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Ive never put on make up
Hello everyone, I'm 29 years old with bloctchy blemish ridden skin. I had bells palsy 3 years ago and an allergic reaction shortly after which caused my eyes and forehead to swell. My eye lids ended up looking hooded after and one of my eye lids is droopy from time to time. Since becoming a rep Ive really noticed how important it is for me to look good and to try out the products too so I have gone and bought almost every product in the same tone as the lovely lady who did the youtube video get the winter look for c17 (i think). Hopefully it all turns up next week! I have no idea how to put any of this on or if its even the right tone for my skin etc. Has anyone else started to wear make up just because they were introduced through avon? I truly am scaredd of putting it on and looking stupid, i hate drawing attention to myself for the way I look lol and I hope the mascara stays put, I got the areo one thats waterproof as id hate it to run down my face. Im also slightly worried about using any eye shadow as Id hate for it too make my eyes look worse. Any tips or advise of how I can get some one on one help would be fantastic? Do I need a base before applying powder to liquid foundation? can I use the truly radiant products I have ordered from todays deal as a base? My skin is fairly combination so I use only water to wash my face which has cleared up my teen like spots but left me with dry/oily patches all over my nose and forehead. Many thanks x ps sorry to ramble, Its late
New Contributor New Contributor replied
  hi im a new rep on my third campaign, and already i find myself trying make up i wouldnt normall... more
hi im looking throw the first look brochure and whats the demo price what do u get iwth it ?  please help 
Frequent Contributor Frequent Contributor replied
It's better to ask this sort of thing in the Rep or New Rep area - not out here where anyone can s... more
Fergie Fragrance competition: The winner!
The winner is.....   @bravissimo     Congraulations! You have won all 4 of the Fergie perfumes. Please PM me your address and I will send these out to you  
Contributor Contributor replied
Congratulations!  x more
Avon Connects and Avon Beauty Connects Competitions
Hi everyone!   We are currently contacting everyone who was a prize winner on Avon Connects, so please don't worry- you won’t miss out!   We should be in touch soon, and there will be giveaways coming soon on Avon Beauty Connects   Looking forward to working with you all!   Char x
Contributor Contributor replied
Hi Sally The winners for that competition were announced on the 9th Sept.  x more
fixed discounts
am gutted there i have an order for all most £100 but al not be making any commision on it as itd 1D or starwars stuff why dont we seen any commision on this stuff this is almost half my order 
Contributor Contributor replied
Hi Hun you will make something on it but it doesnt show up until your invoice is ready normally a c... more
Help with Maternity Leave
Hi Everyone. I am sorry if this has been posted before, but I was wandering if anyone else has been in my situation. Like some of us on here, I have a part time job as well as being and AVON rep. I am about to go on Maternity Leave from my part time Job. I am hoping to take a full year off this job and I am getting Statutory Maternity Pay from this (SMP). However I wish to carry on being an AVON rep while I am on Maternity Leave from my other job and only miss a few campagins with AVON when the baby is born. Can I do this? I know this cannot be done if I was claiming Maternity Allowance but I have heard it is different if you claim SMP from your other job. Would I also need to tell DWP or Inland Revenue about this as I am not claiming any Materninty Pay from the AVON job? MAny thanks for anyone who can help x
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