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My day on the CoppaFeelwithAvon shoot!

Feeling both nervous and excited I boarded the train on my way to King’s Cross for a photo shoot to promote the new Avon BCAM products.


I am nearly always the person behind the camera not in front as I hate having my photo taken. So when I was asked if I would take part in a photo shoot my initial thought was to run a mile, then I thought how I could help get such an important story across and agreed.


I arrived at the amazing Studios near King’s Cross, which used to be an old bus depot and all I could think about was Stan ridiculing Blakey in an episode of “On The Buses”. Anything to take my mind off what I was about to do I think!


Time for a coffee and breakfast before being called through to the stylist, the lovely Karen Foster, who was great at making me feel at ease.


Outfit sorted, now time for make-up, considering I have worked for a cosmetic company for most of my life, I wear very little make-up! Wow those lights aren’t very forgiving for someone of my age!! The make-up artist really had her work cut out, she worked wonders.


Moving onto hair, another big task as I had lost a lot of it during chemo and hadn’t been able to control it at all since it had grown back so thick and seemed to have developed a mind of its own. The hairdresser asked did I mind if he cut it to which I replied do whatever you need to and then immediately thought ‘what have you just said’! No need to panic though he did a great job and I loved it Smiley Happy


Shoot pics3.jpg


It was great to meet the lovely, bubbly Sarah-Jane, AM from Brighton, who was having all this done at the same time, also the fab Boobettes Sarah and Kreena.


A large white box with a massive pink ribbon was presented to each of us, inside were our fantastic new BCAM products and a lovely balloon with CoppaFeelWithAvon written on it.  


Shoot pics1.jpg



We were all called through to do some group shots which were fun once the photographer got me to relax, I can’t repeat how she managed to do this, but she kept repeating it throughout the shoot! We joined the first group to do the larger group shots. This group was made up of Giovanna Fletcher, the marvellous Sales Leader Glenice Allison and Bloggers Hattie and Mallory Bourn.


Time for a well-earned break, who’d have thought smiling would be such hard work?!! Lunch was lovely and a chance to chat to all the other ladies and hear their inspiring stories. I was told I was young by the Doctors when I was diagnosed at 48, but 27 & 33, now that’s young, what amazing young ladies!


Shoot pics2.jpg



A quick Q&A session and then it was time for the big group shoot was great fun, now it was time to repeat this format in our smaller group of four, then pairs where Sarah-Jane and I were together and finally individual shots which was the scariest part but I was made to feel totally at ease.


The shots were looking fantastic on the screen and I felt honoured to have been part of such a fun filled day to promote such an important message in a fun loving way. Can’t wait to see the final results!!


Cathy x

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Re: My day on the CoppaFeelwithAvon shoot!

Sounds like you had an amazing day and well done for spreading the awareness.


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Re: My day on the CoppaFeelwithAvon shoot!

That sounds like it was fun. Good on you

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Re: My day on the CoppaFeelwithAvon shoot!

You look great @cathy67 Smiley Happy thank you for raising awareness  for such an important cause.