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It was like a sign ... a sign that my mum was watching over me. Having been an Avon lady for most of my childhood I swear she sent this opportunity my way. I know I sound like a fruit-bat but I got a little teary.


I was so thrilled to have even been considered. Avon is one of those companies that's always been around and you trust them. My Gran used it , my Mum swore by it and I dabble every now and again. So when Avon approached me to try out the new night cream how could I say no?


using product 4.jpg




My Date Night Look

by Expert Blogger ‎20-04-2018 9:00 AM

For my date night look, I like to start with a clean and moisturised face and then apply the mark. Glow On Natural Radiance Foundation. The shade which suits me best is ‘Medium Beige’. I blend it in with an Avon Foundation Buffing Brush to get a nice, even coverage. I then apply the mark. Nude Matte Cream Concealer to add extra coverage under the eyes, I use shade ‘medium’, and then blend this out with the Avon Blending Brush. To make sure my base stays in place all night, I apply the mark. Setting Powder which helps to set my eyes and face, I put dust this on with the Avon All-Over Face Brush.


For my eyebrows, I start by brushing them through with the Avon Eyebrow Duo Brush. This is great for getting rid of product and to make sure all the hairs are going in the same direction, so I can see where I want to fill my brows in. For a natural, full brow I like to then use the mark. Perfect Brow Crème Gel Pot, I use the shade ‘Deep Brown’. I use the Avon Eyebrow Duo Brush to apply light strokes as this makes it look like individual hairs, which will last all night! I then use the same concealer I used before to draw around my brows with the flat end of the Duo Brush, to add extra definition to my eyebrows. After, I blend out the concealer with the Avon Flat Foundation Brush.


After, I move on to eyes, I first apply a small amount of bronzer from the mark. Dual Glow Cheek Colour and Highlighter palette in the shade ‘Basking Beauty’, through the crease as a transition shade. To create a warm eye look, I then blend the dark orange eye shadow over my lid from the mark. Eye Impressionist 8-in-1 ‘Smoky Nights eye shadow palette. I also make sure to also blend it in below my lower lash line too and complete the eyes with lots of the mark. Big and False Lash Volume Mascara in ‘Black’ to both top and bottom lashes.


Photo 20-02-2018, 2 20 04 pm.jpg



Next I love to bronze and highlight the face using the mark. Dual Glow Cheek Colour and Highlighter palette in the shade ‘Basking Beauty’. I lightly contour under the cheekbones and apply the highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, tip of the nose and cupids bow with a small Avon Fan brush.


Photo 20-02-2018, 2 27 01 pm.jpg




To finish off my look, I then use the mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer in the matte shade ‘Dare to Bare’ on the lips which is the perfect nude for a date night!


Photo 20-02-2018, 2 30 45 pm.jpg




Hope you enjoy recreating my look!


Lottie x



Hey, I'm Lottie! I'm a Professional makeup artist and social media blogger and am proud to be collaborating with mark. the new makeup brand designed for makeup lovers, exclusively at Avon!

How to achieve 'Perfect Skin' using Avon's Perfect Skin Range

by Expert Blogger ‎11-04-2018 10:21 AM - edited ‎11-04-2018 10:26 AM

I get a lot of questions about skincare. People ask me all manner of things about fine lines, pigmentation, the best acids to use and what I would recommend for sensitive skin. Obviously skincare is a personal, everyone has different needs and therefore different products work for different people. However, by far the most common question I get asked is a pretty generic one and it usually goes something like; you have great skin, what is your routine?


As a beauty blogger I am both blessed and cursed in the skincare arena.  Blessed because I have access to all the new products that come to market and cursed because if I find something that I really love and works amazingly for my skin, often our relationship is short lived because I have move onto something new to try.


However, when recommending skincare to people in the more generic sense I often and easily suggest the use of a beauty water/toner/tonic/splash into your routine, if you aren’t using one already. A few years ago I added a hydrating toning water into my skincare routine and have been using one ever since. Here’s why…


perfect skin 3.PNG




Hydration and is the first and easiest step to getting better skin. We can drink it and eat it so why not apply it? A hydrating toner or water has been an important step in Korean Beauty regimes for years. The Koreans are big fans of multiple step skincare with lighter products to build up protection, hydration and amp up treatments whilst creating the perfect supple and smooth base for makeup.


These super charged waters are full of ingredients to make your skin the best possible environment for the rest of your skincare. Essentially, by prepping the naked skin cells with a enough hydration your other skincare can protect and hydrate for longer on the skins outer layer without being absorbed too quickly.


The most recent Beauty water I’ve been splashing onto my face is the ANEW perfect skin Daily Skin Boosting Splash, which is a 15 second hydrating mask you pour into hands and press into the face and neck. The particular formula by the Avon ANEW brand is designed with Perfect Cell Complex to thicken the delicate outer layer of skin, give immediate radiance and hydration and makes skin more soft and supple with immediate effect.

I’m also crazy about the price point; it’s currently only £8 (down from £12) which makes it a steal when I think about some of the more high end waters I’ve been using that nudge into the £50+ price bracket!


perfect skin.PNG




After applying to clean dry skin follow with your usual routine. ANEW recommend the Wake Up Cream as a daily moisturiser and prep for makeup base. Follow this with your favourite eye cream. ANEW Wide Awake Eye cream is suitable for every skin type and brightens the under eye area and works against fatigue. If you like using a primer I tried the ANEW Instant Blurring treatment from the range and it blurred out my pores and fine lines and gave my skin a silky matte base ready for makeup.


perfect skin2.PNG



Check out the products mentioned above in action below in my skincare video...



