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Nutra Effects - 21 Day Challenge

I’ve taken part in Avon’s 21 Day Challenge to see if the Nutra Effects skincare range can have an impact on real women.

I was really excited to receive the parcel in the post having totally forgotten about giving my details for the challenge!  So Wednesday 23rd May 2018 is day one of using the new creams.

Here’s a quick before picture so you can see how my skin looks before I started using Nutra Effects.

Day 1

My first challenge was to remember to use the cream, it’s something I know I should be doing now I’m in my 30’s but I haven’t managed to get into the routine- and I’ll pay for it in later life if I don’t do it now!

As you can see from the picture I have the start of a spot appearing - I thought they were only for teenagers so I’ve applied my day cream liberally, my face feels wet, I’m used to washing my face and drying it quickly so I need to leave time for the cream to soak into my skin before I put my glasses back on.

That evening I had a nice soak in the bath before getting into bed.  Only to realise I’d forgotten my night cream!  So back out of bed to apply it.  It felt thicker than the day cream so I needed to lie on my back in bed to give it chance to soak in.

Day 2

I woke up and remembered my day cream which was a good start.  My son had a school trip to the zoo today so I decided to do the school run before putting my make up on to allow my day cream to soak in - a First for everything!  I was putting sun tan lotion onto my son and thought what about my skin - so I checked the Nutra Effects day cream and it contains an SPF 20 - bonus!

When I got home from the school run I put on my make up and I was really surprised how much better my mascara looked, probably because I’m not the best at removing my make up well at night so last nights Nuta Effects night cream must have helped.

Slight hiccup with the evening cream application, I started to apply then I realised I was using the day cream.  It was quickly washed off and the correct cream applied.  I shouldn’t have got them mixed up, they are in different colour packaging and one says day the other night - note to self don’t apply when tired.

Day 3

So today I actually read the instructions, yes I should have done that before I started the trial.  And I now know that I need to apply the creams to my neck as well as my face so I’ll be doing that going forward.

Day 4

It’s Saturday so tomorrow is a day for a lie in to really let the overnight cream do its magic.  I’m sat in bed with a glass of bubbles waiting for it to soak in before I get some sleep.  Goodnight!

Day 5

Today didn’t quite go to plan, we had a thunderstorm followed by more rain than I care to think about.  This meant that my overnight cream was more middle of the night cream!

Day 6

Monday, the start of a new week but a day of cleaning the mess of yesterday’s flooding - I think I may have sweat away my day cream.

Day 7

A day trip to Alton Towers so the SPF in the day cream has come in handy.

Day 8

I’ve come down to Somerset for a couple of days and I remembered to pack both day and night creams so that’s a good start.

Day 9

Today involved swimming which probably wasn’t the greatest idea after not long applying my day cream.  Needless to say it was most likely washed away.

Day 10

I’m determined to use both creams properly today after a couple of fails over the past weeks.  Day cream applied thoroughly ready for it to work it’s magic on the way home.

Day 11

The spot that was getting ready to appear ten days ago never came out any further and seems to have disappeared altogether so I’m definitely a fan of Nutraeffects if it makes my skin healthier and spot free.

Day 12
Another day of swimming today before heading to Chessington World of Adventures with my little boy - I’ve learnt to apply a little less cream and avoid any too close to my eyes before swimming!
Day 13
My Presidents Club Dinner with Avon (their awards evening for top selling Avon Reps) and normally I would go to bed leaving my make up on but needing to put on my night cream meant that I had to take my make up off first, so that was a bonus in itself looking after my skin.
Days 14 - 21
I’ve managed to get into a good routine of applying my face cream in a morning, allowing it to soak in before applying any make up.  I’m also getting good at taking off my make up at night before applying my overnight cream which is much better for my skin.
I’ll be honest, I didn’t think a bit of cream would make a difference to my skin in three weeks but my skin feels healthier and I feel like I have less blemishes.  I also look like I’ve eaten too many cakes in three weeks so maybe my next challenge should be to eat less!

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In response to laurajayne

Re: Nutra Effects - 21 Day Challenge

Love this @laurajayne!


Such as shame though as it looks like your pics didn't upload Smiley Sad 


Leigh x


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In response to laurajayne

Re: Nutra Effects - 21 Day Challenge

what cream did you use? Did you use any other nutra effects products?


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Re: Nutra Effects - 21 Day Challenge

It was the Nutraeffects day and night creams 



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Re: Nutra Effects - 21 Day Challenge

Great review @laurajayne, thanks for the pics. I love a great night and day cream - you soon get in to the routine of using them and  I'm sure it is beneficial for skin - even before swimming! I just put some more on after the swim.

Smiley Happy

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Re: Nutra Effects - 21 Day Challenge

Love your review @laurajayne thanks so much for sharing your experience of the challenge Smiley Happy 


I can't see your pics though! Can you re upload them in the comments? I would love to see! 



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Re: Nutra Effects - 21 Day Challenge

Did this one work ok @amydunbabin?




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