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funny story about the clearskin peel off mask
Clearskin Peel of Mask   I ordered the clearskin mask to give it a try with book 10. When it arrived I decided to have a we pamper night all to myself once I shipped my two little ones of o bed.   So, I cleansed my face and applied the mask. As it dried it made my face look very plastic which was very funny to see as it was but as it was also an over night mask I finished what I was doing and went to bed with it still on. Now, I never wake up through the night but of course this particular night I woke at about 3am needing the loo, so I got up, proceeded to dance across the hall like I was in a series of the Krypton Factor so I would'nt wake the kids. I reached the bathroom and turned the light on. Now as I was still half sleeping I wasn't fully coherient as to what I was doing. I turned around to use the loo but in the process I caught a glimps of myself in the mirror.......... Well my heart stopped, the mask was peeling off and as its clear I automatically thought it was my skin coming off. I panicked forgeting that I had applied it lol. I ran across the hall back into the room (never mind being quiet by this stage), turned my bedroom light on nearly blinding my partner who at this stage couldnt breath for laughing at me lol. I did not find this as amussing as he did obviously at this time of the morning. It took me a good 10 minuits before I remebered I had it on and that what it was.   All in all, when it was actually morning and time to take the rest off my skin did feel amasing and it was brilliant but now when I put it on I leave a note beside my bed to remind me lol   It really amused everyone else so I thought I'd share it with you all to give you all a we giggle    thanks  Stacy xx
What Avon make-up product could you not live without? Go on tell us below!
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Id have to say the cream to powder foudation easy and quick to do in a rush or early in the morning... more
Animal testing.
I have just seen a post stating that you are testing your beauty products on animals can you please confirm or deny this please.
Superstar Superstar replied more
Excited - New Nail Enamels coming up in C16
Good Morning ABC's,    I'm so excited to share with you new nail enamel shades coming up in C16 (we'll be there before you know it!) from the Mark & Avon True ranges.   First up, The Pink Illusions Collection under the Mark Nail Style Studio range, a selection of 5 blush pink shades: And then we have 6 new shades from the Avon True Colour collection, all with a pearl/shimmer finish: An d finally , The Mineral Crush Collection under the Mark Nail Style Studio range, textured matte glitter which will dazzle up with a glossy top coat, great for the party season: And yes, I NEED them all! Which are you tempted by?    Toodles,   Wendy Woo the Nail Guru
Nail Guru Nail Guru replied
Oh I hear you @kareni2468 !  x x x   more
Eye make up for exzcema
Hello just wondered if anyone can help I have a customer who gets bad excema around her eyes and wondered was there any make up that she would be ok to use thanks 
Superstar Superstar replied
Hi @nrbeauty1 There isn't really a simple answer to this because every individual's reaction to pr... more
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