Shop the ANEW Perfect Skin Daily Skin Boosting Splash here.


Want to see more? Follow me on @stylelobster




Hi Beauty Connects,


I’m really excited to show you some of the latest pieces from the new Coveted collection and introduce you to fashion blogger, Ashley Wilson who recently worked with Avon for the launch of the collection.






Ashley, also known as @amothersedit, has a huge following of 33K+ on her Instagram platform where she documents her life as a mum, her OOTD’s (outfits of the day, FYI) and her love of accessories. When asked about what inspired her to work on the collection she said “I’ve always wanted to work with Avon. It’s an amazing brand that empowers women to look and feel good with quality products at great prices”.



Products featured:


Coveted Jeans
Allana Drop Earrings
Coveted Top
Coveted Berry Biker Jacket
Allana Longline Necklace
Coveted Hobo Bag


From the collection of unique, limited- edition pieces (that are EXCLUSIVE to Avon), Ashley said that loves the look of the ripped jeans. “These ripped jeans are so on- trend and super comfortable! I love the cool rock- chick studs on the pockets”.





 Ashley loves accessories so it was no surprise that she’s a fan of the Allana Drop Earrings. “I love the 2- tone gold and silver effect on these earrings, stunning! They’re perfect for dressing up any outfit!” Ashley said the collection reflects her style in that she likes to team basics such as the jeans and Coveted biker- style jacket with jewellery and accessories.






The Allana Hobo bag is a stand- out from the collection, Ashley said that the “patent strap with studs and metallic finish give the bag an edge and make it a statement piece”. 









I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)

My mark. Epic Shade Lookbook

by Expert Blogger ‎22-02-2018 3:27 PM - edited ‎22-02-2018 3:32 PM

Hey, it's Misha! 


Check out my Epic lookbook! 


Coral Burst .JPG









The MUST-HAVE perfumes from Avon’s Eve Discovery Collection

by Expert Blogger ‎15-02-2018 10:43 AM - edited ‎15-02-2018 2:07 PM

There’s just something special about your favourite fragrance, isn’t there? I’m a big fan of perfumes, it starts my day off with the feeling of luxury. One of the first things I do each morning is pick out my choice of perfume depending on several factors such as my mood, the weather, the season, and what my plans are for that particular day. This is why I have so many, I love collecting perfumes and always have done.


Think about when you’re treating yourself to a new perfume? It’s an enjoyable experience, right? From the moment you clap eyes on the bottle design to the very first spritz to the empowering campaigns that promise you confidence and self-assurance. From beginning to end, the process of finding your favourite perfume is the beginning of making good memories. A certain perfume can evoke a past time, turning what appears to be a ‘nice bottle of perfume’ in to one of the most powerful ways to bring back a certain memory.


I adore how unique a perfume is to your senses and skin. Detecting different fragrance notes, what we can smell is totally different to what someone else can. 


What Avon had in mind when they developed three new Eve Discovery fragrances is that you can have one for every occasion and every mood. The three new Eve perfumes from their Discovery collection are aptly named Elegance, Alluring, and Confidence. With the affordable price points, you really can treat yourself to all three; three different scents to wear depending on the moment or the mood, to create an inner sense of elegance, allure, and confidence.





Avon perfumes have been a favourite of mine. I keep in my handbag as a daily beauty essential and I also have a bottle sitting on my desk at work and spray whenever needed (my work colleagues always ask to borrow it too, they can’t believe it’s from Avon either). They’re high in quality, affordable, and they look gorgeous on the dresser, especially with the way Avon’s Eve Discovery bottles are cut. They almost resemble precious gemstones. 





One of most exciting thing about the launch of Avon’s Eve Discovery fragrance range is that Hollywood star Eva Mendes is the face of the new campaign - a strong, sophisticated, beautiful woman that empowers other women. But what about the perfumes? How do they measure up, I hear you ask?


Elegance - Be remembered


The pretty faceted pink bottle houses a sophisticated floral, fruity scent of pomegranate, jasmine petals, and amberwood. Upon first spritz, the juicy zing hits your nose but the dry down is a light floral. It’s a great day-to-night perfume. The pink bottle design reflects elegance and femininity. 






Confidence - Conquer the world


Although it is hard to pick, I think Confidence might be my favourite (I have to stress that it is really hard to pick, though! They’re all so gorgeous). Described as oriental, vanillic and woody, Confidence combines notes of blackcurrant, frangipani and oakwood for a beautiful day time fragrance (perfect for Spring and Summer!). The bottle reminds me of a canary gemstone with it’s triangular cut and radiant appearance. It gives off the confident vibes as soon as you set your sights on it.






Alluring - Empower your seduction


Show the alluring side to your personality with this lilac toned bottle which is filled with a perfume that offers a more sensual and captivating scent. The main fragrance notes are pink plum, neroli and sandalwood which creates an oriental floral woody aroma. The bottle design is smooth, slightly elongated with a curvy base and the fragrance is much more suited for the evening.






Which fragrance from the Eve Discovery collection will you be trying?



Hi! I'm Sarah, a UK fashion & beauty blogger. I'm not a real secretary! My blog, Temporary:Secretary, is predominately a fashion and beauty blog, but you will also find the odd bit of lifestyle, home inspiration and a few pet photos from time to time!

Looking for luscious, plumped- up locks?

by Expert Blogger ‎31-01-2018 2:53 PM - edited ‎06-02-2018 10:46 AM

Hi everyone it's me, Misha!


Today I'm back to help you advance your haircare routine with the Advance Techniques Miracle Densifier hair range. We're all guilty of not always looking after our luscious locks and its time to change that! 


