3 reasons to love NEW Advance Techniques Dry Shampoo

started by Staff ‎21-03-2016 1:41 PM

Top beauty blogger Lydia Millen shows you three ways to use Avon's amazing NEW Advance Techniques Dry Shampoo


by Occasional Visitor rio444
‎23-08-2016 4:38 PM

I have not tried dry shampoo yet, but might give it a go.  I can remember back to when it first came out and the only results you got was a nasty case of dandruff.  Is the modern shampoo better? 

by Occasional Visitor sharonsasson
‎23-08-2016 5:25 PM

I have used Batiste Dry Shampoo for many years and it does the job, but it's really difficult to get all the white powder out of my hair.  The Avon Advanced Techniques Dry Shampoo is brilliant because, as long as you shake the can well before use, the spray is practically clear.  My only complaint: why did it take you so long to invent it???? Smiley LOL Heart

by Contributor
‎30-12-2017 5:39 PM

Hello!  I've had a customer screaming for this as she says it's better than Batiste - is it coming back?!

by Community Editor
‎15-03-2018 9:54 AM

Hi all, 


Our fabulous Advance Techniques Dry Shampoo is still available HERE


Leigh x