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Avon Beauty Blog - Fragrant Layers of Summer

Luscious fruits, cooling citruses and the warmth of blushing florals and amber make up these delightful little bottles of perfumes. Combine the scents to create irresistible infusions from the Scent Essence Collection.




You have your Vibrant Fruity, Velvet Amber, Sparkly Citrus, and Romantic Bouquet.


Vibrant Fruity features blackberry, apple blossom and soft woods.


Velvet Amber features golden plumeria, addictive vanilla and light amber.


Sparkly Citrus features bergamot, lime blossom and cedar wood.


Romantic Bouquet features violet blossom, peony petals and vetiver.


These can be layered together to create a combination of warmth and lightness.





My favourite combination is the Velvet Amber with the Sparkly Citrus. The amber creates the warmth while the citrus scents add an extremely refreshing lightness.


Or you could add the amber with your fruit scents to create a delicious blend. Add the romantic scent of blossoms to the warm amber to create a hazy magical scent of summer.





The longevity of these fragrances isn’t as long as Avon’s other perfumes, but they smell so good you want to keep spraying them. I’m especially addicted to the citrus, so refreshing!


So why don’t you give these delightful little bottles a go and see which combination of scents you love? I'd love to hear your favourite combination Smiley Happy 

Fresh and Fabulous Blog - Bright Summer Accessories

casa 4.jpgI absolutely love the new Casa Di Rosa Italian-inspired collection that is new to Avon. Each exclusive design is inspired by the beauty and elegance of Italy, created with exceptional craftsmanship and made using premium materials and hardware.

First up is the Leoni Premium Colour Block Handbag. This stunning handbag comes in 2 colours, red or mustard. My favourite is the mustard, but don't worry, I will definitely be using the red too!







The quality of these bags is outstanding, with hand-painted edges and metal feet for a luxurious finish. I can't tell you how many times the bottom of a handbag has been ruined, because it did not have the metal feet to protect it every time I put the bag down. This is a must in my books.
The inside of the bags have matching colour linings with a phone compartment and a zipped compartment. They are spacious, I could easily carry 2 notebooks, my purse, my camera and some makeup items.
Each handbag also comes with a detachable strap. Whichever colour you choose, these lovely handbags are elegant yet practical.







Next up are the new Casa Di Rosa Leoni Fringed Sandals. These gorgeous sandals are made in Italy with beautiful, genuine suede. They are designed with your comfort and style in mind. You can choose from black or mustard and comes in Sizes 4-8. I am so happy!







I really needed a new pair of sandals and these are perfect. I can't wait for some dry, warm spring weather, so that I can finally put on a lovely maxi dress and my new Leoni sandals. Unfortunately it is raining so much right now I couldn't wear them outside, so I wore them inside instead! They are extremely comfortable, no rubbing or chafing, and a perfect fit! You will definitely love these sandals! Both the handbags and the sandals will be available in Brochure 9.
I hope you will love this new collection as much as I do, as they say in Italian, it is ‘Bellissimo’!








Fresh and Fabulous Blog - Creating Magik in the Kitchen with my Kitchen Magik Cookie Creator

I couldn’t wait to get started with the new Cookie Creator from Kitchen Magik. It comes with 13 biscuit stamps and 6 icing nozzles. My daughter and I had so much fun making cookies with this.





It comes with an easy recipe:

250g of soft butter

50g of icing sugar

250g of plain flour

50g of self-raising flour

1 tsp of vanilla extract




It says to mix all the ingredients together until fluffy but I guess I’m a baker at heart, so I mixed the ingredients in stages as I was taught by my Mother. She will be proud. 😁




I creamed the butter and sugar, added the eggs, sifted the flour and folded it into the mixture, then added the vanilla.





My daughter and I then spooned the mixture into the chamber ready to pump. Now, which shaped disc to choose. 


Disc chosen, we were ready to pump...




Holding the cookie gun flat to the tray, we squeezed the dough out. I found that squeezing twice at first helps as there was air in the chamber and it helped to press all the dough down. After that it was a doddle and we pumped away.




This recipe makes a lot of biscuits. We had dough leftover to create more biscuits the next day.


Into the oven they went at 190 •C Gas Mark 5, until golden brown, approximately 11 minutes.




We transferred them to a cooling rack before icing.


For the icing it was easier when we held the cookie gun at an angle while pumping the icing slowly out.


The nozzles can also be used for icing cupcakes and cakes, so this is an extremely versatile tool.




We loved using the Cookie Press and will definitely be using it a lot. There are a variety of shaped discs, so can be used all year round. I tried to make this as in depth as I could and really hope you will try this Cookie Press in your kitchen. I’m sure you will love it as much as we do!


Melissa x


Click here to shop now. 

