REVIEW: The Skincare Product that works like MAGIC

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Until I started working with Avon, I wouldn’t have described my makeup regime, let alone my skincare regime as adventurous. I like what I like and stick with it. So do most of my customers. I always see new products and think “could that be for me?” Then I decide “meh maybe not”. That is, until I reviewed the latest ANEW product, the Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask. This product is pure MAGIC!


Avon claim that you will “Wake up to younger-looking skin with Avon ANEW’s First Sleep Mask.” Apparently sleep masks are all the rage and why shouldn’t they be when they work as well as this product? I was sceptical because it was a gel and I couldn’t wrap my head around how this gel would hydrate my skin….. I tried it as a patch test for any potential reaction. Once it proved all clear, I went in.


The product is an ultra-lightweight formula, powered by encapsulated hyaluronic acid and lots of visible tiny shea butter beads while you sleep! It’s also fragrance and parabens-free. After cleansing my skin the first evening, I smoothed the Hydration Mask generously and evenly on my face. What I absolutely LOVED about the mask was that even though this was a gel, it applied like a cream and as you will know from my review on the NutraEffects Radiance Review, I love my creams rich, thick and able to work deep into my skin. This is exactly how the mask works. It’s thick but not heavy. It feels a little like a weird-but-true product for a number of reasons.


Firstly, it looks like a gel with it’s visible beads, but works like a cream. Secondly, it’s a gel, but moisturises the skin deeply. Thirdly, this is total value for money, you actually don’t need a lot to get great results. And finally, the results!! Within hours of my patch test, I could feel the difference, But after the first night, I noticed a definite firmness in my skin around the cheek area; it felt a lot less loose.


My only warning is that you ensure that you use this sparingly. I got a tad overexcited by the patch test results and put a lot on. Using so much, it feels really cold on your face. Also I thought that I had rubbed in all of the beads until I pulled some out of the edge of my hair the following morning which were hard to pull out. Finally, if you overuse it, it will get sticky on your face. So just to reiterate, you do not need a lot of the product and massage it in thoroughly, it will work just as well.


This will be great for anyone that has dry skin. It moisturises fantastically.

The top prize for this product is how much firmer my skin feels within a relatively short space of time and has continued to do so. Runners up prize is for how smooth and soft my skin feels. Final prize is about the small amount of product you need to get the desired results. I personally have to give this product the promotion it deserves because it truly is a great skincare product. And then I found that I was featuring in Brochure 10!!


You can buy your Avon products by clicking on the picture below. This is a pre-release review, so when it is out to market, please let me know what you think xx


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‎05-04-2016 9:26 PM

Very nice review ! Thank you Smiley Very Happy


I want this product SO bad !

I'm very excited for brochure 10 ! I HAVE to get this from FL10 with the next order! Smiley Happy


(please excuse my enthusiasm ^^)

by Occasional Contributor
‎23-04-2016 1:48 PM

mine came in my delivery thursday. i applied over my night time regime of cleanse, then night cream then this went over the top.  ive always had terrible skin, always dry and peeling, when i get up in the morning you can actually see the skin peeling from my forehead, nose and chin area.  extremely annoying and frustrating.  not a good base for any foundation.

I applied the gel which felt very refreshing, and i felt the hydration taking place. by the time morning came i was exstatic with the performance of this gel.  i had no peeling of my skin, i kept looking and scratching with my nails, but no excess peeling,  

absolutely amazing little miracle. i have used for 2 consecutive nights and my face is a glow of pure indulgence, never has my skin looked so good.  im taking this on deliveries to give all my customers the oppourtunity to see and feel the difference.

well done AVON

by Superstar
‎23-04-2016 5:08 PM

I also Love Love Love this Product The Best Yet !!! I Heart Avon Skincare !! I have been using for about 4 weeks and its amazing !! Shaz xx

by Contributor
‎12-06-2016 11:42 AM

Anew Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask product is a new range of Avon product.  Like every Avon cream this is something special which i came across the First Look brochure.  More over the Avon cream are more attractive and there is always a curousity to buy those cream. I certainly love Anew Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask product it makes my skin look good.

by Contributor
‎19-10-2016 9:55 AM

sounds perfect hope they do this in smaller samplers first

by New Contributor
‎09-11-2017 11:46 AM

After cleansing and toning at night, i use the Hydration mask. The skin feels lovely in the morning and it looks rejuvenated