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Competition! mark. Big and Style Volume Mascara has landed, want to be one of the first to try?
Hi Beauty Connects!    Just a few weeks before the launch of our innovative skincare product, Infinite Effects comes another  first with mark. Big and Style Volume Mascara !    This is our first mascara to offer limitless layers even when applied to dry lashes. What this means is that you can reapply over and over throughout the day without clumping! The unique lash-flex formula creates restylable volume and means that you can style your lashes your way!  The 100% flexible waxes stay pilable for hours - layer after layer with each coat looking and feeling as fresh as the 1st!     I'm giving you the chance to get your hands on 1 of 5 mascaras when you simply comment below how you would describe your make-up style. For example, are you dramatic, classic or glamorous? Let me know below!   Leigh x  
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
Theres only 1 make up item i wear everday which is mascara more
Anyone thinking of becoming a rep should first know the tax implications.
Thinking of becoming a rep? Signing up to become an Independent Avon Representative and/or an Independent Avon Sales Leader is signing up to a self-employed business. Having signed, in order to comply with the law, you must register yourself with HMRC (formerly the Inland Revenue). You can do this online at or on the phone by ringing your local HMRC office. You must also notify the offices of any income based benefits that you are receiving. Failure to register with HMRC and/or benefits offices can result in you being fined. Contrary to what some people believe, Avon is not 'a cash in hand job' or 'a bit of pocket money'. The earnings from it are just that, earnings , which have to be declared for tax and benefits purposes. xx
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
hello..can someone tell me witch money we are suppose to put from avon in self employment?the money... more
Review ~ Liquid Lip Lacquer
  I received 4 of the new Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers to try out. I've been reading and hearing about them and I wasn't disappointed when I finally got to try them out.  I received 2 matte shades and 2 shine shades. From left to right are:  Passion It, Work It, Nudeitude, and Dare To  Be Bare.  Why choose Liquid Lip? Well it says that these have a lipstick like colour, stain like staying power and gloss like moisture.  Also, supposedly this has Magnet-Lock technology, that locks the pigmented formula so the colour stays put all day. I really liked the consistency of them, thick but not tacky, and they are easy to apply with the diamond-shaped brush. They also have a lovely smell to them, a mixture of floral and fruity. I like both the shine and the matte lacquers.         The colours are long-lasting and highly pigmented, and my lips don't feel dry but nicely hydrated.  I have already eyed out a few more colours that I would love to try and with a choice of 12 matte shades and 12 shine shades, I'm sure you will find a shade or 2 you love too. 
New? Why not introduce yourself?
Hey and welcome to Avon Beauty Connects!   This post is to welcome our new members but to also find out a bit more about you ALLl!   Why not tell us where you're from, your fave food, something interesting about you, your pet's name, whatever- everything goes in here!!    Leigh x
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Hi I'm not new but I don't come on here much.   I first joined Avon back in 2007 but had to give ... more
Just for you all to know - if you're an Avon rep - please post queries and complaints, moans, groans etc under YOUR AVON BUSINESS (The name can't get any clearer than that, about its purpose)!
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I don't get it lol more
Remmington big style air rollers
Has anyone used the Remmington Big Style Air Rollers? If so could you write me a quick review? Ive got a customer interested but she wants to know how others have found them before committing, TIA x
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