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One year since i started avon on may 28th
Don.t beleave how frist this year as gone.   With avon i made lots of new friends and got loads of customers. Its kept me busy and all the walking made me fitter. Now heres to another year and more susses. I have enjoyed doing avon over the year and will keep on enjoying it. I was told a get a gift or samethink from avon just waiting to see what it is i not really mind. Just happy i been doing avon for a year.  
Moderator Moderator replied
Hi @wendyx1967   That's a fantastic achievement: well done    Keep up the good work!   ... more
COMPETITION: Detangling Spray Give-Away!
Hi everyone,   After all of the excitement we've seen on Avon Beauty Connects over the past couple of months around the looming return of the Magnificent Mango Detangling Spray in Brochure 13 2015 , we've decided to launch a detangling spray give-away !     For your chance to win 1 of 20 Magnificent Mango Detangling Sprays , all we want to know is:   " What do YOU love about the  Magnificent Mango Detangling Spray? "   Look forward to reading your replies, and good luck everyone!   Char x
Occasional Visitor kerry0405 Occasional Visitor replied
No more whining from my daughter as I'm brushing her hair, woo hoo!! Like the funky look of it & sm... more
Faces to the names on here
I was just talking to some friends on FB and we said it would be nice to see some pictures of some of the posters on Avon Beauty Connects. Lots of you have seen my pic as I was in First Look,but can some of you post a picture of yourself on here please?
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Have you clicked on the symbol like a little photo at the top of this section? You should be then a... more
Who's going to win Eurovision!?
Who's your favourite? Loving the outfits this year! X
Valued Contributor Valued Contributor replied
Hmm not sure Rene ,although there are reports that the BBC are under pressure, to bring back the fo... more
WATCH and WIN: Avon TV Brochure 10 2015 Competition!
Hi everyone,   It's time to "Watch & Win" with the next Avon TV video!     SO, for those that have never entered before: all you need to do is watch the Avon TV Brochure 10 2015 video, and let us know what your favourite product is featured in the video to win it!   For the full list of products to choose from, please see the T&Cs attached    We will announce the winner on Wednesday 3rd June!   Good luck everyone    Char x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Beard trimmer, for Father's Day. 😊 more
For 2015 I would like     A new FORELLI BLACK BAG WITH PINK LINING. Please just like the Tan one with blue lining, it has a place for everything and is such good quality.        
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Hair extensions or hair removal random I know. more
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