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Fresh and Fabulous Blog - Bright Summer Accessories

casa 4.jpgI absolutely love the new Casa Di Rosa Italian-inspired collection that is new to Avon. Each exclusive design is inspired by the beauty and elegance of Italy, created with exceptional craftsmanship and made using premium materials and hardware.

First up is the Leoni Premium Colour Block Handbag. This stunning handbag comes in 2 colours, red or mustard. My favourite is the mustard, but don't worry, I will definitely be using the red too!







The quality of these bags is outstanding, with hand-painted edges and metal feet for a luxurious finish. I can't tell you how many times the bottom of a handbag has been ruined, because it did not have the metal feet to protect it every time I put the bag down. This is a must in my books.
The inside of the bags have matching colour linings with a phone compartment and a zipped compartment. They are spacious, I could easily carry 2 notebooks, my purse, my camera and some makeup items.
Each handbag also comes with a detachable strap. Whichever colour you choose, these lovely handbags are elegant yet practical.







Next up are the new Casa Di Rosa Leoni Fringed Sandals. These gorgeous sandals are made in Italy with beautiful, genuine suede. They are designed with your comfort and style in mind. You can choose from black or mustard and comes in Sizes 4-8. I am so happy!







I really needed a new pair of sandals and these are perfect. I can't wait for some dry, warm spring weather, so that I can finally put on a lovely maxi dress and my new Leoni sandals. Unfortunately it is raining so much right now I couldn't wear them outside, so I wore them inside instead! They are extremely comfortable, no rubbing or chafing, and a perfect fit! You will definitely love these sandals! Both the handbags and the sandals will be available in Brochure 9.
I hope you will love this new collection as much as I do, as they say in Italian, it is ‘Bellissimo’!








Fresh and Fabulous Blog - How do I wear a shirt dress?

Hey everyone… Spring has sprung which to me means it’s time for a wardrobe update. It’s always great to have a few keys pieces that can be worn several ways to get you through a new season, which is why the Kenzo Takada Shirt Dress is the perfect dress. It’s such a pretty and versatile style that can be worn several ways, both casual and dressy.


Avon Dress 2.png


Avon Dress 9.png




If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere warm and sunny soon then this is the perfect day dress for that. It’s a really light material so it won’t cling and stick in the heat. All you need to complete the outfit is some sun cream, pretty sandals or comfy flat pumps.


Avon Dress 3.png



I love the main monochrome colours of this dress, with subtle hints of greens, yellows and pinks for the detailing of the flowers. Because of the simple and subtle colours it makes it an easy dress to match to any shoes, including bright silver metallic ones. The silver flats really make the dress stand out, and look perfect for a day at the shops, lunching or just running errands (whilst looking stylish, of course). If the UK weather isn’t playing ball just throw on some tights and pack an umbrella.


Avon Dress 8.png


You can also style this over some jeans as a kimono; team with some black skinny jeans and vest top, then wear the shirt dress unbuttoned and cinched in at the waist with a belt


Avon Dress 5.png



The great thing about simple dresses is that it’s so easy to dress up or down. For a night out or fancy meal you can pair this with some shoe boot heels, clutch bag, silver jewellery and your favourite lipstick for a glam look.


Avon Dress 4.png


The Kenzo dress is soooo versatile!!!


How will you style yours?


Shop Kenzo Takada Shirt Dress now


Avon Beauty Blog - PREVIEW: Brows for Now


Hi everyone. It’s Hayley here again, with an extra spring in my step from all this sunshine we have been having.


Also, because Avon have released a fab new collection of products recently, called mark. I adore the packaging of the new products, lots of monochrome mixed with the bright colours of the products really makes it pop. One of the newer releases is their brow compacts, which come in both brown and blonde.


Avon Brows - PINK - 2.png


Brows can really make a difference to your whole look and the strong brow look is TOTALLY on trend. A well-groomed brow can add a whole new lease of life to your look, and confidence too - I rarely leave the house without doing my brows. With that in mind I wanted to share some of my brow tips with you all.


Avon Brows - PINK - 4.png


Whether you’re new to doing your brows, or a brow pro there are some great products to help you.



First up you want to make sure your natural brows are in tip top condition as it will make filling them in a whole lot easier.


