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Avon Beauty Blog - Expressions of all that you are!

eve 1 (1).jpgDiscover Duet, a dazzling scent duo that can be layered to unveil a multifaceted scent that lingers from day to evening. This is a stunning perfume! It comes in a heavy, double side glass bottle. One is the Radiant fragrance, which is the clearer, lighter coloured side. The other is the Sensual fragrance, which is the purple coloured side. It looks expensive and the weight of the bottle feels expensive.


So, let’s move on to the fragrances shall we...

Avon Beauty Blog - Could this be the season's most beautiful handbag?

Hi everyone!


I am so EXCITED to hear that Avon have collaborated with British fashion designer, Tabitha Webb, to create an all-exclusive collection which is set to launch this summer.


 Out and about with Tabitha Webb HandbagOut and about with Tabitha Webb Handbag


To make you stand out from the crowd, the collection consists of a handbag, weekender bag, purse, scarf, and umbrella. Spoilt for choice and not sure which one to go for? I’ve managed to get my hands on the handbag, weekender bag and the purse (I know I’m a very lucky gal!) so here is a closer look at them to help you decide which one to buy...





This gorgeous oxblood burgundy handbag looks so chic and sophisticated, I absolutely love it. It’s a structured bag that can look both formal and casual. I’ve gone for a smart casual look and the bag looks so great with the outfit.


There are three divided compartments (the middle one is zipped) and the strap is adjustable and detachable, which is a bonus because you can create two looks with one bag! There’s plenty of space to put all your essentials and more.




Weekender Bag:




I’ve been using the Weekender Bag the most, as it’s such a great bag to put in all the things you need for a short weekend trip or an overnight stay at a friend’s house. It is extremely convenient for me to have a bag like this as I go back and forth quite a lot. I get compliments on it from friends, family, and even strangers...






This design is everything you want in a purse! It has a lovely gold hardware which looks so beautiful against the oxblood. On the inside, the purse is lined with a bold turquoise material which is a running theme to all of the bag designs in this collection. The purse has plenty of space to put your notes, coins, cards, and possibly even your phone on the inner compartment.


Shop the new Tabitha Webb collection now



Avon Beauty Blog - How to create this simple and smokey eye look




eyes after.jpg



To create this gorgeous smokey eye you will need: 




Start by using shade 2 from the Urban Skyline quad to create your transition shade, blend this into the crease and buff the shade out so create a soft finish. 


Move onto shade 3 and apply this directly onto the lid, this shade is slightly darker and will help to create a soft smokey eye, with ease. 

Add shade 1 onto the inner corner of the eye to open up the eyes and to create some extra sparkle. 


Then take your Glimmer Stick Eyeliner to add your wing, take your time with this and once you have completed that add some liner to the waterline. Smoke out the lower lash line using shade 3 from the Urban Skyline quad and finally add some mascara. 


The last step is optional, if you'd like to add some more definition and drama pop shade 4 onto the outer crease, take a small amount at a time and add where desired. 

Avon Halloween Eyes.jpg




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, do send us your recreations we'd love to see them!


P.s Keep you eyes peeled for an online only offer on all of the products used to create this look!


Leigh x

Fresh and Fabulous Blog - Creating Magik in the Kitchen with my Kitchen Magik Cookie Creator

I couldn’t wait to get started with the new Cookie Creator from Kitchen Magik. It comes with 13 biscuit stamps and 6 icing nozzles. My daughter and I had so much fun making cookies with this.





It comes with an easy recipe:

250g of soft butter

50g of icing sugar

250g of plain flour

50g of self-raising flour

1 tsp of vanilla extract




It says to mix all the ingredients together until fluffy but I guess I’m a baker at heart, so I mixed the ingredients in stages as I was taught by my Mother. She will be proud. 😁




I creamed the butter and sugar, added the eggs, sifted the flour and folded it into the mixture, then added the vanilla.





My daughter and I then spooned the mixture into the chamber ready to pump. Now, which shaped disc to choose. 


Disc chosen, we were ready to pump...




Holding the cookie gun flat to the tray, we squeezed the dough out. I found that squeezing twice at first helps as there was air in the chamber and it helped to press all the dough down. After that it was a doddle and we pumped away.




This recipe makes a lot of biscuits. We had dough leftover to create more biscuits the next day.


Into the oven they went at 190 •C Gas Mark 5, until golden brown, approximately 11 minutes.




We transferred them to a cooling rack before icing.


For the icing it was easier when we held the cookie gun at an angle while pumping the icing slowly out.


The nozzles can also be used for icing cupcakes and cakes, so this is an extremely versatile tool.




We loved using the Cookie Press and will definitely be using it a lot. There are a variety of shaped discs, so can be used all year round. I tried to make this as in depth as I could and really hope you will try this Cookie Press in your kitchen. I’m sure you will love it as much as we do!


Melissa x


Click here to shop now. 

Avon Beauty Blog - Introducing Eva Mendes as the face of Avon's latest fragrance, Eve Duet.

Hi Beauty Connects!


I'm so excited to announce Hollywood actress Eve Mendes as the face of our latest fragrance launch, Avon Eve Duet launcing on 18th October. 



 Read on to find out more..


Avon Beauty Blog - My NEW T by Tabitha Webb fashion collection

Hi everyone, It's great to be here, and working with Avon on a lovely new exclusive fashion line, launching in July for A/W16. 


My modern British 'T by Tabitha Webb' collectionMy modern British 'T by Tabitha Webb' collection


The mood of the new T by Tabitha Webb collection is designed to make you smileThe mood of the new T by Tabitha Webb collection is designed to make you smile


I've had a fantastic time creating a collection of accessories that I think will work perfectly in your wardrobe. Each piece is aimed at making you smile and getting people talking. Who doesn't love that feeling when your new handbag gets envious glances?? Or your umbrella is so chic you're almost glad when it rains?


Showing off the new oxblood handbag and my newly designed scarf... and in the background you can see the weekender bagShowing off the new oxblood handbag and my newly designed scarf... and in the background you can see the weekender bag 


As well as a wonderful scarf and umbrella and purse, I hope you'll love the oxblood handbag as much as I do. And be inspired to pack for a trip away with the spacious weekender bag. Each piece has been designed in a beautiful deep burgundy with a striking aqua blue lining - I hope you'll agree it's the perfect modern British look. 


I was lucky enough to meet Avon Representative Glenice @wonderwoman1973 and chat about her favourite Avon beauty products, and what she loves to wear! She really is a lovely, stylish lady and gave me her seal of approval on the collection.


Giving Glenice a sneak preview of the collection (dress not included in Avon collection)Giving Glenice a sneak preview of the collection (dress not included in Avon collection) 

I'll share some behind the scenes shots from the Avon brochure photoshoot soon.


In the meantime, let me know what you think of the new collection, and which trends you will be wearing this summer!!


Tabitha x

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