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How to place your Avon order.
Have you had a chance to check out 'My Avon Training' on your Representative website yet?   One of the modules breaks down placing your Avon order into 4 easy steps...   When logged into your Avon website click 'Manage my business'.    The dashboard shows the dscount carried over from the previous campaign. You can also see the amount of sales achieved in the current campaign and discount earned from online and offline orders.    To place an order, simply select 'Place an order' to begin.      You can see on the account page that you are placing an order for the most recent campaign.       At the top right hand side of the screen, you can also see when the last day of the campaign is and how long you have to place orders.        Simple select 'start my order' to add items.    Here's how easy it is to place your order in 4 easy steps...   1. Add items - First choose the campaign that the item you are ordering from is in, by selecting the current campaign from the drop down.    Input the product number and the number of items you wish to order.    Once you have captured the items you wnat you can save them.     The order is only saved at this stage. With flexible ordering you can submit a many orders as you wish during the current 3 week selling dates.    To add to a saved order, simple click 'View' in 'My Orders' from the dashboard.        Don't forget you can also place orders directly from the online brochure too! Select 'Brochure'.       You can navigate each page of the online brochure using the arrows. Click on the items you wish to add to your order.    A separate box will appear where you can then choose the products you wish to add to your order.       
How to provide your customers with good service
We all know how important it is to receive good customer service and your customers are no different. This is why we've thought of some ideas that will help you provide your customers with good service.    Welcome all new customers Whether your customer has placed an order online or through your brochure, it's always nice to say hello and give them that personal touch. Why not introduce yourself and that them for their order?    Your brochure is your shop window Drop a brochure off every campaign. It gives customers the chance to see what's new. Have a conversation about when you'll pick up the brochure so that they don't miss out. A text, knock on the door or a little note is a great way to keep your customers loyal to you.    Once you know your customers, you can offer them a unique experience by folding down the corner of the brochure, adding in notes or highlighting offers you think they'll like!   Why not add in a sample for them to try?    Some of your customers might like to browse your brochure but prefer to shop online, give them the option by adding in your online store link so they know where to shop with you.    Talk to your customers about new products Grow your sales by informing your customers about the products. Drop them a note, post of social or send them an email to tell them about what's launched in the campaign.    Don't forget that if you're sharing on social, you can use the   Social Media Centre   or include a link to your online store.   The   Social Media Centre   has the latest images and videos, great for sharing on your social channels.    Our latest products normally feature on the brochure front cover however there's loads more offers and exciting products customers won't want to miss.    Something out of stock? When you place your orders, we will let you know if something is unfortunately out of stock. Why not let your customers know as soon as possible?      Keep your customers up to date Let your customers know when you'll be delivering their orders.    If you're going on holiday, why not let them know on your online store? You can turn off Rep delivery so that they can still order to have their products delivered directly from your online shop whilst you're away?    Be responsive Great customer service is about communication. Keep in touch with your customers and they are more likely to shop with you. If they have a question, try and get back to them with an answer and if you havn't got an answer, the Avon Beauty Connects community, the Help Centre, the Sales Service Centre, Sales Leader or Area Manager may be able to help.     Leigh x
Being an online only Representative
Can I 'turn off' Rep delivery?   Yes, we're giving you the choice to 'switch off' Rep delivery if you wish. You can find out how to do this   here . What's great about this feature is that you can ‘turn   on’   online   only and   ‘switch   it’   off whenever you like. This may be helpful if   you’re   going on holiday, or have customers outside of your chosen delivery area.    How will going 'online only' affect my discount?   We're pleased to say that all online orders contribute towards your discount level as well! You may have seen in our   discount video  that the value of all orders you place in a campaign  (including orders that customers choose to have delivered directly)  contribute towards minimum order value and higher order value. This means m ore orders, means better discount = higher earnings!     What’s the benefit for my customers?   Customers who place an order that’s over £30 and choose to have their order delivered direct from Avon will enjoy FREE delivery!    How can I make sure I'm ready?   Have you opened your online store? It’s really quick and easy and there’s loads of great tips and advice to help you along the way! You can open one today   here .   Leigh x
Understanding your delivery as an Avon Representative.
              What do I need to know?   Your campaign will swap over on the last day of your current campaign so you’ll have a cut-off date and time to place your last order– this can be found on your website.   You’ll have until 6pm on your last day of the campaign to place an order , after this time you’ll be able to start placing orders for the next campaign.   Your online store will update to the next campaign after this time too! This is great for customers that are keen to shop the next campaign straight away!   What delivery options are available to me?   When you’re placing your order, we’ll ask you to choose from two delivery options, Standard or Express.    You’ll get free Standard Delivery on your first order each campaign, when it’s over £30. For any of your further orders, with Standard Delivery, you’ll pay £1.50 if they’re over £30, and £3.50 if they’re under £30.   Standard Delivery will arrive with you in 3-5 working days after you’ve placed your order. You’ll receive a SMS and email to let you know when your order is on it’s way!   With Express Delivery, you pay £5.00 and will receive your order in 1-2 working days.    Good news if you’re a President’s Club member! ANY level can get FREE standard deliveries all year!   How can I prepare for my delivery?   Make sure your email address and mobile phone number are correct on your website to be sure to receive information about your deliveries.    Add a safe location to get your deliveries even if you’re not at home, this could be a shed or a porch. All this info can be update in the ‘my profile’ area on your website.   Head   here   to  find out more.    Leigh x
How to share and sell Avon online with your customers.
Share from the   Social Media Centre .   You can catch your customers eye by using the various social channels available to you and hitting the social sharing icon on the content you want to share.    The videos are created to entice customers to shop with you. The links you share will direct customer to your online store!   To share from the   Social Media Centre , select 'Manage my store' on the right hand side of your homepage. It looks like this...       Select ' Social Media Centre ' from the menu. Don't forget, we add content all the time so it's worth checking back!    You can choose what you want to share by taking a look at what's available in your campaign. We've got blogger videos, product images and lots more!   Click the social icon for the place you want to share the content.    You can add in what you want to say before sharing it with your customers, it's always best to personalise what you're sharing   .     If you're unsure of what channels do what, here's a little summary...     Create your own images.   You can create your own content to share too! This will really engage your customers as using images you've created will add that personal touch. Why not take and share a picture of you wearing your favourite lipstick?    Here's some tips for taking a great photo...      Create your own video.   Filming your own video is a great way to engage your customers. Why not try different make-up looks or recommending your favourite products?    Here's some tips for creating your own video...     Do you have any tips for sharing and selling online? Why not comment below?    Leigh x
Understanding your Avon discount.
How much discount will I earn selling Avon?    To earn 20% discount, you will need to sell £87 or over in one campaign (this can be a mixture of online or brochure sales).    So how do I get 25% (the maximum) discount?  To get 25% discount on the products you sell, you need to sell £160 during the 3 weeks of your campaign selling dates.    What happens if I achieve 25% discount?  If you achieve your 25% discount- you will carry that amount forward to the next 3 weeks of your campaign selling dates.    So for example, if you hit 25% in campaign 8, you can carry that forward in to campaign 9. This means that every order you place in the following campaign, no matter the value, you will earn 25%. This also means that every order your customers places through your online store in the next campaign will also earn 25%!   For example:    
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