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My Vitale skincare 25 day challenge

Hi everyone


it’s Laura here and I can’t wait to tell you all about the Avon Anew Vitale Skin Perfecting range that I’ve been trialling over the past month!


Now that I’ve hit 35 my skin is showing some signs of ageing. Creases on my forehead have begun to deepen into permanent lines and the skin around my eyes feels thinner and can get quite dry and crepey looking. My skin also seems more tired and dull in the mornings these days and takes a while to wake up properly.


Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary 100 .jpgAvon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary 101 .jpg


Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary 103 .jpgAvon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary 104 .jpg


Luckily Avon have come to the rescue with their Anew Vitale range. Designed for skin aged 25+, it contains ingredients designed to add radiance, boost hydration, encourage cell regeneration and protect the skin against sun damage. Naturally I jumped at the chance to put it through its paces and kept a skincare diary so that I could share with you how I got on!


Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary Face Creams Overhead.jpg


Day One

I’ve woken up feeling very dehydrated today. It’s been really chilly so I’ve had the heating on and I don’t think I helped matters by enjoying a few cheeky glasses of red wine last night. My eyes are puffy and my skin is looking decidedly dull, plus I’ve got a really dry patch on one cheek.


I pop some of the Visible Perfection Eye Cream onto my little finger and gently dot it under my eyes and onto my eyelids. It has a lovely light consistency and the cooling sensation feels very soothing. Within 10 minutes it has sunk in and my eye area feels smoother and more hydrated which makes it a breeze when I come to blend in my undereye concealer. I can’t see any reduction in my eye bag’s puffiness today but my eyes certainly feel brighter after using the cream.


Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary Eye Cream.jpg


Next I try the Anew Vitale Visible Perfection Day Cream and my first impression is a good one thanks to its beautifully delicate flowery smell. The cream looks deceptively thick and heavy in the pot but it’s actually really lightweight and a 10p sized blob is enough for my whole face and neck. Within a minute it has completely absorbed to a matte finish and my skin feels better already! The dry patch is still there but it feels better. I’m hoping the promise of 24hr hydration that this cream is supposed to deliver helps to banish it fast!


That evening I use the Anew Vitale Night Cream. Although it’s thicker than the day cream (but with the same heavenly smell!) it is non-oily and still sinks in incredibly fast. I go to sleep feeling rather pampered!


Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary Night Cream.jpg


Day 2 to 5

My dry patch is now all but gone (probably thanks to the whopping 137% hydration boost that the cream provides) and although my lines and creases are still there my skin does feel plumper and much smoother than before.


What is especially noticeable is how much fresher I look when I wake up. I mean, I still won’t be taking any early morning selfies still but it’s a marked improvement! I’ve been applying the day cream with a stimulating massage and I think the combination of the two is helping my complexion to develop a healthy glow.


The only thing I have to watch is not to get too heavy handed with the eye cream! I have very sensitive skin and found that it made my eyes a bit watery the first night, so I’ve been a bit more sparing with the amount used which seems to have done the trick!


Day 6 to 10

I’ve continued with my new skincare routine day and night and I have to say that rather than it feeling like a chore, I’m really enjoying it! The scent of the creams is very relaxing and the consistent hydration boost means that I go to bed feeling like I’ve done the best that I can for my skin.


Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary Day Cream.jpg

Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary Face Creams Overhead Close Up.jpg


Day 10 to 15

Ugh I’ve got a cold!

I’ve pretty much stayed indoors for 3 days armed with a big box of tissues and a comforting blanket but I’m rather proud of myself for still managing to keep up with my skincare routine. Both the day and night cream have cell complexes which help to maximise skin cell turnover and assist in repairing the damage caused by environmental stress, so it seems like a no brainer to use it at the time when my skin is suffering.


Day 16 to 20

Hooray my cold has gone! I managed to avoid that horrible raw red nosed look thanks to my new best friends the Avon Anew Skin Perfecting Night and Day creams… they really do seem to do a good job of targeting skin issues and making short work of them!


Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary Full Range 2.jpg


In other news, I discovered my favourite product from the whole Avon Anew range, the Avon Anew Visible Perfection Instant Blurring Treatment, which is like a real life Instagram filter!


I’ve been in a rush to get ready for work the last couple of days and so I reached for this because although it can be used as a priming base for foundation, you can use it on its own too! It glides on like a dream with a matt, velvet texture and helps to mattify any shiny bits, reduce the appearance of pores and soften the effect of any lines or creases. It really works too, I’m very impressed and have a feeling I’m going to get through the tube very quickly.


Day 21 to 25

Well it’s the last five days of my skincare diary but not the last time I’ll be using the Anew Vitale Skin Perfect range; that’s for certain! There’s not too much to report other than that the consistent use has helped my skin to maintain a healthy glow.

So here are my final thoughts:

Is it a miracle treatment that has erased all of my lines and creases and made me look 10 years younger? No, but…

Has it improved their appearance and lessened the effect of them? Yes


Avon Anew Vitale Skincare Diary Skin Perfect Instant Blurring Treatment.jpg


And has it made me feel 10 times more confident in my own skin? 10 times yes!


I hope you enjoyed my skincare review. If you try the Anew Vitale range too , I’d love to hear what you think so please let me know in the comments!



Laura xxx


Shop the Vitale range


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Re: My Vitale skincare 25 day challenge

Absolutely gorgeous! @lovedbylaura

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In response to lovedbylaura

Re: My Vitale skincare 25 day challenge

lovely review, am a big big fan of the whole vitale range!

how gorgeous are you in those photos! beautiful lady Smiley Happy

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Re: My Vitale skincare 25 day challenge


What a Great Review !! I love the Anew Creams and the new Youth Maximising Sheet Mask is another great product you should try !! Im sure you will love it !! Shaz xx

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Re: My Vitale skincare 25 day challenge

Thanks for sharing!

The blurring treatment is my absolute favourite anew product (apart from the new sheet mask Smiley Very Happy)

It's such a lovely texture and just melts in, like all the vitale products.

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Re: My Vitale skincare 25 day challenge

This is a fantastic review! Thanks for sharing it! I have had lots of customers ask me about this so I now more about this product and have the perfect response. Thank you! 


Katherine xx