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I'm looking for a foundation that looks good and smooth on older skin, i'm using cashmere foundation but it tends to "seperate" and go into the fine lines any advice would be appreciated xx
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Mum uses the ideal flawless cream to powder foundation. She has no issues with it seperating :) I r... more
Anyone into nail art
i am daft on nails!! I have a thing for nail art too. Anyone else into nail art or scared to try? I love Avon polish they are a brilliant formula and also fantastic ranges. Would love to hear what everyone does with their nails and any tips or tricks!!
New Contributor New Contributor replied
I love nail art, but my issue is a) I'm useless at art and b) I have no nails!!! honestly I've trie... more
Avon Beauty Blog - Feather nail art

Hi everyone, I'm Fee from Makeup Savvy, and today I'm going to show you how to create feather nail art.




As we are coming into Autumn soft muted shades on the nails look perfect, think dove greys and warm neutral shades. However delicate nail art is the only pairing that can be made to compliment such shades which is why soft feather nail art is perfect. Beautifully intricate you may be thinking these are beyond your capabilities but fear not this is a simple design that can be achieved in no time!




How to create feather nail art -


1. Start by painting the nails and leaving to dry. My nail polish of choice was Avon Nailwear Pro in Neutral grey, a stunning colour that applies with ease and only requires one coat!


2. Next taking the brush side of the Avon Nail Art Tool and an opaque white – I love Avon French Manicure White, paint small sweeping flicks onto each nail. Don't worry these don't need to be overly neat, they just need to have a slight curve to them.


3. From the flicks of nail polish you have created you then want to paint small sweeping strokes from that, making one side slightly shorter than the other. To give a light sweeping touch that gives that delicate look simply use a light hand and lift your brush up towards the end of each little stroke you make.


4. Once dry you can then go back in with Avon Nailwear Pro Neutral Grey and add a few more flicks to the feathers to add dimension.


To soften the overall look even more finish with a thick coat of your favourite top coat, or why not add a touch of glitter to the feathers. 


Avon Beauty Blog - Fang-tastic Halloween nails!

Happy Halloween! I'm back to share with you a scary nail look that's perfect for the occasion. Yes, you may be looking at these nails and be thinking you could never achieve that but trust me, broken down into 5 simple steps makes these nails actually easy to do! So why not give these Vampire nails a try and impress everyone this Halloween.




1. Start by painting your nails with a vivid red. Here I've gone my ultimate favourite red nail polish in Gel Finish 'Roses Are Red' – perfectly vivid and glossy.


2. After letting the nails dry, you then want to take the dotting tool side of the Avon Nail Art Tool, and dot two curved lines onto the nail as seen in the above image.


3. Do this nail-by-nail and the fill in the middle of the nails with more black nail polish. Here I've used Speed Dry+ 'Rapid Black'. Don't worry at this stage they will still look messy.


4. Allow the nails to fully dry, then using the brush end of the Avon Nail Art Tool and an opaque white nail polish, carefully paint on two curved lines with a space in-between for the two main fangs, then fill in with small strokes for the rest of the teeth. This may look intricate but make sure to load your brush with enough white and apply with small strokes.


5. To finish go back in with your red nail polish and dot small flecks on to the end of random teeth.




Make sure to finish with a clear top coat to finish everything off and then you are done – pretty cool vampire teeth nails!

new book
How do i look at the new book online
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Hiya,   Please see the link below: ... more
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