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Competition time: Fergie Fragrance!
Fergie has given us a special interview to tell us why she loves working with Avon. To celebrate, we are giving one lucky Avon Beauty Connects member a chance to win all 4 Fergie fragrances! The fragrances are: Outspoken EDP, Outspoken Intense EDP, Outspoken Fresh EDP and Viva EDP.   To enter the competition all you need to do is tell us which Fergie fragrance is your favourite and why! Post your comments below, you can find the terms and conditions here . Good luck!     We asked Fergie:   What was your goal when creating these fragrances? These fragrances are extremely personal to me. Outspoken is about being confident and opinionated, Outspoken Intense is a magnified version of that - it's just a little more out there! I hope women everywhere feel the same confidence that I do when I wear them.   What was it like shooting the campaign for Outspoken? Oh it was wild! Plus, the photo shoot felt like being on stage again. The looks were pretty sexy. It's nice to have the chance to wear these styles. I felt really empowered.   How do you want women to feel when they wear Outspoken? I want women to feel liberated and self-assured. And when you wear Outspoken, I want you to be outspoken! That means speaking your mind and not being afraid to have an opinion.   What has it been like working with Avon? I've loved it from day one! Partnering with Avon is more than just creating a fragrance. It's about being part of a worldwide effort to empower and support women. I'm so proud to collaborate with a company that helps women realise their dreams and potential.   Why do you think Outspoken has been so successful? Obviously Avon's Representatives and customers, are to thank for Outspoken's success. But for them to have made such a triumph, I believe that women are realising the importance of being assertive and that they really know how to get what they want in life.
Visitor lornamc Visitor replied
My favourite too is Outspoken - I always have a minature bottle in my bag to dab on when needed.  ... more
does anyone agree?
most people say far and away perfume is for the older generation, but I think it's gorgeous! ☺️
Contributor Contributor replied
Yes I carry a few perfume samples in my bag,plus I always put a sample in each order.It's my way of... more
What's the one Avon product that you couldn't live without...
Hi everyone,   I was drinking my green tea this morning and thought "I definitely couldn't live without green tea!" I then started thinking about what Avon products I couldn't live without, and I definitely couldn't live without E-Defence Deep Recovery Night Cream or Clinical Eye Lift PRO now!   Let me know what Avon products you couldn't live without and why!   Char x
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
any Avon nail pro+ varnish - any colour i have always got avon nail varnish on, my collection is ge... more
Just been thinking of what I would change about myself if I could, my God there are so many things I would change,   So I would like to know what you would change about yourself if you could   Roles The changes must be possible The changes can be Mental ,Emotional or Physical The Changes can only be made to yourself (we would all like a better car or a bigger house) Be realistic Once you have listed your changes, ask yourself why you have not already changed the things on your list   Mark   XXX
Zelma cape loved by Ashley James
Blogger and Made in Chelsea cast member Ashley James has recently posted the Zelma Avon Cape on her blog. The piece states “The greatest thing about this cape is that it's reversible so you can wear it black or beige depending on your outfit. I'm ALWAYS cold at winter so I like having an extra layer to put over me if I need it, and this cape is easy to fit in a handbag or be worn as a scarf.”     You can read the full article   here   Have you tried the Zelma cape? If so, what do you think?   Chanelle  
primary school yes or no?
Has anyone home schooled or flexi schooled their children? Ive got a 4 yr old starting next sept and was starting to consider flexi schooling if we were allowed to. X
Contributor Contributor replied
Mixing it would be good - I don't know how schools work mixing, whether they would all do it etc.  ... more
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