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NEW kind-to-lashes mascara

by Expert Blogger ‎11-01-2017 3:02 PM

Hello and Happy New Year... hope you're had a bright-eyed new start to 2017!


OK, full disclosure... I'm a fully-fledged mascara geek.


Mascara is one of my desert-island products, something I can’t be without. I need lashings of the stuff to make myself feel together in the morning. Because of this my lashes can sometimes suffer from my constant layering of product and rubbing to remove; I like chunky lashes so I usually apply a good four layers of mascara.


The new offering from Avon aims to help your lashes with lots of nourishing ingredients, which also make it incredibly easy to remove. I’ve been lucky enough to have tested the new wonder mascara and I thought it would be great to share my thoughts with you all.




First of all I am in love with the packaging… Anything black with beautiful hints of rose gold is a winner for me. Not only does it look pretty and suit my style, it’s eye catching so it stands out amongst the other mascaras in my drawers - which is great news for my bleary eyes on a morning. The wand is a mid-sized plastic spiked one, which makes it easy to comb through your lashes without causing clumps. I also love that although it’s a little bit of a chunky wand, the position of the plastic bristles means you can turn the wand on its edge to help get the little lashes on the inner corner.


I told you I was a mascara geek.




Now for the formula, it’s different but good different. I have used so many mascaras over the years and I have never come across a formula that feels like this one… Or is as hard to describe. When you’re coating your lashes with your first coat you can feel how silky smooth the formula is. You can almost feel it nourishing your lashes with a balm or oil. See, I told you it’s hard to explain Smiley Happy


Here's a single layer of mascara >>






Nice coverage, I'm sure you'll agree...


I’m always sceptical when it comes to bold claims of easy mascara removal, especially as I love to wear multiple layers. However, the Avon Nourishing Mascara basically melts off your eyes when you remove it, even after I put it to the ultimate test…


For these images I initially applied about 4 layers of mascara, then I decided to take some pictures of my applying it. This resulted in at least another 5 coats being applied as I took various pictures. In the end I had around 8-10 layers on (and by the way it hardly looked clumpy or spider like) and I sent a picture to my friends asking them to pray for my lashes when I tried to remove it. I then used a cotton pad with a few drops of Avon Anew Anti-Ageing 2in1 Cleansing Water, pressed the cotton pad over my eye for a few seconds and then swiped this away. It was all more or less gone, around 8-10 layers of mascara gone in a single press and swipe.


Two layers of mascara >>




I decided to see if it was the powers of the cleanser, so applied 8 coats of a different mascara to my other eye. I then wasted about a quarter of a pack of cotton pads trying to get it off. To say I am a big fan of this mascara is an understatement, I honestly love how easy it is to remove and how healthy my lashes feel after use. I can’t wait to see what the effects are after prolonged use over a month or so, especially as they’ll need some TLC after all the mascara and false lash wearing over the party season.


Three layers of mascara >>




Here are four layers >>



And here are five >>




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Guest blogger for AVON Connects. I am a trained beauty and holistic therapist, and currently work in an office by day and blog all things beauty by night.

by New Contributor
‎15-01-2017 6:05 PM

love this post and love this mascara!! Smiley Tongue <3