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For Men
I have been asked a few times why is it that Avon sells razors for ladies but not for men. And I say well I don't know why really and also just more things for men in genral.
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Just a suggestion? Avon... Why not have a male model on the front cover (like when Jamie Redknapp ju... more
Benefits of being an Avon Rep
1. The opportunity is open to you regardless of ethnicity, colour, sex/gender, sexual orientation, disability, the only age restriction is - you have to be over 18, but other than that it's 18-...  2. You can fit it around your schedule 3. You can sell on a territory (ie your street, or nearby street), family, friends, party plan 4. You have the opportunity of recruiting and training a team of representatives and earning more 5. The more you sell, the more you earn (up to 25% discount) 6. The products are covered by a 28 day money back guarantee 7. Free delivery so long as you have orders over a certain amount 8. You meet new people 9. Demonstration products [discounted] which are available 2 Campaigns before they are in the brochure 10. Discounted clearance products (items may not appear in customers' brochures) 11. The fee to join is minimal compared to other direct selling companies 12. Don't have to pay for the products up front 13. Fabulous new brochure every 3 weeks 14. Products can be bought to boost your business 15. Training section on your represetative website 16. You can post a Personal Online Brochure (POB) onto FaceBook etc to gain more customers     Carolyn
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
when people pay ypu you pay the discouned amout to avon and keep the rest x more
What's the one Avon product that you couldn't live without...
Hi everyone,   I was drinking my green tea this morning and thought "I definitely couldn't live without green tea!" I then started thinking about what Avon products I couldn't live without, and I definitely couldn't live without E-Defence Deep Recovery Night Cream or Clinical Eye Lift PRO now!   Let me know what Avon products you couldn't live without and why!   Char x
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Got to be lip balm. If my lips are feeling soft and silky, I'm a very happy bunny! more
Favourite School Memories...
Morning everyone,    I was thinking about how much I missed school this morning!   What are all of your favourite school memories?    Char x
Contributor Contributor replied
Primary school was rubbish as most of the kids were chavs or just plain mean Secondary... much ... more
Why do you do Avon?
Just curious to see why you do Avon? How long did it take you to get a good reputation x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
I love the products and my rep became a good friend and is now team leader. Her enthusiasm brought m... more
Cake I made for a friend
Ive just finnished making this cake for a friend who once fell over his can of coke and broke his glasses. Its my 3rd cake Ive ever iced not bad for a beginner...YAY to the broken glasses not actually falling apart (13 hours until it is presented to him, and delivery oh my!) Here is the second cake Id ever iced, this was for my friends grandads 90th birthday 3 weeks ago:
Contributor Contributor replied
That's awesome, I can't even ice fairy cakes haha more
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