour programme announced their Power List this year... we must admit we haven't heard of them all despite all the power they wield!   Who is on your Power List? Which powerful women do you admire?   Here's this year's Woman's Hour Power List: Nicola Sturgeon Anna Wintour Angelina Jolie Katharine Viner Camilla Cavendish Sia Caitlyn Jenner Karen Blackett Zanny Minton Beddoes Sara Khan      
lip tint pens
Anyone love these as much as i do? anyone had problems with dried pens though? nearly half of my lip tint pen orders have been returned :/
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Hi Hun, There has been a post about some being very dry and I think they were looking into it as f... more
How HOT are you?
It's 98 degrees F at Heathrow! And it's pretty hot here at HQ.    How hot are you? And how are you keeping cool??    We love this cool Lemon Bag. Cute eh?   TessAvon xx    
my avon story
Hi firstly thank u for giving me this opportunity to be my own boss and earn cash at my own pace. My reason for taking up avon started after I had my second miscarriage, I was so lost confused and feeling very alone. Joanne my sales leader approached me and told me to have a think about joining the avon team, which after a very long discussion with my sales leader, she insisted it would be very good for me as it would take my mind of the past situations and I would also meet a new group of people. And for the reasons about I would like to sincerely thank my sales leader joanne for listening and explaining things and all the help and support she has given me. I dread to think where I would be without my avon. It has helped me get my life back on track and give me the extra purpose in life
New products
I've not seen any other posts about these n thought I'd let people know how good the new 5 in 1 nail treatment and 7 in 1 enhance and glow cream are. They're great value and last for ages; the nail treatment looks like a an expensive manicure, disguising ridges and applies very easily. The sun cream has an SPF 15 and smells really nice, I'm definitely going to stock up on some more while they're both at such a good price
Moderator Moderator replied
Hi @catcampbell   I've moved this to the "Beauty Talk" area on the site, as it's great feedback... more
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