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Fragrant Layers of Summer

by Expert Blogger ‎07-08-2017 2:04 PM

Luscious fruits, cooling citruses and the warmth of blushing florals and amber make up these delightful little bottles of perfumes. Combine the scents to create irresistible infusions from the Scent Essence Collection.




You have your Vibrant Fruity, Velvet Amber, Sparkly Citrus, and Romantic Bouquet.


Vibrant Fruity features blackberry, apple blossom and soft woods.


Velvet Amber features golden plumeria, addictive vanilla and light amber.


Sparkly Citrus features bergamot, lime blossom and cedar wood.


Romantic Bouquet features violet blossom, peony petals and vetiver.


These can be layered together to create a combination of warmth and lightness.





My favourite combination is the Velvet Amber with the Sparkly Citrus. The amber creates the warmth while the citrus scents add an extremely refreshing lightness.


Or you could add the amber with your fruit scents to create a delicious blend. Add the romantic scent of blossoms to the warm amber to create a hazy magical scent of summer.





The longevity of these fragrances isn’t as long as Avon’s other perfumes, but they smell so good you want to keep spraying them. I’m especially addicted to the citrus, so refreshing!


So why don’t you give these delightful little bottles a go and see which combination of scents you love? I'd love to hear your favourite combination Smiley Happy 


Inspired by simple things and flowers.

by Superstar
‎13-08-2017 11:20 AM

Great pictures and a lovely review

by Superstar
‎14-08-2017 10:00 PM

I love your pictures @knittygritty6 always catch my eye Smiley Mad lovely review aswell !! Xx

by Expert Blogger
‎15-08-2017 10:26 PM

Thank you @laurajayne and @shazza64, your lovely comments are much appreciated. 😊❤️

by Super Contributor
‎18-08-2017 12:05 PM

love velvet amber! so beautiful

by Contributor
‎18-08-2017 9:52 PM
Lovely picture well presented such a good review. Might have to try these perfumes out myself 😁
by Contributor
‎22-08-2017 12:42 PM

going to order one or two on my next order can't wait to try these products