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Where am I allowed to leave brochures?
Hiya I have an area number but don't know what this area is... Does it correlate to a map? I want to know where I am okay to leave brochures through doors. I don't want to go where there are other Avon reps. Xxx
New Contributor New Contributor replied
Thank you so much =-) more
New? Why not introduce yourself?
Hey and welcome to Avon Beauty Connects!   This post is to welcome our new members but to also find out a bit more about you ALLl!   Why not tell us where you're from, your fave food, something interesting about you, your pet's name, whatever- everything goes in here!!    Leigh x
New Contributor New Contributor replied
thank you :)xx more
Not liking Avon Changes
I have been doing avon for  12 years now, and I don't like the changes, don't like the new delivery system, as always the out of stock items, or items just not being sent !!!!, Some of the quality has gone down and having to return quite a few items....   If this is how it's going to be , it might be time for me to say good by .
Superstar Superstar replied
@xcarolynsateam2016 nice to see you posting again.   The changes have worked well for some and ... more
Rhubarb & Berry Diffuser
    I really love Home Fragrance and I have electric warmers in many rooms in the house, which fill the house with beautiful scent. However, there are certain places that an electric  warmer is not appropriate ie bathroom or where there’s no socket.  For those areas I love the diffusers that Avon sell and have had quite a few, including the lovely Tabitha Webb one.    I decided to to try the Rhubarb & Berry Diffuser this time for my hallway - I don’t have a socket here but I like a gentle scent as I come in the front door.    The packaging of this Diffuser is lovely - a flowery plum coloured box - and so it is ideal as a gift for someone. It has a lovely fruity scent but it’s not too overpowering, which is what I like about diffusers - especially if there are allergy sufferers in the house ( my son has never complained about them).   The bottle is a smaller size so it’s not going to fill s large room with fragrance but in a little bathroom or hallway it is ideal. So definately worth buying for yourself or a friend if you can bear to give it away... now I’m going to have to order the new Kenzo one!!    
Frequent Contributor Frequent Contributor replied
I put mine in bathroom @bravissimo (citrus one) and it lasted much Longer than I expected. Thanks fo... more
Ready for Summer
  There have been some great products in First Look recently - as you can see I couldn’t resist getting ready for my Summer holiday’s.  First I have the Avon trip to Lisbon next month then in August I have two weeks in Tenerife and a week in Scotland- I might need to stock up on Skin So Soft dry oil spray before my visit north of the border.   I wore the grey lounge dress this week when we had the beautiful weather, it’s nice and light for the hot weather we’ve been having, although it is quite short so it might not suit someone who is very tall.  I teamed it up with the new Dunlop shoes, I wasn’t sure whether to buy these but I’m really glad I did, they look very sparkly in real life and they are really comfortable.   The Antler Bag is ready for me to throw in my hand luggage essentials as I come across them and it even fits on the back of my suitcase so I don’t need to carry it.  It’s a great Summer colour and the perfect size for the aeroplane.   The solar charger has also been put to use (it has a usb charge option as well so it can be used all year round), it was great to give my phone a little boost of charge when I was out prospecting for new Avon Representatives to join my team.   The face mister has been stolen by my four year old, he’s found it great to keep cool in the hot weather so I’ve had to order another one of those.  It’s great for a little cool spray when your out in the glorious weather.   Not forgetting the sun tan lotion, I’d stocked up ready to go on holiday but my little man has needed some for school this week, luckily I had some to hand - but Avon have an express delivery option for anyone who might have forgotten.        
Superstar Superstar replied
Great review @laurajayne, I'm just going to look at the dress again now. Avon suncreams are really ... more
Recommended - Ideal Flawless Matte Liquid Concealer
Bought this concealer recently as it came free with the Calming Effects Loose Powder foundation, and it is amazing!! A little really goes a long way! It's smooth and just glides over your face effortlessly and feels like you're not wearing anything, teamed up with Loose Effects - the pair offer amazing breathable coverage. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.            
Occasional Visitor lizharris Occasional Visitor replied
loving this matte concealer here is my pic  more
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