Advanced Techniques_Miracle Densifier_Misha Grimes_Natural Down Look.JPG


Step 1: 


Pop yourself into the shower and don't forget your Advance Techniques Miracle Densifier Shampoo and Conditioner; this hair-raising duo will transform your drab and lifeless mop into nourished and healthy locks, plumping your hair and providing a weightless, touchably soft and volumised finish. 


Advanced Techniques_Miracle Densifier_Misha Grimes_Messy Bun 2.JPG



Step 2: 


Post Soak it is time to kick up the volume so grab your little bottle of magic in the name of the Miracle Densifier Bodifying Leave-In treatment! Now this magic truly revolutionises treatments. Squirt 2-3 pumps through the lengths to achieve yet more volume and not forgetting your roots we move swiftly on to...


Step 3:


Now, this step will scare you!!!! (DAN DAN DANNNNNN). Not quite literally, but grab that magical leave-in treatment and it's time to boost those roots of yours. This is where the massaging brush comes into play and I promise it will not disappoint. The time has come to carry out your own impromptu head massage so grab your brush and douse your scalp in Miracle Densifier goodness (not too much though we don't would to overdo that volume!!) Massage away to awaken those hair follicles. 


Step 4: 


All good hair washing routines involve a bit of a sing-song so you may guess Step 4 is all about the blow dry! (aka the perfect time to bring out your inner Beyonce). As you scream single ladies to your heart's content you should notice your hair plumping with the heat and this is how to get gorgeously thick hair with Avon. 


Do you want to know the best bit?... You didn't even need to hit the hair salon to achieve the exact same result for a fraction of this price! 


Well now we have these voluminous locks it is easy peasy to achieve some simply smooth and stunning looks; from a puffy pony to a messy bun. 


Advanced Techniques_Miracle Densifier_Misha Grimes_Messy Bun 3.JPG





Toodle pip! 


Misha x 



How to upgrade your brows in 2018!

by Expert Blogger ‎10-01-2018 10:22 AM

It's me- Misha! I'm here to show you how you can up your brow game in 2018 using the amazing range of brow products from mark.!


Let me start by saying that Avon truly haven't missed the ‘Mark’ with their brand spanking new mark. brow range (do you see what I did there?!). First things first, let’s discuss the mark. Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil; think creamy, sharp and intense (and no I am not talking about a chocolate gateau on this occasion!!)  It takes your brows from a solid 2 to a sparkling 10 in seconds. If even me, Misha Grimes can achieve a (kinda) Cara Delevingne vibe brow than by golly you all can!!


Brow Pencil (1).JPG


Brow Pencil.JPG




Moving on to quite literally a pot of chocolatey goodness (I wouldn't actually suggest eating a mark. Perfect Brow Crème Gel Pot but you get the jist). Brow Crèmes seem to be a big fear within the eyebrow community (let’s pretend that is an actual thing and if it isn’t then we're making one). Fear not for Avon’s pot of gold teamed with their Eyebrow Duo Brush means its so so simple; it’s like putting pen to paper… but… if you are a clutz like me just grab the spoolie side and you brush away all the negativity in your brow life.


Are you ready this… You can go on that swimming date!!!! Both the Brow Pencils and Crèmes are waterproof. YIPPPEE *grabs snorkel & flippers*


Brow Creme (1).JPG


Brow Creme .JPG


Misha Grimes - Brow Brush.JPG


Misha Grimes - mark. Gel Pot Swatch 2.JPG




Last but most certainly not least, we have the mark. Perfect Brow Kit; this little palette of goodness is perfect for that "I didn’t even try but I still look blooming fabulous" look. If you're planning on getting fit in 2018 and want to exercise with these brows than feel free as the wax sets those bad boys in place- no slipping and sliding for you! Personally, I shall still save the exercise to the pros and sit back and adore my beautiful brows all thanks to Avon.


Brow Powder (3).JPG


Brow Powder Before and After (2).JPG


Brow Powder.JPG


Misha Grimes - mark. Perfect Brow Kit Swatch.JPG




I hope you enjoyed reading! Happy shopping!


Misha G x





Behind the brow bar with blogger Misha

by Community Editor ‎22-12-2017 2:13 PM - edited ‎05-01-2018 3:16 PM

If you didn't know, brows are big news! No make- up look is now complete without a sculpted set of brows. 


Whether you like a pencil, powder of pomade- we've got you covered! 


Here Misha Grimes from @misha_grimes uses the latest products from mark. to achieve her beautiful brows! 


A pomade can give you a more defined, bolder brow and can be used to create strokes to give the appearance of real brow hairs! The mark. Perfect Brow Crème Gel Pot is available in 6 shades. 


A top tip to create an ombre effect brow is to start with a lighter shade and then blend into a darker shade. 


Brow Creme (1).JPG




Misha Grimes - mark. Gel Pot Swatch.JPG




Brow Creme.JPG


A pencil is one of the older and most fool- proof way of getting you brows on point. 


A pencil gives quick and easy results and is great for popping in your bag! I love to use a pencil for when I want to achieve a fuller look! The mark. Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil is creamy yet smudge proof and comes in 5 shades! 


Brow Pencil (1).JPG


Brow Pencil.JPG



Misha Grimes - mark. Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil Swatch.JPG



Want a more natural looking brow? A powder is perfect for building up to your desired look so you can expect no scary surprises!


The mark. Perfect Brow Kit is so handy with its mirror for girls on the go. The kit is available in 6 shades so there's something for everyone!


Brow Powder (1).JPG


Brow Powder (4).JPG


Brow Powder.JPG



What's your go- to formula?


