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Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!

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Hi Beauty Connects, 


Last week we hosted a Smarter Beauty event in London to launch our first-ever Beauty Broadsheet. The first edition celebrates the role Avon plays in the beauty industry, and shares insights and tips to help us to work smarter and dream bigger.


beauty broadsheet.JPG




We invited some of our top-selling Reps and Sales Leaders to be the first to get their hands on the Beauty Broadsheet, and to give them a chance to chat to our panel and gain useful insights for their business.


 The smarter beauty panel consisted of  Avon UK GM Matthieu Comard, our new Representative Ambassador, Giovanna Fletcher and beauty journalist Annabel Jones to discuss all things beauty, business and boosting your social presence.

"For us, 'smart' is giving every woman beautiful and modern products that really work, so she can be smart with her time, her choices and her money."- Matthieu Comard

Giovanna stepped straight into her Ambassador role, sharing tips on how to juggle multiple responsibilities to build a business and an online presence. Reps had the opportunity to learn from her expertise during a meet and greet/Q&A session.

Know your audience, be authentic – you are their trusted advisor for beauty!- Giovanna Fletcher


Look out for some more top-tips from the day coming soon! Including some savvy social media skills from Giovanna, plus, some of our Sales Leaders recorded exclusive videos that will help you with your online business.


Sneak peek dinner.JPG


Sneak peek press event.JPG


Sneak peek Reps.JPG





Download and share the Beauty Broadsheet with your customers today or search for #SmarterBeauty on Instagram to see social highlights from the day.

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Re: Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!

Looks FAB!

How do we download it to share to customers or do we just post the link?

Thanks x

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Re: Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!

Wow amazing pictures 


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Re: Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!

Thank you so much for the invite. The day was awesome and it was so exciting to be part of event and to hear the latest News. I am very excited about what Avon have in store for us in 2018 and beyond. There has never been a better time to be with Avon and for our customers products that are really competitive and bang on trend. I feel very blesssed to be part of such a fabulous company and very proud. To Have Giavanna as the New Representative Ambassidor is amazing and she was so lovely and very down to earth. Her hints and tips on using social media were great . Mattthieu Comard Avon's Uk General Manager is so relaxed and very approachable and is listening to the Uk Sales Leaders and Representaives . I am very excited to have him leading our businsses and look forward on how he is ging to lead us going forward in the future. 

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Re: Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!

amazing Smiley Happy

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Re: Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!

Have shared on fb what a great idea. 

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Re: Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!

it was a lovely afternoon thank you

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Re: Bringing Smarter Beauty to life!!

I had so much fun at the recent “Smarter Beauty” event with Avon, the atmosphere of the event was really positive and uplifting and it was really interesting to hear from Matthieu Comard and the new representative ambassador Giovanna Fletcher about how they interpret the concept of “Smarter Beauty”, I learnt some great tips from Giovanna about how to utilise social media for my business. Reading through The Beauty Broadsheet, which I received at the event, helped me to know what the current trends are as well as giving lots of advice and tips from the interviews with reps and experts inside the Broadsheet. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it has given me some great thinking points to enhance my business online. I have already put the Beauty Broadsheet to good use by sharing all of the latest trends with my customers and recommending products for each trend, I also loved sharing the statistics and facts with my customers too as they were really interesting!!!