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Sculpt walk mules
My eldest daughter has just purchased these mules and has praised them highly saying they are very stylish that she would even wear them out at night aslo that she loves the slight wedge on them and that they are so spongy under foot was the wording she used,she also said that she would perchase more,so these come highly recommend she has even advised me to get a pair.
Avon featured on 'Women In Football'
Hi Beauty Connects!   I wanted to highlight some fantastic coverage Avon recently received from ''. The organisation champions and supports women's participation football. On talking about the FA's decision to open eight High Performance Football Centres in universities across England by 2020, t hey called out Avon by saying  “the FA's move followed hot on the heels of a ground-breaking sponsorship initiative that has seen Avon Products Inc confirmed as the Principal Partner of Liverpool Ladies Football Club - the first time the women's team have had an independent shirt sponsor to that of its male counterpart.”   See the full article here .    Leigh x
Superstar Superstar replied
Well done Avon   more
Everything you need to know about Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream...
Hi Beauty Connects!   Have you heard about the latest skincare innovation brought to you by Avon? We announced the launch of the World's First Rotational Anti- Wrinkle Night Cream, Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream here .      How does it work? The key to its long-term efficacy is a Proprietary Rotational Technology. Made up of two formulas, you first apply Treatment Cream One for seven nights to replenish and prepare skin before swapping to Treatment Cream Two for the next seven nights to help repair the look of wrinkles. By switching back and forth between these two creams every seven days your skin will reap the superior benefits of the anti-aging Super Retinol Complex. It’s the continuation of the rotational technology that helps provide continuous results that do not stall even over a full year.   Formula 1- The Prep Phase. The hero ingredients in the first formula consists of Phytol, a plant derived antiaging active and high levels of humectant. Combined, they work together to prep, replenish and moisturise skin. They also prepare your skin to receive the Super Retinol Complex in phase two.   Formula 2 : The Treatment Phase Now that your skin is prepared, the Super Retinol Complex helps reduce the signs of aging and boost collagen. By binding to your skin’s surface, the Super Retinol Complex has the ability to dramatically improve the look of tone, clarity and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.   The Results?  For a long time pure retinol has been considered to be the best cosmetic treatment for wrinkles. With ANEW Infinite Effects you can get even better results on wrinkles that intensify over time. If you don’t believe us then listen to the women who have trialled the product over the past year and have seen for themselves the incredible results. Finally it’s time to say goodbye to lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dark spots and reveal dramatically younger looking skin.     What the experts from Avon's Skincare Institute say:  Anthony Gonzalez, Director of Research & Development:  “Avon was first to market with stabilised retinol and AHAs. We have a 25+ year history of disruptive innovation. ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream represents the next gamechanging innovation from Avon that can boast anti-aging results that intensify month after month and do not stall, with results that are proven by a one year clinical study.”   Lisa Gallow, Global Head of Product Development: “Through the Infinite Effects journey, we have learned that you don’t always need a new molecule  or ingredient. Sometimes what it takes to create the next industry-changing innovation is looking at  existing technologies in a brand new way.”   Want to be the first to get your hands on your own Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream? Join 14K others who have joined our waiting list !  By signing up, you could  be in with a chance of  winning 1 of 1000 FREE products!   Leigh x      
Nail Guru Nail Guru replied
Very excited about this product, started using it on Sunday and although no results yet, I'm going ... more
Skin so soft
Hi there I'm new to AVON and I have a customer wanting to order the skin so soft that is good for keeping the midgies away, can anyone please guide me to which one this would be please so I can recommend it thanks cx
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Summer mark gel nail shades!
How cute are these summer nail shades? I can't wait to try them all! I'm in love with Cerise-ly!   The others are from (top to bottom) Just Beachy, Bittersweet and Daysie   which one is your fave?    Shop the range HERE x     
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Loving the summer colours! more
Summer Holidays Approaching!
Hey mums!   How are we all feeling now the holidays are approaching? I've written my complicated holiday childcare spreadsheet and am about set!   What have you got planned to keep the little ones busy? x  
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My son's only 3 so still goes to nursery throughout the summer but we do have a couple of trips pla... more
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