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Share your Avon Makeup Mirror App look to WIN!
Hi Beauty Connects!   Have you tried our new make-up app?      The app allows you to easily create your own make-up look on your mobile or tablet device.  W e're giving you the chance to win an exclusive mark. bundle by simply sharing your look below!        Leigh x
Occasional Visitor gemmabeauty Occasional Visitor replied
Here's mine! more
Ultimate Look Competition
Wow, just seen this today and hoping to get my targets in my first delivery today!   I think I'm most looking forward to the lip lacquer, what about everyone else? X
How do you share the photo?
Oh spotted... wathing the tv awards 😁so excited I have a chance to win something🤞
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Seen Advert on Channel 4 9.30 pm more
Spot the latest TV ad to WIN!
Hi Beauty Connects!    Have you spotted our latest TV ad? It features our  No.1 selling product, Avon True Ideal Flawless Compact Foundation ! The advert showcases our latest True Blue Colour IQ  and that the foundation is now available in 18 shades!     Why don't you let us know when and where you spotted it below? We'll pick an answer at random and you'll win your shade!     Good Luck,   Leigh x 
Community Moderator Community Moderator replied
Congrats @janemcneish!   You are our winner! Please send me your address via direct message :) ... more
Spot the latest TV ad to Win!!
I spotted last night catch up on The British Soap Awards whilst I was sat eating a massive bar of galaxy share bar chocolate to MYSELF🙊 Doing my Avon orders X
i spotted the new ideal flawless foundation on tv
i spotted the new ideal flawles foundtion on itv 
Spot the add
I seen it on channel 4 with big brother at 10-36 pm x
Saw the 3 in 1 Compact channel 4 today at 5pm. DM D'Cunha
I saw the ad on tv
On cbs drama while also looming through the first look book to order my customers some goodies xx
Avon advert
I saw the advert on last night at 9:30 on it when love island was on.
Avon's new TV Ad
Hi i'm a new representative and i saw Avon's new advert, whilst sporting my favourite shade of Avon lipstick. Totally enjoyed it! It was great watching something im part of- GO AVON BEAUTY !! 💋💋
True Colour Flawless Foundation T.V. Ad
I spotted the advert on Saturday whilst indulging in some US sitcoms on E4. Would love to test this compact foundation as recently tried the new Avon true colour flawless liquid foundation and absolutely love it in the shade of 'porcelain'. I love the idea of a foundation similar that can also offer the same effect as a concealer as I regularly have dark circle under my eyes.
Tv ad
I saw he TV advert yesterday while sitting at home.with my fiancé and 6 month old son. My fiancé looked at me and said the best way to shop is via a rep online!!
making my mark
making my mark with new idears
mark. illuminator is amazing stuff x
everybody must try this product , i feel comftable just wearing this instead of my usual tonne of make up , gives a glow while still looking natural , i use after nutraeffects syrum , good stuff.
Your chance to win a mark. May bank holiday bundle!
Hi Beauty Connects!   Fancy winning all of these mark. goodies? Simply comment below with how you make your mark. whether it be an iconic feline flick, shout out shades or a bold red lip- we'll pick our favourite answer!        Good Luck!   Leigh x   This competition has now closed! Congratulations to  @kellykoo are the winner! Please send me your email address and I will post your bundle! Leigh x
Occasional Contributor Occasional Contributor replied
I make my mark with the setting spray, I had never used a setting spray before, I always thought wh... more
I am loving the mark & can't wait to try all the rest so so exited 😆😆🌷🌷
I am loving the mark & can't wait to try the rest ..I've used the glow on and it is the bes thing I've ever used so so happy with it makes my skin bloom 🌷🌷🌷
Making my mark!
Black feline flick finished with a bright red lipstick and bright red nails! 💅🏼The lippy certainly lets me leave my mark!
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