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Gabby Allen breaks down stereotypes and shares her top tips for working out at home!

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Hi Beauty Connects, 


Last year we announced the exciting news that we're teaming up with Liverpool Ladies FC to become their official shirt sponsor (you can buy yours here).


By partnering with LLFC and launching the ‘I Can Be’ campaign, we aim to inspire women all over the world to break down social barriers, challenge stereotypes, and empower young girls and women to play the sport that they love.


We recently caught up with Love Island star and PT, Gabby Allen and some LLFC ladies to discuss how important it is for women to be able to take part in sport or pursue any career that they wish to regardless of stereotypes.


Not only does Gabby believe in using sport and exercise to break down gender barriers, but also that by taking part in sport, it increases body and self confidence. 



The LLFC ladies explained that by taking part in sport they've met new people, become more sociable and confident. 


Find out Gabby's fave quick, at home workouts here...




Leigh x