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Top tips for how to achieve your ambitions from me, Corinne Sweet.

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Hi everyone, 


I'm Corinne Sweet, a writer, broadcaster, therapist and lecturer who has joined with Avon to support their campaign with Liverpool Ladies Football Club, I Can Be.






My mantra has been to act ‘as if’ I can be the person I want to be. When I wanted to write my first book, I behaved ‘as if’ I could; when I first went on TV and radio, I walked into the studio ‘as if’ I did it every day. Learning ‘self-belief’ is like taking on a good habit: each time I achieved a small goal, I patted myself on the back. And set the next goal.


I have achieved far more than I was expected to by both my family and school. I decided on the things I wanted to do, like writing books and screenplays, going on radio and TV, training as a therapist, having a child after having a serious road accident, or even divorcing my husband and buying my own house, and then worked out how to achieve them. I did my research, got support, and then had a go, step by step.


Confidence comes from making mistakes, and picking myself up again, and continuing to try to achieve my goals, having learned something. I still have to tell myself ‘I can be’ x or y, even now. It is about believing I am entitled to be where I am, that I have a right to have a go, to take my place, that I deserve success, and that I am good enough. 

My 'top tips' for achieving you ambitions are: 


* Set goals:  short, medium and long term - it helps you focus;


* Ask for help - successful people have a ‘team’ around them of encouragers and supporters;


* Focus on yourself - stop comparing yourself to others, it works against achieving for yourself;


* Develop a positive mindset:  negative thoughts pull you down, de-energise you;


* Congratulate yourself on your successes and build on them;


* Be good to yourself physically - take in good nutrition, get sleep, cut down on harmful things - your body is your temple;


* Learn to relax and unwind - you can’t be ‘on’ the whole time.  Make sure you get time to chill;


* Practice simple mindfulness and meditation techniques - make this part of your daily routine;


* Visualise success:  this is half the battle - see yourself as achieving, being successful;


* Build your confidence - with a coach, a counsellor, friends, family, a partner - confidence shows in performance;


* Widen your horizons - make sure you take some time out to enjoy life with family and friends:  being too narrow doesn’t always lead to success; 



Next week I'll be talking about how you can rise above the stereotypes- see you then!  


Corinne x

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Re: Top tips for how to achieve your ambitions from me, Corinne Sweet.

A breath of fresh air! Thank you Corinne.


Sometimes all you...I need is a 'pep' talk - it's so easy to fall into the 'doubt' trap. But i love this 'fake it 'till you make it' mentality. I wish i could remember to do it more!!


Apparently it takes 21 days to form a habit...good or bad!


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Re: Top tips for how to achieve your ambitions from me, Corinne Sweet.

Thank you @corinnesweet  I think I am my own worse critic, remembering also the times when people, some family members who have put me down.  I am going to try and do the things that you suggest, adapting them into my lifestyle. x