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Summer Skin Problems Solved!

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Summer always produces hot, sweaty skin. Pimples can happen year-round but extra oil, heat, and sweat make them more prolific in summer months. Add to that blotchy, uneven skin tone. So I use this refreshing Nutraeffects Gel Cleanser, which is good for all skin types. 
Every morning and evening, I dispense some into my hands and I add water to create a lovely foam. I massage over my  face and rinse clean using warm water. This has Active Seed Complex and provides a deep cleanse even for sensitive skin. 







 I also love to use the Nutraeffects Gentle Scrub Cleanser. This has a refreshing gel formula that leaves skin feeling deeply cleansed and with a visible, healthy glow. It is suitable for all skin types and helps your skin to stay soft with sunflower seed extract and vitamin E. It leaves skin looking refreshed and reduces the appearance of oil. Also with Active Seed Complex, with soap berries, a gentle, yet effective, natural cleanser.






 Another common summer problem is bug bites!
Mosquitoes and midges are summer's biggest pests—and the swelling and itching that occur after being bitten by them can range from mild to severe, in my case severe. 

When it comes to insect repellents, Skin So Soft by Avon is not exclusively marketed as your normal bug blockade. It cannot actually be sold as such due to UK pharmaceutical laws banning Avon from doing so. However, this 150ml moisturizing bath and body oil is renowned for its ability to ward off bugs especially of the midge kind. It is thought this is due to a combination of the the oily base and the aroma of Skin So Soft, a product called Citronella. Recommendations of its effectiveness even come from the toughest of the tough, with sources such as the Royal Marine Commandos and the SAS giving Skin So Soft an unprecedented reputation.






The Skin So Soft spray is the perfect size to fit into a bag, good for day trips or whatever else you do. We take ours camping with us.  I also found it doesn't  irritate me, an advantage for people with sensitive skin, nor does it mark my clothes when applying. However be warned, there is no SPF in the product and you may look to add some extra protection whilst out on a hot, sunny day. Nonetheless there appear to be no harmful chemicals so you may use on the family, and research has shown it to be effective even on animals. I also love to use the Body Butter, which also has the same ingredients as the spray, for those of you who like an alternative to the oil spray.