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The ONLY tote you need

by Expert Blogger ‎30-03-2017 11:43 AM - edited ‎30-03-2017 11:55 AM

Hello everyone, it’s me again Heart


First off I have something to admit… I am obsessed with tote bags. I have many, and by many I mean there is a draw in my kitchen full of them. But, they are all just a bit boring or too small.


Avon Tote 3.png


I became addicted to tote bags after an unfortunate incident at work; I took home someone else’s Tupperware from the kitchen as we were both using the same supermarket carrier bag to cart around our wares. Ever since then I have always preferred to use a tote, they look more stylish than a carrier bag, and there’s no risk of me having to wash someone else’s lunch dishes up.


Avon Tote 7.pngAvon Tote 4.png

The Avon monogram tote is perfect, as I know for sure it’s mine - I mean it has my initial on it after all. Not only that but it’s a good size; I can fit in my lunch, laptop and still have room for several lipsticks. What more could I need I hear you cry. Well, as I like to carry around my whole life with me on a day to day basis I also need something that will hold up against the weight. A lot of tote bags I have had in the past have only had a few stiches to attach the handle to the bag, whereas as you can see the Avon tote is very well stitched in place.


Avon Tote 3.png


The colours will go with whatever you’re wearing; you can’t beat a monochrome accessory. Whilst using the bag I have had many people ask where it’s from, including my mum who has informed me that she will be changing the H initial to an A so that she can have it. It’s certainly and fashionable, yet very functional, bag that I can see me using all throughout the year to carry my treasures and wares around wherever I go - including the beach later on this year.


Do you carry around everything and the kitchen sink with you day to day?


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Guest blogger for AVON Connects. I am a trained beauty and holistic therapist, and currently work in an office by day and blog all things beauty by night.

by Superstar
‎06-04-2017 9:25 AM

I've bought a couple of these for presents, might have to get one for myself as well they look ideal for carting some Avon books and prospecting cards 

by Expert Blogger
‎07-04-2017 12:59 PM

I love those @teapartybeauty, it's always handy having them around.

by Regular Visitor angelajordan
‎13-04-2017 12:38 AM
How can I order the initial shopper and the folding shopper. I am an Avon Rep. TIA