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BCAM at Avon!

Today we've been marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Avon UK Headquarters. We've got real reason to celebrate as this year marks 25 years of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade where Representatives, customers and associates have raised £19.5 million for breast cancer research, education and care!


On top of this, we've recently just announced an exciting new partnership with CoppaFeel! and their team of Boobettes to encourage monthly boob (and pec) checks to help with the early detection of breast cancer! You can read more on this here


Here's what we got up to today... 


Associates were encouraged to wear pink.. here's me and the PR ladies rocking our CoppaFeel! tees.







Next up was Andrea announcing the Avon Breast Cancer Promise, a renewed multi- year commitment to educating women about breast health.


22429156_10155640389017165_1068307102_o.jpgAlice, a Bootette from CoppaFeel! and the boss lady herself, Andrea




Alice, a Boobette from CoppaFeel! stepped up after Andrea and talked about the amazing work she does for CoppaFeel! She joined the charity to raise awareness of breast cancer in young women after being diagnosed at just 26!


After hearing from Alice why it is so important to check your melons, jugs, baps (whatever you want to call them) regularly and from a young age, Andrea announced that all Avon associates would receive a calender with monthly boob check reminders! This isn't just any old calender though, the Leadership team took part in a secret photo shoot to create the calendars, here's some of our fave images...



baps.PNGJo Finn- Legal


buns.PNGAndrea Slater- General Manager


cones.PNGAshley Ferguson- Commercial Marketing



After seeing the Leadership team's attempts we all had a go in the 'Boob Booth' where we were supplied with boob themed props (including cones, fried eggs and knockers) so we could create our own little reminders that can be stuck on our fridges/ desks/ bathroom mirrors! We were also encouraged to put some money in the pot after copping-a-feel!  






Are you doing anything to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month or anything to raise funds for CoppaFeel!?


Leigh x




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Re: BCAM at Avon!

Brilliant pictures!  It's great to see you spreading awareness 


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