Fresh and Fabulous Blog - What’s In My Summer Clutch Bag?

Hi, LovedByLaura here!


Summer is finally here and you know what that means? It’s wedding season! If that didn’t keep my weekends busy enough, I’m also cramming in a trip to London for afternoon tea and a day out at the races this season so my clutch bag is going to be kept very busy!  


Here’s what I keep in mine (a very cute Lipsy number by the way) to see me through every eventuality: 


Mark. Glow On Pressed Powder- This little compact does triple duty which is great news when you only have a little bag! Not only does it help keep my makeup intact and my face shine free, it’s also SPF30 and has a really good sized mirror too which is super handy for touch ups when I’m out and about. 


Avon Whats In My Clutch Bag 8 .jpg


Mark. Be Blushed Cream Blush Stick- This applies as a cream but gently buff a small amount into the apples of your cheeks with your finger and it will transform into a powder blush with a beautiful hint of shimmer. It looks gorgeous with a hint of a tan and is perfect for bringing back a healthy glow after a long day! 


Avon Whats In My Clutch Bag 7 .jpg


Mark. Plump It Up Lip GlossI prefer lip gloss to lipstick in Summer and this slimline version from Mark. is the perfect choice. It provides a subtle tint to enhance your lips natural shade and has a non sticky lip plumping formula to leave you with luscious fuller lips! 


Avon Whats In My Clutch Bag 5 .jpg



Safety Pins- You’re not going to need one of these very often, but on that one occasion where your bra strap breaks or your skirt unexpectedly rips you’ll thank me for this one. I never leave the house without one after my own embarrassing incident! 


Avon Whats In My Clutch Bag 12 .jpg


Tissues- There’s always some reason that you need a few tissues in your bag whether it’s the disaster of queueing for hours to find that there’s no loo roll, or an unexpected makeup emergency! 


Avon Whats In My Clutch Bag 14 .jpg


Mints/Gum- For that time you meet The One after having a garlic pizza! Or, er, just want to feel minty fresh after a long day. 


Avon Whats In My Clutch Bag 11 .jpg


Mini Purse- I hate that awkward moment when I know I’ve got the change to pay for my drink but just can’t seem to find it in the dark recesses of my handbag! Nowadays a slimline little purse for coins and notes earns its spot in my clutch to save my blushes! 


So I hope you liked having a peek inside my Summer clutch bag. What essentials do you keep in yours?

Fresh and Fabulous Blog - Fitness diary: how I tracked my steps with a Bluetooth Fitness Monitor

Hi everyone,


I'm back and really pleased to be here. I've made a video fitness diary for you using the new Avon Bluetooth Fitness Monitor... 


Find out how I got on here >>



If you're improving your health this spring... let me know! I would love to find out what fitness challenges you're setting yourself for summer.


My fitness goals are small: I want to boost the number of steps I take a day... help my sleep and understand exactly what I get done in a day. I suppose one of the goals I also have is to go and glow more!



Me, out and aboutMe, out and aboutfitness monitor.jpg

Shop the Bluetooth Fitness Monitor here


Avon Beauty Blog - My NEW T by Tabitha Webb fashion collection

Hi everyone, It's great to be here, and working with Avon on a lovely new exclusive fashion line, launching in July for A/W16. 


My modern British 'T by Tabitha Webb' collectionMy modern British 'T by Tabitha Webb' collection


The mood of the new T by Tabitha Webb collection is designed to make you smileThe mood of the new T by Tabitha Webb collection is designed to make you smile


I've had a fantastic time creating a collection of accessories that I think will work perfectly in your wardrobe. Each piece is aimed at making you smile and getting people talking. Who doesn't love that feeling when your new handbag gets envious glances?? Or your umbrella is so chic you're almost glad when it rains?


Showing off the new oxblood handbag and my newly designed scarf... and in the background you can see the weekender bagShowing off the new oxblood handbag and my newly designed scarf... and in the background you can see the weekender bag 


As well as a wonderful scarf and umbrella and purse, I hope you'll love the oxblood handbag as much as I do. And be inspired to pack for a trip away with the spacious weekender bag. Each piece has been designed in a beautiful deep burgundy with a striking aqua blue lining - I hope you'll agree it's the perfect modern British look. 


I was lucky enough to meet Avon Representative Glenice @wonderwoman1973 and chat about her favourite Avon beauty products, and what she loves to wear! She really is a lovely, stylish lady and gave me her seal of approval on the collection.


Giving Glenice a sneak preview of the collection (dress not included in Avon collection)Giving Glenice a sneak preview of the collection (dress not included in Avon collection) 

I'll share some behind the scenes shots from the Avon brochure photoshoot soon.


In the meantime, let me know what you think of the new collection, and which trends you will be wearing this summer!!


Tabitha x

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