Leigh x





I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)

Introducing our Lipstick Wardrobe, with blogger Becca Rose.

by Community Editor ‎13-12-2017 12:07 PM - edited ‎13-12-2017 12:11 PM

Not sure what to get the beauty lover in your life this Christmas? 


We think the Matte Lipstick Wardrobe would make the perfect gift! 


lipstick wardrobe.PNG


Watch Blogger Becca Rose try out all of the shades here...






I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)

Hi Beauty Connects, 


Did you know that when you send £10 or more on selected skincare in Brochure 18 (online until 29th November) you'll receive a FREE skincare gift worth £20! 


Shop skincare now!


Leigh x








I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)

Makeup lovers, meet mark.

by Community Editor ‎14-11-2017 5:06 PM

Last Friday we hosted a blogger and influencer event in London to celebrate the launch of mark. and its latest launch, mark. Liquid Lip.


The theme of the event was ‘Power to create’ so we gave the bloggers the chance to do just that, using mark. Liquid Lip and other products in the brand, the bloggers were able to create their own #mymark look. The influencers were then given time in front of the camera and a studio to create content for their own channels.


Make-up wasn’t the only goodie on offer, the influencers were treated to mark. doughnuts, meringues and pick and mix in the form of products- the dream!


Here are some snaps of what happened on the day...




































I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)

eve 1 (1).jpgDiscover Duet, a dazzling scent duo that can be layered to unveil a multifaceted scent that lingers from day to evening. This is a stunning perfume! It comes in a heavy, double side glass bottle. One is the Radiant fragrance, which is the clearer, lighter coloured side. The other is the Sensual fragrance, which is the purple coloured side. It looks expensive and the weight of the bottle feels expensive.


So, let’s move on to the fragrances shall we...



Inspired by simple things and flowers.




eyes after.jpg



To create this gorgeous smokey eye you will need: 




Start by using shade 2 from the Urban Skyline quad to create your transition shade, blend this into the crease and buff the shade out so create a soft finish. 


Move onto shade 3 and apply this directly onto the lid, this shade is slightly darker and will help to create a soft smokey eye, with ease. 

Add shade 1 onto the inner corner of the eye to open up the eyes and to create some extra sparkle. 


Then take your Glimmer Stick Eyeliner to add your wing, take your time with this and once you have completed that add some liner to the waterline. Smoke out the lower lash line using shade 3 from the Urban Skyline quad and finally add some mascara. 


The last step is optional, if you'd like to add some more definition and drama pop shade 4 onto the outer crease, take a small amount at a time and add where desired. 

Avon Halloween Eyes.jpg




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, do send us your recreations we'd love to see them!


P.s Keep you eyes peeled for an online only offer on all of the products used to create this look!


Leigh x



I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)

Introducing Eva Mendes as the face of Avon's latest fragrance, Eve Duet.

by Community Editor ‎19-09-2017 4:07 PM - edited ‎19-09-2017 4:08 PM

Hi Beauty Connects!


I'm so excited to announce Hollywood actress Eve Mendes as the face of our latest fragrance launch, Avon Eve Duet launcing on 18th October. 



 Read on to find out more..




I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)

Fragrant Layers of Summer

by Expert Blogger ‎07-08-2017 2:04 PM

Luscious fruits, cooling citruses and the warmth of blushing florals and amber make up these delightful little bottles of perfumes. Combine the scents to create irresistible infusions from the Scent Essence Collection.




You have your Vibrant Fruity, Velvet Amber, Sparkly Citrus, and Romantic Bouquet.


Vibrant Fruity features blackberry, apple blossom and soft woods.


Velvet Amber features golden plumeria, addictive vanilla and light amber.


Sparkly Citrus features bergamot, lime blossom and cedar wood.


Romantic Bouquet features violet blossom, peony petals and vetiver.


These can be layered together to create a combination of warmth and lightness.





My favourite combination is the Velvet Amber with the Sparkly Citrus. The amber creates the warmth while the citrus scents add an extremely refreshing lightness.


Or you could add the amber with your fruit scents to create a delicious blend. Add the romantic scent of blossoms to the warm amber to create a hazy magical scent of summer.





The longevity of these fragrances isn’t as long as Avon’s other perfumes, but they smell so good you want to keep spraying them. I’m especially addicted to the citrus, so refreshing!


So why don’t you give these delightful little bottles a go and see which combination of scents you love? I'd love to hear your favourite combination Smiley Happy 



Inspired by simple things and flowers.

How to store your make-up essentials using the handy Makeup Desk Tidy...

by Expert Blogger ‎07-07-2017 11:02 AM - edited ‎07-07-2017 11:35 AM

Hi everyone it’s Laura here with a handy beauty storage tip for all the makeup lovers out there!


Avon Desk Tidy 01.jpg


I recently converted from keeping all of my everyday essentials in a makeup bag to using a Makeup Desk Tidy instead and I absolutely adore how it has not only transformed my desk space, but also organised my whole makeup routine! You can get your hands on your own here.


Avon Desk Tidy 02.jpg



The Avon Makeup Desk Tidy contains a tiered section which is a perfect fit for lipsticks, plus there’s extra space to store other must-haves like your concealer, pressed powder and mascara.


Avon Desk Tidy 07.jpg


I do love lipsticks, but since I can only wear one at a time I like to keep just three on show and then use the other compartments for things I want close to hand when I’m applying my makeup like cotton buds, cotton wool and tweezers.


Avon Desk Tidy 03.jpg



I have a little collection of mini perfumes which are also a perfect fit and look rather pretty on display, and it makes it so much easier to see all the names and pick out the one that I want.


