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Clean Slate with Avon Naturals




I absolutely love the Avon Naturals haircare range. It's all I buy for myself and my family. With my recent order I bought 2 bottles of the Clean Slate Shampoo with Peppermint and Verbena.  This is a mild and gentle shampoo infused with herbal extracts known for their soothing properties to help replenish dry, damaged hair. 

A refreshing shampoo which leaves a cool feeling on the scalp thanks to the peppermint. My hair and scalp always feels so clean after using this shampoo. 


Here are some interesting facts I found out about verbena and peppermint. Verbena is a natural stimulant and emollient which means it helps to moisturise and soften skin, as well as calming inflamed areas. It can also act as a disinfectant which means when used on the scalp it can help get rid of nasties. Peppermint is great for hair growth, combating dryness and moisturising the scalp, so it’s no surprise my hair feels moisturised after using this. I don't normally use the conditioner as I regularly use the Healthy Hydration Conditioning Balm which is unfortunately now discontinued. If you are looking for clean and healthy hair that is soft and manageable, look no further than the Avon Naturals haircare range. 







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Re: Clean Slate with Avon Naturals

Heart this shampoo as does my mum

Apesey x
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Re: Clean Slate with Avon Naturals

Lovely post @knittygritty6


I am definitly going to get my hands on some of this! I spent the weekend glamping and can't seem to get the smell of fire and smoke out of my hair- this should do the trick!


Leigh x