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Ive never put on make up
Hello everyone, I'm 29 years old with bloctchy blemish ridden skin. I had bells palsy 3 years ago and an allergic reaction shortly after which caused my eyes and forehead to swell. My eye lids ended up looking hooded after and one of my eye lids is droopy from time to time. Since becoming a rep Ive really noticed how important it is for me to look good and to try out the products too so I have gone and bought almost every product in the same tone as the lovely lady who did the youtube video get the winter look for c17 (i think). Hopefully it all turns up next week! I have no idea how to put any of this on or if its even the right tone for my skin etc. Has anyone else started to wear make up just because they were introduced through avon? I truly am scaredd of putting it on and looking stupid, i hate drawing attention to myself for the way I look lol and I hope the mascara stays put, I got the areo one thats waterproof as id hate it to run down my face. Im also slightly worried about using any eye shadow as Id hate for it too make my eyes look worse. Any tips or advise of how I can get some one on one help would be fantastic? Do I need a base before applying powder to liquid foundation? can I use the truly radiant products I have ordered from todays deal as a base? My skin is fairly combination so I use only water to wash my face which has cleared up my teen like spots but left me with dry/oily patches all over my nose and forehead. Many thanks x ps sorry to ramble, Its late
Cake I made for a friend
Ive just finnished making this cake for a friend who once fell over his can of coke and broke his glasses. Its my 3rd cake Ive ever iced not bad for a beginner...YAY to the broken glasses not actually falling apart (13 hours until it is presented to him, and delivery oh my!) Here is the second cake Id ever iced, this was for my friends grandads 90th birthday 3 weeks ago:
Contributor Contributor replied
Thanks everyone, I have another order for the 6th of december. Its a cake in the shape of the numbe... more
Morning Avoners!   I'm just catching up on Gogglebox from last night... Who else loves it? Who's everyone's favourite? I can't decide!!    Char x    
Contributor Contributor replied
I missed that but will be watching them again on the iplayer just to catch it haha Love this sho... more
Thoughts on Fashion & Home Products Please...
Hi everyone,   A colleague of mine in the Fashion & Home department would like some feed back on the following:   What would you like to see more of? Are there any products that you would want to learn more about? Such as around sizing guides, body types, etc (educational articles). What do you not find useful? What’s sells/what hasn’t? What’s your favourite themes around products? What would get you selling more Fashion & Home products? Thanks in advance!    Char x
Contributor Contributor replied
We need to sell more shoes in 3 and 4 ,I lost quite a few sales recently due to only having larger ... more
Why do you do Avon?
Just curious to see why you do Avon? How long did it take you to get a good reputation x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
I did this originally because i hated my previous job, wanted to leave but was too scared to have n... more
hi im new here
New Member New Member replied
Hi hi hi,   And I'm new too. New rep and new to the 'connects' site. Still finding my feet for bo... more
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