Avon Desk Tidy 04.jpg


There’s also a large area which I use to display my favourite nail polishes. I keep the rest hidden away and just rotate them out as and when my mood changes.


Avon Desk Tidy 06.jpg



My beloved makeup brushes don’t fit so instead I store these upright in a pretty pot, empty candle holder or even a nice mug. It will help you find the perfect one at a glance and avoids damage to the bristles.  


So that’s how I keep my makeup organised and my desk beautiful! What do you think? Would you ditch the makeup bag and convert to a desk tidy?


Laura x



I’m Laura, the blogger behind and I’m thrilled to be here to share with you some of my recent loves from Avon as well as my top beauty tips!

Lovely Bubbly -The Clearskin Blemish Clearing Range!

by Expert Blogger on ‎28-06-2017 4:11 PM - last edited on ‎28-06-2017 4:13 PM by Community Editor

Hi Beauty Blog!


Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Bubble Cleanser 4 .jpg


When a bunch of items from the much loved Blemish Clearing range from Clearskin by Avon landed on my desk I couldn’t wait to give them a go. Oh my it’s been fun!


You might think that’s a bit of a weird thing to say about my skincare routine, but the O2 Fresh Bubble Cleanser really is a joy to use.  Just squeeze a few drops onto a facial cloth or cotton pad and watch as it instantly transforms from liquid to foam before your eyes!


It tackles removal of my daily makeup with ease and leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and supple. Not only that, but with salicylic acid, wheatgerm extract and vitamin E, this is full of blemish clearing technology that helps to achieve clearer, calmer skin with daily use.


I’ve been pairing it with two complimenting products from the range to keep breakouts at bay:


Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Bubble Cleanser 5 .jpg

Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Bubble Cleanser 1 .jpg



The Blemish Clearing Clean Refreshing Toner is great for removing any excess dirt and oil from the skin after cleansing, as well as helping to close down the pores and reduce their appearance. Aloe vera soothes the skin whilst the revitalising scent is the perfect way to kickstart the day.



Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Bubble Cleanser 6 a.jpg 

Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Bubble Cleanser Instagram 3.jpgAvon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Bubble Cleanser 2a.jpg



Doesn’t it always happen though that on the day that you need to look your fresh and fabulous best the biggest baddest spot arrives to spoil your fun? Well this isn’t so much as a problem anymore, because a dab of the fast acting Blemish Clearing Spot On Instant Gel will immediately start working to reduce the redness and swelling so that I can get on with my day without sparing it another thought.


The Clearskin range is perfect for acne sufferers, oily skin types and those of us who suffer from occasional breakouts.


Now excuse me whilst I go off to play with that Bubble Cleanser again... who knew skincare could be so entertaining?!


Laura x





I’m Laura, the blogger behind and I’m thrilled to be here to share with you some of my recent loves from Avon as well as my top beauty tips!

Hello beauty lovers!


Thanks so much for your lovely comments on Instagram and Twitter on my posts, I’ve loved reading them so please keep them coming!


Today let’s talk about my favourite beauty topic: Skincare.


I've been trying Avon's groundbreaking serum Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir which promises to help improve even the most advanced signs of ageing.




There are two parts to the serum which are kept separate in the bottle to retain their intense potency. One half is a blend of super indulgent facial oils, the other half is a powerful serum with concentrated levels of Avon’s exclusive Celluvive Complex, infused with rare Black Pearl Extract, Gold and Platinum minerals. This isn’t your average anti ageing serum!

I’m rapidly approaching my mid thirties and am ever more conscious that my skin isn’t what it used to be so I’ve been putting the Anew serum through it’s paces over the past three weeks.


Here’s how I got on…


First Impressions

I have to admit that my first thought upon receiving the Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir was: This is going to look great on my dressing table! The packaging, in white gold and black has a premium feel and if I hadn’t known that it was from Avon I probably would have guessed a far more expensive brand.


Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir 19 .jpgAvon Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir 18 .jpg


I got straight on with trying it out. It’s really easy to apply, you dispense two pumps of the elixir into your palm and blend them together with your fingers, then apply the product by massaging it in sweeping motions across your forehead and cheeks, chin and neck. I like to apply it with a little bit of pressure for that totally indulgent home spa experience.

The spa like vibes continue when you smell it – it has a gorgeous floral aroma which lingers throughout the day. However most pleasantly surprising for me on first use was it’s silky, light consistency. It glides on like a dream and absorbs quickly to leave your skin feeling soft and plump. It’s not at all sticky so you can then apply your makeup over the top without any issues.


Week One

In week one I did get a little outbreak of spots which I think might have been my skin reacting to the intense shot of moisture that it provides. However these were mild and my skin settled after a couple of days.

By day three I was already looking forward to my morning skincare routine just so that I could apply my serum and pretend I was at a luxury spa!


Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir 12 .jpg


Week Two

I’d had a cold just prior to using the Anew Elixir and all around my nose had gotten rather red, flaky and sore. By applying the serum every day I noticed a clear improvement to my skin which looked and felt much more settled and smooth as each day passed. I got into the habit of touching my face all the time because it felt so baby soft. (Okay I’ll admit that I’m still doing this today!)


Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir 16 .jpg 



Week Three

After using the elixir every day for three weeks my skin is feeling super soft and so much healthier! I especially like the difference to the skin on my forehead and by my laughter lines. It feels more taut and less crepey and I feel like I’m glowing!

My skin tone is also showing clear signs of improvement each day and is looking a lot less red and a lot more even. Despite the cold snap we’ve had I haven’t suffered any of the usual dry skin patches that I would get at this time of year.

