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Colour in list - Review

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On a whim I added the colour in list pad to my recent order. I'm a bit of a listmaker so I knew that it would be useful. If something's written down it won't get forgotten or overlooked, or left until later because there are more enticing things to do.


So it's lists all the way, they keep me organised and free up my brain for other things. Win, win! There's no need to keep thinking about those minor items - they are there on the pad in black and white & will get attended at the right time. Another pad is always useful.


The colour in aspect of this pad sounded like fun, there's a whole front cover to colour in, all flowers and a rainbow, so great for choosing from a wide colour palette.The pad is small enough to fit in a bag, a handbag or an Avonning bag along with a few pens or crayons. Listmaking or doodling or colouring always at hand. The paper is good quality with a nice feel to it, I don't think felt tips will bleed in to the paper but will stay put inside the lines where you put them.


10.6.18 Avon scribble pad and river 005 - Copy.JPG





Each page has a border to be coloured in, there's a selection of borders to infill with your crayon, pencils or whatever. You can choose how vibrant, colourful, or pastel you want that page to be. Simple pleasures!


10.6.18 Avon scribble pad and river 003 - Copy.JPG


I'd heard that colouring in is therapeutic, it's an adult occupation, not just for kids. Because it engages the brain it's a form of mindfulness, cutting out those nagging thoughts and allowing the colourer in to stay in the present, focusing on the action of colouring, and encouraging a feeling of calmness.  Soothing, restful, great therapy from the everyday hassles at your fingertips. What's not to like?


Apparently New Zealand researchers have found that colouring in reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, there's more info here..



If you want to make some lists, or spend a few minutes feeling calm, the listmaker is just for you.



I'm off to do some colouring  in now ......................................

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Re: Colour in list - Review

Great review @val4578, these would make a nice gift 


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Re: Colour in list - Review

Interesting read @val4578 and I love a bit of colouring in too!  When I'm on the phone I'm always doodling x

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Re: Colour in list - Review

My 11 year old and I have some books that we sit and colour together Val @val4578. I did see this but instead I ordered the wind chime. It's nice that you can colour and write your list at the same time. Lovely review and interesting info about colouring. I should try and colour more often then, because I suffer from terrible anxiety. That's why I bought the wind chime. I love the tinkling sound by an open window, very calming.