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The latest Tweets from Avon Cosmetics (@Avon_UK). The official Avon UK page. Fighting wrinkles with one hand and Breast Cancer with the other. For 130 years we've stood for innovative beauty but above all WOMEN. UK

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Unhelpful Avon
To say I am upset with Avon is an understatement! I decided to stop selling to my customers as Avon constantly ran out of items or sent replacements which I got the grief for off customers! I decided to only order every other campaign for family & a few friends. On my latest order I was informed the MOV was increased to £30 which I'm sure for some people that isn't much but for me this isn't always possible so I decided I would stop ordering all together. I placed my last order for my friend and ordered things I didn't really need to bump up as I didn't want to let a friend down! One of the items my friend didn't want and one was damaged when it arrived! I requested for them to be collected but as I am not ordering from them again they had to deliver the replacements by post...surprise surprise the driver didn't knock on my door! I rung and asked for another collection which was booked for yesterday between 7am-8pm and again the driver didn't turn up! Ring again today and told the same rubbish!!! Absolute joke and they are not prepared to help at all as I won't be ordering from them again!!
I need men things
Review - Nellie Elements Bracelet - (Clear - Air)
Hello ABC's!   I've had my eye on the Nellie Elements Bracelets for some time, and when they appeared in the clearance section of last month's First Look, I decided to get one before they'd gone.    The Nellie bracelets represent the four astrology elements, Fire (red), Air (clear), Water (blue) and Earth (green).     I chose Air (clear), even though I'm Sagittarius which is Fire, each bracelet has a heart-shaped charm with the element engraved on it, but it's only on one side so if it really bothered you, you could reverse it.    The Nellie Air Bracelet has 31 faceted beads, initially I thought they were a mix of clear and silver, however, they are actually all the same, one half of the bead is clear, the other is silver.  As they spin on the stretchy cord you get a mix of the silver and clear.  I guess the silver helps the clear side sparkle from it's reflection. It teams fabulously with my silver jewellery and Coveted Blouse from Avon.  I'm so pleased I got it, a nice little gift to me.  Do you have any of the Nellie Bracelets?   Toodles Pips!   Wendy Woo (the Nail Guru and Crazy Cat Lady) x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x
Spring nail
Children in need
I have done fundraising for children in need over the years and would love doing it again. I like helping those in need. I have also done cancer research fundraising and stroke organisation.
How to share and sell Avon online with your customers.
Share from the   Social Media Centre .   You can catch your customers eye by using the various social channels available to you and hitting the social sharing icon on the content you want to share.    The videos are created to entice customers to shop with you. The links you share will direct customer to your online store!   To share from the   Social Media Centre , select 'Manage my store' on the right hand side of your homepage. It looks like this...       Select ' Social Media Centre ' from the menu. Don't forget, we add content all the time so it's worth checking back!    You can choose what you want to share by taking a look at what's available in your campaign. We've got blogger videos, product images and lots more!   Click the social icon for the place you want to share the content.    You can add in what you want to say before sharing it with your customers, it's always best to personalise what you're sharing   .     If you're unsure of what channels do what, here's a little summary...     Create your own images.   You can create your own content to share too! This will really engage your customers as using images you've created will add that personal touch. Why not take and share a picture of you wearing your favourite lipstick?    Here's some tips for taking a great photo...      Create your own video.   Filming your own video is a great way to engage your customers. Why not try different make-up looks or recommending your favourite products?    Here's some tips for creating your own video...     Do you have any tips for sharing and selling online? Why not comment below?    Leigh x
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