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I was considering joining the Avon team

Hi there I had a message on my Facebook about joining Avon and I'm considering it, I would just like to have some information just so I understand a bit more about the company. Thanks
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Re: I was considering joining the Avon team

Morning Nicola


Were there any specific questions you had?


We have a new Avon brochure every three weeks for you to show friends, family and colleagues.  You can also have a territory to cover if you wish, but this is optional.


We place our orders online with the products being delivered to us to distribute to our customers.  We also have an online shop to allow customers to have delivery direct to their door if they prefer.


We earn 20% discount for orders totalling £87 and this increases to 25% if the order totals £160 or more (there are a few exceptions such as branded items which have a smaller discount).


There is an admin fee of £16, you won’t be asked for any cash upfront, Avon will add £10 to your first invoice and £6 to your second.


Good Luck with your new business :-)



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Re: I was considering joining the Avon team

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Hi @nicolamarie1996 Also remember that you are not working for Avon but are signing up to run a self-employed business as a self employed Independent Avon Representative. You will have to register with HMRC as self employed and declare your earnings annually. Having an Avon income may also impact on any benefits you are in receipt of, their offices must be informed. Keep everything in line with the law and you will find plenty of help. xx

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