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Review mark brow gels

I've been waiting for Avon to do a brow gel,the wait is over and it was worth the wait, I got the dark brown shade for myself and the blonde for my eldest daughter,I also ordered the tailored brush for the job of applying it which I gave to my daughter,I just used an eye liner brush which did a great job of applying the gel. It goes on like a dream not putting too much product on the brush I set about lining under the brow then started filling the brows in,very easy to work with the colour match for both my daughter and me are perfect,I can see this product lasting ages you only use a tiny amount when doing your brows,I've had a customer ask me today for a good blonde brow product,so I was pushing the gel straight away I am seeing her in a couple of days so I've told her I will take the blonde brow definer up and also the brow gel so she can see the colour,I'm confident I will be coming back with an order for one of them if not both,so let's get back to the review my daughter used the blonde brow definer to under line her brows then filled them in with the gel doing feather like strokes to mimic hairs,we are both very happy people with the results we've got ,I will be highly recompensing this product give it a go and see for yourself!! The liquid lip product is the nest item I am really looking forward to trying.IMG_20170717_202412_hdr.jpgIMG_20170717_201841_hdr.jpgIMG_20170715_124316_hdr.jpg

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Re: Review mark brow gels

I really like the look of this @gelder ... I tend to use the Perfect Eyebrow Kit - I prefer the effect I get from using a brush instead of a pencil.

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Re: Review mark brow gels

I am really looking forward to trying this out! I use the eyebrow kit just now but was looking to try something else! I am totally obsessed with eyebrows! I have been since school (even made the mistake of trying to shave them into shape Smiley Surprised ) so i am looking forward to mine coming from my FL x K 

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Re: Review mark brow gels

Looks great @gelder

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Re: Review mark brow gels

I'll have to try it @gelder, I've just received my Auburn eyebrow kit, which I'm very happy with, so will have to wait awhile before I can get the gel. I'll get one for my eldest daughter though. 😊