Product review Avon SuperShock mascara!!

started by Staff ‎03-03-2016 1:52 PM

Hi everyone! 


So so I recently discovered Avons SuperShock mascara and I am absolutely loving it! Here's a pic of me wearing it below. image.jpeg

It makes my eyelashes look so much longer and thicker! I wear this as an everyday mascara as it gives the look that I want. I have tried a lot of mascaras in the past and this is defo one of my favs! Mascaras that make your eyelashes thicker sometimes end up really clumpy so I was so happy when I finally found a mascara that didn't just stick all my eyelashes together in a clump! I also find this mascara really lightweight and it lasts all day which is fabulous. It also comes off easily with cleanser so is not stubborn when I'm finally getting ready for bed! 


I hope you all like this review!

and hope you all have a fabulash day Smiley Happy 


Lucy x 

by Trusted Contributor
‎16-09-2016 2:40 PM

WOW lovely lashes sweet