So... the anti ageing claims?

Well I am definitely impressed so far! The pictures in this post show my bare, makeup free skin after 3 weeks of use. It’s certainly not perfect yet, I still have some laughter lines and I don’t think any serum is going to completely turn back time. However I’m enjoying firmer, more healthy looking skin and am suitably impressed.


Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir 19 .jpg


I think my defining moment was being ID’d in the supermarket this weekend. I can’t 100% say it was down to the serum, but I walked out with a big grin on my face and said a silent thank you to Avon Anew!


Will you be picking up a bottle? I’d love to hear what you think of it!


Shop Dual Elixir now



I’m Laura, the blogger behind and I’m thrilled to be here to share with you some of my recent loves from Avon as well as my top beauty tips!

Need summer make-up inspo?

by Expert Blogger ‎08-06-2017 10:03 AM - edited ‎08-06-2017 10:04 AM

I hope you like these photos I took of Avon's mark. make-up collection


Let me know what shades you love best!




From top: mark. Be Blushed Stick in Pink Melon, mark. Big Colour Lip Tint Pen in Raspberry, mark. Be Blushed Stick in Sheer Strawberry, mark. Big Colour Lip Tint Pen in Strawberry, mark. Glow On Pressed Powder and mark. Gel Shine Nail Enamel in Fabulous




From left: mark. Gel Shine Nail Enamel in Sapphired Up, Fabulous and Emerald City




From left: mark. Glow On Pressed Powder, mark. Big Colour Lip Tint Pen in Raspberry, Strawberry and Hazelnut and mark. 3D Plumping Lipstick in Chocolate




From left: mark. Be Blushed Sticks in Blushing Nude, Sunny Apricot, Pink Melon, Powder Pink and Sheer Strawberry


Shop mark. shades now, exclusively at Avon  







Anglo-Korean lover of food, travel, expensive skincare and a good flatlay! Find my blog at

Pick a shade | Gel Shine

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Hi everyone, 


There are so many discussions on the boards about mark. Gel Shine nail polishes, so I thought you'd like to see a rainbow lookbook of the Gel Shine shades.


Take a deep breath and let's dive in!



Avon Mark Gel Shine Lookbook Image.jpg


Which are your top three shades?! 


Shop mark. Gel Shine 



Guest video nail blogger for Avon. I'll show you how to create all different patterns and designs for your nails!

Secrets of summer make-up

by Expert Blogger ‎05-06-2017 8:37 AM

Hi everyone, I am delighted to join you for the first in my series of summer make-up videos.


Even with clouds in the sky, now's the time I start thinking about a lighter, more natural look, for when the sun is high in the sky.


avon summer skin.jpg


It's not always easy to get light summery make-up right... pitfalls for me are patchy skin, too much shine and dreaded panda eyes.


I hope you like the easy look I've created for summer 2017. Let me know what summer make-up tricks you know and love >>



summer skin avon lips.jpg


summer skin avon.jpgsummer skin avon 2.jpg


My look includes:
True Colour Summer Skin Cream
True Colour Flawless Cream-to-Powder Foundation Compact in Light Ivory and Creamy Natural for highlighting cheekbones
All Over Face Brush
Avon True Glimmerstick Eyeliner
Blending Brush
True Colour SuperShock Volume Mascara
True Colour Glazewear Lipgloss in Precious Peach



Shop the look for summer



Hello, I’m Liza, a 27-year-old blogger and vlogger living in a small town in north Devon with my husband Mark and my two sons Vinny and Renzo. By day I look after the little people in my life, my boys and by night I work on my online space xxxx

Imari... Love at first spritz

by Expert Blogger ‎23-05-2017 11:32 AM

Hi everyone,


Today is such a sad day... the news is almost unbearable and brings up such a swirl of emotions, but I thought I would still go ahead and post as I had planned...


I firmly believe in different perfumes to suit different occasions and my latest discovery is Avon’s Imari Eau De Toilette.


Avon Imari Perfume 1 .jpg


It's a seductive floral oriental scent which will be perfect for sultry summer nights.


Imari has a sort of timeless look and fragrance... from its beautiful art deco bottle through to its delicious scent.


Fresh citrus top notes make way to a bouquet of jasmine which is beautifully balanced by the spicy, woody base notes. It sits very well on the skin and once the initial scent has dissipated there is a lingering, sumptuous vanilla musk that lasts for hours.


Avon Imari Perfume 3 .jpg


I recommend this one for a romantic date night... love at first spritz!


Have you tried Imari? Let me know in the comments!


lots of love, Laura xxx


Imari is on sale in Avon Brochure 12



I’m Laura, the blogger behind and I’m thrilled to be here to share with you some of my recent loves from Avon as well as my top beauty tips!

Hi everyone,


It's great to be here Smiley Happy


At 35 I'm older, wiser and WAY more confident than 25... but sad to say I've lost a little of that plumped and lifted look I had when I was in my twenties. However there are ways to combat this. There is nothing wrong with ageing - it's more about looking and feeling good for as long as you can. My biggest ageing concerns have always been fine lines, volume loss and pigmentation.



I've recently been testing out the new Avon Lift and Firm Face Lifting Cream with PolyPeptide-X. This cream is clinically proven - 82% of women considering a facial cosmetic lifting procedure were impressed by the results. The cream is designed to work like an ultrasound treatment to help stimulate collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid.






First of all however, let me say that I've been a long-time fan of Avon and have been using their skincare since my teens when the catalogues used to arrive at my house. It was not only effective but also affordable and I've often come back to Avon through the years, even though I've used much more expensive skincare. What I've learned though is it isn't always about the price tag - it's about the effectiveness. The price tag doesn't necessarily determine how good a skin cream is. What I've always appreciated about Avon is that they have kept their prices fair but have not decreased the quality or effectiveness of their products. 

