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Black Friday
Come on, own up who is spending all their money on BLACK FRIDAY
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Work is so hard more
Shopping Trip with the Kids - a funny song
I started this yesterday and finished it today (28th Nov 14).   This is for all parents out there who have had a bad shopping experience with your kids (or anyone else's)   Hope you enjoy!   Shopping Trip with Kids    
Hi all,   It's that wonderful Friday Favourites time again! Please let me know what your favourite product is this week for a chance to win it    Good luck and HAPPY FRIDAY!   Char x   Please see the T&Cs via the link below: rint/Friday-Favourites-Terms-amp-Conditions-28-11- ...
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Nail Selection Box please.   more
Wall of Silence campaign hits the Daily Mail!
You may have already seen that Nick Clegg posted a selfie earlier this week, joining a host of celebrities including Sophie Ellis-Bexter, Gillian Anderson and Lorraine Kelly who have shown their support for our impactful Wall of Silence campaign, and so far we have had almost 4,000 uploads.   In addition to the Daily Mail we have seen great pieces in the Huffington Post, Best Daily and Elle online, all positively promoting Avon’s support of this campaign.   Read the Daily Mail post here   With almost two weeks still to run, we are confident of reaching thousands more people and raising more money for our charity partners through this inspiring campaign. If you have not shown your support yet, please do so by posting your ssshh selfie to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #wallofsilence or load directly to the site here and encourage your friends and family to join too.  Remember, for every picture shared Avon donates £1 to the cause.    Domestic Violence is a taboo subject surrounded by a Wall of Silence. By raising awareness of this, we can break down the wall and encourage women to Speak Out.  
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 still can't see it :( Is it in today's paper? If so, I will go and buy it, but after my Avon has... more
For Men
I have been asked a few times why is it that Avon sells razors for ladies but not for men. And I say well I don't know why really and also just more things for men in genral.
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Also we need mens things to post on our facebook pages everything that is given to us to post is al... more
#wallofsilence campaign
With November almost over, make sure you have submitted your Wall of Silence selfie!    Read our previous post here  to see which celebrities have been backing our campaign (even Nick Clegg has shared his selfie!), and read here to see Charli Baileys story behind her #wallofsilence campaign.   Remember Avon UK will donate £1 for every selfie uploaded, shared between our two domestic violence charity partners, Refuge and Women's Aid. Share on social media with the hastag #wallofsilence or upload to   Here's the Beauty Connects team's selfies...         Have you submitted yours?
Community Editor Community Editor replied
Hi Amy,   Thats brilliant thank you for your support. Unfortunately on Instagram the hastag nee... more
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