Using the comb end of the Avon Eyebrow Scissors gently brush your brows in to shape; the front ends (near the bridge of your nose) will need to be brushed up slightly in the direction they grow and the rest of the brow brushed slightly up and across.


Once you have them all in place you can use the comb and scissor ends to trim any unruly brow hairs. This may sound a little scary but as the scissors are combined with the brush it makes it so much easier and less daunting to do.

Avon Scissors 2.png



Avon Brows - PINK - 8.png 



If you have fairly sparse brows and aren’t used to outlining a shape freehand then the Avon Brow Stencil Set will be perfect to get you started.


The set contains 4 different stencils in various brow shapes so that there’s one to suit every face shape. My tip would be to have a practice run with each stencil before committing to the perfect one - having perfectly groomed brows will take some getting used to if you’re new to brows that wow.


Here are my before and after shots


Avon Brows - BEFORE - 1.png

 Avon Brows - UNDERLINED - 1.pngAvon Brows - UNDERLINED - 2.png




Whether you’re using the stencil or filling them in freehand it’s best to start off by using a light touch, especially on the inner part of the brows (near the bridge of the nose). The Mark kit is very handy as it comes with a mini brush and mirror in the compact so you can pop it in your bag for touch ups, although you won’t need them if you use the wax part of the kit.


OK, so now you are ready to freehand the filling in of your brows. First start by lightly dipping your brush in the mark powder and tracing a line on the bottom of your brows. This way you can start to build the shape up gradually.


Avon Brows - FULL - 1.pngAvon Brows - FULL - 5.png


Next up I always find it easiest to shape the arch of my brow and fill in the tail. The tail of your brows should be the darkest part as your brows should look fuller as you work from front to back.


It’s now time to complete the brow by drawing a line on the top of your brow to complete the shape. Finally you can blend the product on the lower brow line up and the product on the upper brow line down. By doing this and not adding more product to your brush you get a really nice natural look and still with the ombre/fade effect at the front of your brows.


Getting wow brows is a lot easier than you think and nowhere near as scary or daunting. Just remember, your brows are sisters and not twins. Oh, and practice, practice, practice.


Fresh and Fabulous Blog - The ONLY tote you need

Hello everyone, it’s me again Heart


First off I have something to admit… I am obsessed with tote bags. I have many, and by many I mean there is a draw in my kitchen full of them. But, they are all just a bit boring or too small.


Avon Tote 3.png


I became addicted to tote bags after an unfortunate incident at work; I took home someone else’s Tupperware from the kitchen as we were both using the same supermarket carrier bag to cart around our wares. Ever since then I have always preferred to use a tote, they look more stylish than a carrier bag, and there’s no risk of me having to wash someone else’s lunch dishes up.


Avon Tote 7.pngAvon Tote 4.png

The Avon monogram tote is perfect, as I know for sure it’s mine - I mean it has my initial on it after all. Not only that but it’s a good size; I can fit in my lunch, laptop and still have room for several lipsticks. What more could I need I hear you cry. Well, as I like to carry around my whole life with me on a day to day basis I also need something that will hold up against the weight. A lot of tote bags I have had in the past have only had a few stiches to attach the handle to the bag, whereas as you can see the Avon tote is very well stitched in place.


Avon Tote 3.png


The colours will go with whatever you’re wearing; you can’t beat a monochrome accessory. Whilst using the bag I have had many people ask where it’s from, including my mum who has informed me that she will be changing the H initial to an A so that she can have it. It’s certainly and fashionable, yet very functional, bag that I can see me using all throughout the year to carry my treasures and wares around wherever I go - including the beach later on this year.


Do you carry around everything and the kitchen sink with you day to day?


Shop the Initial Shopper here

Fresh and Fabulous Blog - Every kitchen needs this

I tried this clever kitchen jug out... and thought you might like to see a video.


Let me know what you think if you also have one...


You can buy Avon's homeware collection online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE





Avon Beauty Blog - Mirror watch

Hi everyone, which spring fashion treats are you trying out this month?


Here's my little bit of spring arm candy... the Dexie Watch:




Avon are so great at designing GORGEOUS little innovations that help busy women always look their best, like this cute Dexie watch that has a built-in mirror to help you touch up your make-up wherever you are.




Shop the Dexie watch this spring in Avon Brochure 7!



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