So when I was approached to test out the new Avon Lift & Firm Face Lifting Cream I did not hesitate! I tested this for a full 3 weeks and tracked how I got on with the cream for the full three weeks. Here's what I experienced...


Week 1:

On the week I started using the Avon Lift & Firm face cream I hopped onto a long-haul flight and headed from London to Busan, South Korea for two weeks. I had to change planes twice - once in Paris and another time in Seoul so by the time I got to my destination I had been travelling straight for 24 hours. And I DID NOT sleep on the plane. So therefore I was more than a little bit tired when I arrived at my final stop. And when I feel tired, I look tired. My skin looked slackened and haggard from the long flight and definitely looked like it needed a moisture boost. The dry air in the plane had exaggerated my fine lines around the sides of my eyes, which were begging for a drink. 




So what did I do when I arrived in Korea? Well I arrived first thing in the morning so not only had I not slept but I had the entire day ahead of me! So I quickly had a shower and then when getting ready, popped the lid off the Avon Lift & Firm cream and then applied over my usual serum. The consistency of the cream is lovely - it's quite light but still hydrating at the same time and it felt refreshing on my dried and slackened skin. The cream sinks in easily and goes well under make-up.

I continued to apply the cream to my skin - both morning and night for the next 7 days while in Korea. I noticed that day by day, my skin began to come back from the dead - it looked more refreshed and lifted and indeed perkier. 


Week 2:

By week 2 I had nearly recovered from the jet lag and was well into my holiday in South Korea. My skin was looking better and better everyday due to a combination of sleep and good nutrition (lots of kimchi and garlic!) However due to the busyness of the holiday, I was still out and about everyday in a busy city. The weather was quite warm but still mild as it was spring.

I carried on using the Avon Lift & Firm cream. What I noticed in regards to skin changes actually came out in selfies taken with my iPhone. I compared my selfies to the selfies from 2 weeks before and could instantly see the difference in how much more refreshed my skin looked but also lifted and plumped. Of course a holiday helps but also be mindful that this holiday was on the other side of the world (meaning big jet lag) and also quite busy (out and about everyday from morning to night) so therefore wasn't necessarily a 'restful' holiday. Despite this my skin looked certainly more lifted and plumped and not quite as haggard as before. 




Week 3: 

It was week 3 when I headed back to London via Seoul and Amsterdam. Another 24 hours of travel = not happy skin. Luckily I had a red-eye flight meaning it was overnight so I was able to get some shut eye which actually saved me in the end because when I arrived on the other side in London I didn't feel quite as bad as I normally do.

And what I noticed most of all when arriving back is that my friends and family said how glowing and refreshed I looked with plumper skin. This is how I realised that whatever I had been doing - including using the Avon Lift & Firm cream - it was certainly working! I also felt my skin didn't look nearly as bad as it usually did after flying long-haul. My nasolabial folds from my nose to mouth also didn't look so deep - they appeared more lifted and firm. 






After 3 weeks of using the Avon Lift & Firm cream I was out of cream and used it down to the last drop. I was very happy with the consistency of the cream and that my face did look more lifted after using. All in all, a very affordable way to lift the skin!    


Let me know if you've tried new Lift & Firm Face Lifting Cream... I'd love to hear how you got on! It's on its way to an Avon Brochure 10 this spring... 



Jamie xx



PREVIEW: Brows for Now

by Expert Blogger ‎13-04-2017 2:00 PM - edited ‎27-04-2017 3:27 PM


Hi everyone. It’s Hayley here again, with an extra spring in my step from all this sunshine we have been having.


Also, because Avon have released a fab new collection of products recently, called mark. I adore the packaging of the new products, lots of monochrome mixed with the bright colours of the products really makes it pop. One of the newer releases is their brow compacts, which come in both brown and blonde.


Avon Brows - PINK - 2.png


Brows can really make a difference to your whole look and the strong brow look is TOTALLY on trend. A well-groomed brow can add a whole new lease of life to your look, and confidence too - I rarely leave the house without doing my brows. With that in mind I wanted to share some of my brow tips with you all.


Avon Brows - PINK - 4.png


Whether you’re new to doing your brows, or a brow pro there are some great products to help you.



First up you want to make sure your natural brows are in tip top condition as it will make filling them in a whole lot easier.


Using the comb end of the Avon Eyebrow Scissors gently brush your brows in to shape; the front ends (near the bridge of your nose) will need to be brushed up slightly in the direction they grow and the rest of the brow brushed slightly up and across.


Once you have them all in place you can use the comb and scissor ends to trim any unruly brow hairs. This may sound a little scary but as the scissors are combined with the brush it makes it so much easier and less daunting to do.

Avon Scissors 2.png



Avon Brows - PINK - 8.png 



If you have fairly sparse brows and aren’t used to outlining a shape freehand then the Avon Brow Stencil Set will be perfect to get you started.


The set contains 4 different stencils in various brow shapes so that there’s one to suit every face shape. My tip would be to have a practice run with each stencil before committing to the perfect one - having perfectly groomed brows will take some getting used to if you’re new to brows that wow.


Here are my before and after shots


Avon Brows - BEFORE - 1.png

 Avon Brows - UNDERLINED - 1.pngAvon Brows - UNDERLINED - 2.png




Whether you’re using the stencil or filling them in freehand it’s best to start off by using a light touch, especially on the inner part of the brows (near the bridge of the nose). The Mark kit is very handy as it comes with a mini brush and mirror in the compact so you can pop it in your bag for touch ups, although you won’t need them if you use the wax part of the kit.


