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Surprise Christmas Bag

I have recently had an enquiry from a client regarding the sale of Surprise Christmas bags usually sold for £10 any idea when these will be on sale?



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Re: Surprise Christmas Bag

The Christmas products usually start around C16



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Re: Surprise Christmas Bag

I think she will be on about the gift sest and there are a few that come out for christmas not surprised ones though unless it's the baubles that come with anew items; but they should be in the October brochure, so campaign 16 onwards I would say.
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Re: Surprise Christmas Bag

Avon over the years have made up Bargain Bags of Christmassy type goods. A random selection of items were sealed in a plastic bag. Very similar to the Bargain Bags for Makeup, Jewellery and Assorted Goods. The Christmas bags varied in price - £15.00 to £20.00. They were more expensive than the regular Bargain Bags which were between £8.00 to £12.00. I loved these bags. You got at least 4 products in each. The Bargain Bags appeared regularly in the flimsy Sales Leaflets. They haven’t been in the Sales Leaflets for months. My customers loved them too. You got some lovely surprises with what was in these bags.
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Re: Surprise Christmas Bag

But a lot of the items seem very poor quality so I'd not wnat the 'bargain' bag - like he metal angel candle that turned with the heat - so poor quality the other year I'd not have bought it from £1 shop - let alone the £5 I think it was.  Lots of their Xmas stuff you can sort of get in cheap shops these days.