OK, so now you are ready to freehand the filling in of your brows. First start by lightly dipping your brush in the mark powder and tracing a line on the bottom of your brows. This way you can start to build the shape up gradually.


Avon Brows - FULL - 1.pngAvon Brows - FULL - 5.png


Next up I always find it easiest to shape the arch of my brow and fill in the tail. The tail of your brows should be the darkest part as your brows should look fuller as you work from front to back.


It’s now time to complete the brow by drawing a line on the top of your brow to complete the shape. Finally you can blend the product on the lower brow line up and the product on the upper brow line down. By doing this and not adding more product to your brush you get a really nice natural look and still with the ombre/fade effect at the front of your brows.


Getting wow brows is a lot easier than you think and nowhere near as scary or daunting. Just remember, your brows are sisters and not twins. Oh, and practice, practice, practice.




Guest blogger for AVON Connects. I am a trained beauty and holistic therapist, and currently work in an office by day and blog all things beauty by night.

Mirror watch

by Expert Blogger ‎17-03-2017 3:34 PM

Hi everyone, which spring fashion treats are you trying out this month?


Here's my little bit of spring arm candy... the Dexie Watch:




Avon are so great at designing GORGEOUS little innovations that help busy women always look their best, like this cute Dexie watch that has a built-in mirror to help you touch up your make-up wherever you are.




Shop the Dexie watch this spring in Avon Brochure 7!





Hi! I'm Sarah, a UK fashion & beauty blogger. I'm not a real secretary! My blog, Temporary:Secretary, is predominately a fashion and beauty blog, but you will also find the odd bit of lifestyle, home inspiration and a few pet photos from time to time!

I absolutely love perfumes and Avon has so many beautiful ones to choose from. When I received the new Viva La Vita Eau De Parfum I couldn't wait to try it out! 


viva 1 (1).jpg 

Top notes: 
• Crisp Pink Apple • Mandarin • Pink Grapefruit 

Middle notes: 
• Dewy Rose Petals • Mimosa Essence • Magnolia  

Base notes: 
• Vanilla Bean • Sandalwood • Cashmere wood 

This is a soft and creamy fragrance that envelopes you in a veil of opulence leaving an unforgettable trace on the skin, yet it also has a sparkling and joyful note to it that makes it a perfect fragrance for the spring. It is a joy to wear with a medium sillage, retaining an airy, light character. Longevity is very good, I could still smell it on my skin till the late afternoon, having applied it in the morning.  

This is a very feminine fragrance yet is rich and bold! A must-have perfume in any woman's collection.  

I hope you will love it as much as I do.  


viva 2 (1).jpg


Hope you like my pictures, too! Shop Viva La Vita



Inspired by simple things and flowers.

Hi Beauty Connects!


Have you tried our latest fragrance launch, Viva La Vita? Here master perfumer Harry Fremont uncovers the secrets of this fresh new scent for spring!




I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)

Blackheads... be gone!

by Expert Blogger ‎14-03-2017 1:18 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new here but you can find me over on the TalontedLex blog. I love skincare and nails... and am always looking at ways of combatting my rosacea... and you'll be seeing posts here from me about skincare of all sorts!!


I’ve been trying the Avon Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Deep Treatment Mask for a few weeks and my pores are so happy about it! I’ve used it 3 times a week on my chin and nose, which is where I get most of my blackheads and congestion.




The mask contains 0.5% salicylic acid to lift dirt and oil from the pores, clearing the skin of blackheads while also helping to prevent future congestion. My sensitive skin can sometimes be irritated by masks that dry on the skin, but this product doesn’t give me any kind of reaction or redness; it just left me with soft skin and dramatically reduced the appearance of my blackheads and uneven skin.




It’s a thin blue cream that is very easy to apply and feels soothing and cooling on the face. You leave it on the skin for 5 minutes (or until the cream has dried down to a white, matte finish) and then remove. A tip for removal, especially if you have sensitive skin like me, is to hold a damp flannel or muslin cloth over the dried mask for a few seconds: this rehydrates the mask, making it easier to remove!




If you have tried Blackhead Clearing Deep Treatment Mask... or any of the other Clearskin range... let me know!!


Shop the Clearskin collection now



Hi I’m Lex *awkward wave*. I’m a northerner by birth but I live in London. If you love all things beauty, skincare (shout out to my fellow sensitive skin or rosacea sufferers!) and beautiful nails then you will fit in well here: you are my people!

Introducing Viva La Vita...

by Community Editor ‎02-03-2017 2:40 PM

Hi Beauty Connects!


I'm SO happy to introduce our latest fragrance launch, Viva La Vita, the delicious scent of pink apple, dewy rose petals and sweet vanilla beans! 


The joyful, inspiring scent is all about living every moment of life to the fullest and making every day beautiful. 



For a limited time, you'll receive a FREE gift with every order of Viva La Vita worth £23*! That's right, in Brochure 6 and 7 (online between 2nd March and 12 April), you'll receive a Viva La Vita Body Spray, a Viva La Vita Body Lotion, a Nutra Effects Radiance Daily Cream SPF20, a Nutra Effects Radiance Renewing Night Cream and a BB 7-in-1 Nail Colour in Lilac Love for free!


Get your free gift now! 









Leigh x


*based on normal brochure prices 



I am a passionate fashion and beauty fan and love blogging in my spare time. I am the Community Moderator for Avon Beauty Connects so please @ me or send me a message. I am happy to help :)